Why the rampant opposition to an audit?

When a child is told to clean their room, you know they didn’t, and you tell them you’re going to check it, what do they do? They bounce up and either say “no, you don’t need to” or “I’m not done, I’ll go now” as they know if you looked, you’d see they had not obeyed. It’s the same thing today with liberals demanding no audit be done of the 2020 Election. They know the DNC cheated, in many cases so blatantly, only the media being on their side kept it as hidden as it was, and they know an audit will show this, and put people in jail.

The issue for me isn’t so much the opposition, although I do take issue with it, rather it’s the vehemence that the “it doesn’t matter, it’s over, your audit is useless, nothing will change anything,” attitude. I’ve had people tell me, “you could prove Biden got zero votes, he’s still POTUS and you’re a traitor if you think he’ll be removed.” They honestly believe that even when it’s proven that the DNC cheated, they’ll be told “don’t do it again and don’t destroy the country before the next election.” Of course that is a fallacy.

While it’s true that there is no precedent for if the Presidential Election is stolen, there are some similar events, such as when lesser races have been proven to be fraudulent. In some cases the office is vacated and a new election held, in others, the person who truly won is sworn in. This one, though, is the highest political office in the country, and proving that one party cheated so much, well, it will send shock-waves through the entire country. California is already losing a House seat while Texas and other red states are gaining seats, meaning the DNC will already be in a frothing rage, adding to that “you’ve been proven to be guilty of fraud” will light the fuse to end all blowups by any toddler.

Personally, the only way to ensure peace that I see, would be for the military to declare the results, then announce that all 435 House seats, all 100 Senate seats (DC is not a state and should not become one,) POTUS/VP, and every other race from 2020 is declared null and void. Then, hold a new election within 14 days, during which the National Guard ensuring the states do not devolve into chaos, which for some would be almost no work at all, while for others would mean someone finally stopping the anarchy already happening.

This will, naturally, have people screaming about a dictatorship, nazis, brownshirts, and worse, but two weeks of that, versus watching the country fall to ashes, in my mind, is preferable. What say you?

I don’t want to live on this planet any more!

I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m a conservative and a Christian. It’s cost me friendships in the last 4 years, sadly, but I honestly think that’s more to do with my mocking the “mainstream media” than anything. Those people who have chosen to cut all ties with me have, almost to a person, been very angry in the end for my “attacks on freedom of the press” when I point out their blatant lies or other insanity. I can remember during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, I asked who I thought was a close friend from High School, “If I accused you of doing something bad to me, at some point in our Junior Year, somewhere in Arlington, and then demanded that no one ask me questions, but only that you prove you didn’t do it, what would you say?” They got very angry and said “that’s not what Ford said” so I played the tape, proving them wrong and they stormed out.

Well, after four years of the DNC demanding no one criticize blatant lies and bias from the “media,” as those are aimed at aiding the DNC in their quest to subjugate the planet, they’ve ramped up! Very late 2019 saw the world told that we would all be dead shortly because of a coronavirus that was released from a lab in Wuhan China, all because President Trump wouldn’t do what they said, or did what they said not to, or did what they said to but not when they said to, or some other conflagration of “he isn’t bowing to us as rulers.” In January of 2020, Trump enacted a travel ban against China, which Biden and others called “xenophobic” as they happily said “come to Chinatown” or told people to go out to see movies. Just months later, those people who said to go out and gather in crowds were screaming the need for lockdowns because gathering would just increase the danger, and it was all Trump’s fault because he was racist when they wanted us gathering, but now won’t rule as a tyrant when they want him to.

The media, for over a year, simply parroted this mantra, repeating the DNC’s latest chicken little moment, until everything causes your risk of catching a virus with a survival rate of over 98% for virtually all groups, well, “everything makes it worse.” In March of 2020, my company made the decision to send everyone home to work remotely, something we all loved as we had our kitchen, our fridge full of soda, our pets and family, and so on. Sadly, my ISP isn’t known for their customer service, and after several outages, all of which were “minor issues that are being worked on now” even if some lasted 24 hours, I was returned to my office, as naturally I need the ability to connect to the internet to do my job. Well, driving in to work today, listening to local talk radio as I do every day, I heard the single most amazing thing I’d ever heard!


Yes, men, you heard that right, you need to buy this supplement, which isn’t a medication or even vitamin, just there to raise testosterone levels, so you not only become more virile and can be more active, but you also won’t be as likely to catch the big scary virus that kills millions who actually died of something else!

In the immortal words used above, coined by Professor Hubert Farnsworth so long ago, I don’t want to live on this planet any more!

Snowflake melts down, again

Yet again, we have video of a special snowflake who just can’t handle the simple fact that they aren’t ruler of all creation. Over the last year, we’ve seen it from someone across a room, or even across the street, not wearing a mask, to the most recent meltdown, someone in another state doesn’t stay locked down when the state re-opens. This one, however, takes the cake.

Watch Here

What you just watched is a young woman, not a child by any definition of the word, literally breaking down because someone would not leave an elevator so they could “feel safe” doing so later. Had the woman with the box done so, you can be sure the other would have demanded the woman move very far from the elevator to “ensure proper distance” and the elevator would then have left and the woman with the box would have been ignored as her day was delayed because a young woman can’t accept the others do not have to obey her.

Personally, I’d have said “fine, we’re going to my floor first, because contrary to your belief that you’re ruler of all, I am not delaying my day by the elevator leaving me just so you feel superior for having controlled me. You have 5 seconds to exit, or your riding with me” and as they flip out, press my button. Some of them will then try to assault you for that, but you simply “place your assailant on the floor, make use of the bent arm bar hold and clavicle notch submission point, to ensure they are not a danger until authorities arrive.” As you’re holding them there, lean down and say “I guess distance wasn’t important, as you got very close before I put you here. Now you’re going to jail for assault and I will press charges!”

I’m not sorry for saying that either. These snowflakes need to be taught, so there is no confusion, that their inability to accept that they aren’t in control doesn’t put them in control. They must be forced to accept they cannot say “NO, JUST OBEY ME, I’M SPECIAL, I’M WEARING A MASK, I’M BETTER, NOW OBEY” and have it work. Sadly, for many, that will be right after they try to assault someone and their intended victim will not take it lightly, then we’ll see a sobbing snowflake online or on the news, bemoaning the “systemic racism/sexism/whatever” that “refuses to allow them to feel safe at all times” while demanding the person they assaulted be jailed for life, stripped of all wealth which of course they’ll demand be given to them, because that person refused to bow as a peasant.

Personally, I’ll see that day coming and when I do, this blog, my YouTube, Clapper, TikTok, and other social accounts will just go silent, as I’ll be living in the woods or a cave, far from any other person.

New URL!

OK folks, I’m not naive enough to think a lot of people read my blog, but I know at least a few do, and you may have noticed the new URL. I’m working on growing my accounts on various social media, which means I’m going to use the main sheepdogsmokey.com domain as an “about me” site. I can post links to patronage options, as well as other things that either don’t warrant a blog post, or just aren’t that much to post. You should be able to use your existing username here, as I did “officially” migrate the WordPress site, so here’s hoping everything works out.

Coming Up

I’ve not been active on YouTube in a while, first because I thought Rumble would work out better, only to find it is just as political, and I’ve found that my account on TikTok blew up and I’m nearly at 10,000 followers in under two months.

I’ve also rededicated my life to my faith, having been convicted that I wasn’t doing what I was called to do years ago. I’ve already found that many are looking for Christ, and I am going to be the example I should be.

I have plans for several videos on YouTube as well, also in this avenue of topics. So, please be patient with me, and I will be back to posting videos as soon as I can.


Once more for those in the back

Somehow, after one post using the “where are all my Trump supporters” sound on TikTok, my account has blown up. I went from under 100 followers just about a month ago, to almost 8000 now, and it’s growing still. Somehow though, I seem to be stuck in a Groundhog’s Day loop of people just telling me I’m wrong that the military, active, reserve and veterans, will stand with the American people, and I’m not. I’ve asked many, 99.5% all say they will, of the rest, all but one said they’d just walk away, to protect their family, only 1 said he’d follow orders, I just shook my head.

I’ve also been told “the Constitution will be changed,” and then derided and mocked when I laugh and say no it won’t, not legally. You see, to amend the Constitution, be that to add a new amendment, repeal one already there, or change one, you must have one of two situations, a full two thirds of the House, and a full two thirds of the Senate, must pass the amendment, and it then goes to all 50 States, where a full three quarters must ratify it. As that is all but less likely than dividing by zero, there is Article V, where two thirds of the States may call an Article V Convention, a full two thirds of the delegates must pass any amendment, then a full three quarters of the states must ratify.

What is more likely is Biden’s handlers telling him to sign an EO banning all manner of firearms, or Congress ramming that through via HR 127, or they’ll just declare “we deem the Second Amendment is not valid, we have repealed it.” No matter which happens, those 99.5% of men and women serving in uniform today will never enforce it, 99% or more of law enforcement are the same. What will then happen is the DNC will recruit thugs who would dismember their own children on live TV for the right price, they’ll call in China or the UN or both, and the American People will learn, first hand, what 1776 was like, ending with the tyrants who expect us to bow either learning what King George did, or just deciding to drop nuclear weapons on a few choice cities, killing everyone, including their own thugs.

No matter how it goes, I make one guarantee, I will live, fight, bleed, and die on my feet, fighting for the liberty I have a right to, and for all innocents to be free! If I am taken down, I will drag as many of the tyrants’ thugs to meet The Creator to be judged by Him, and I will go to my eternal reward.

Has social media jumped the shark?

First of all, for anyone here not familiar with the term, it refers to Arthur Fonzarelli, the Fonz, jumping a shark on his motorcycle on Happy Days, which was also when the show began losing ratings, setting up it’s end. Today, when something “jumps the shark” they are said to have done something that will ultimately end with their business, show, book, whatever, ending. It’s not always the cause, but it is the point where that decline begins.

With that out of the way, when you look at Facebook or Twitter, to name only two platforms, both seem to be determined to become an echo chamber for liberal viewpoints only. I have personally had threats made against me, someone even saying they know where I live and would come kill me, until I IP traced them, found their address, name, place of business, and called the PD to report them, then telling them at which point they blocked me. To my knowledge, that person is still on Twitter, while I’m banned because I would use words like pansy to describe Joe Walsh, or imbecile or snowflake to describe the rank and file liberals, or I refused to bow to the woke agenda of putting pronouns in a bio or calling a man a woman because he feels like that today.

I actually deleted my own Facebook account over 3 years ago, but when I bought a Quest II, which I’ve returned, and tried to sign up so I could use it, I was banned and told I had to provide a photo to match the account, which was brand new and had no photos on it, or it wouldn’t be unlocked. Of course you can’t call Facebook, and the only support option is to contact them on Facebook messenger, meaning there was no way to contact them at all. Yes, I tagged them on Instagram, explaining the issue, but never heard back, proving they don’t care to run a business how any other should run to keep customers, they’re paid off by advertisers, not their users, so they see it as they can ban anyone they want.

What no one is talking about is how both of these platforms say that they fully support free speech, then in the next breath censor people, claiming both to be a public forum, and privately owned. If I had the time and money, I would sue them, using Marsh V Alabama, a 1946 case, as precedent. In that example, a company owned an entire town, with employees all living in company owned houses. The company demanded that no fliers be put up after religious materials were, but lost the case, with the precedent being that a public forum, such as a street or park, even if privately owned, cannot be censored. This would apply to Twitter or Facebook today, Twitter especially as Jack Dorsey has actually used the phrase public forum to describe Twitter, yet no one is willing to do more than shrug when it’s brought up.

None of this is the interesting bit though, that’s what’s coming next. You see, Facebook and Twitter are both fighting to keep Gab and Parler from being accessible, as both of them are virtually a perfect replacement for Facebook or Twitter, Gab is almost the perfect combination of the two platforms. Comically, when Amazon broke all ties with Parler, or whenever the topic of masks comes up, liberals suddenly demand that all businesses have the right to deny anyone service, well, all businesses except ones owned by Christians that the LGBTQ+ community wants to punish for being Christian, right? In all honesty, I agree that businesses have the right to turn business away. Hobby Lobby and Chick Fil A have both said “if you don’t like us, don’t come in” and a lot of people said they’d not be going to either, both businesses however, are flourishing, while liberal owned businesses that demand you be a carbon copy of their beliefs, are floundering.

Gab, Parler, and other conservative sites are seeing traffic they can’t handle, while liberal run sites are seeing their numbers crash. Mike Lindell and Donald Trump Junior have also said they’re looking into starting their own social media platforms, which will destroy Jack and Zuck, leading to tearful rants on CNN or MSLSD about “being punished for just stopping racists” as people leave by the millions to go where speech is not restricted. Personally, I have Instagram to watch my nephew’s videos about architecture as he continues his work in college, or my niece’s art on my sister’s page. But I joined TikTok just under a month ago (mid Feb 21,) after one post, my account started blowing up. I don’t do the dances or memes, I do some of the “don’t react” challenges or how many do you know, but mostly I discuss politics, history, or my faith, and I’m likely to hit 10K followers within another month, proving that what I’m saying isn’t offensive or anything like that, and that’s what these companies can’t stand. They can’t censor all of us, but they will keep trying.

So, my question for you this time is this. Imagine a true replacement for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok come out, funded and run by someone like Mike Lindell and/or Donald Trump Jr, would you join those and leave the other platforms? What will Dorsey or Zuckerberg or the CCP for TikTok say? How long will it be until we hear that Lindell or Trump Jr has bought a web hosting company to run their own web hosting due to liberals demanding no one sell hosting to them? How long will it be before the DNC begins working to deny them the right to run their business? How long until they try to seize it because it’s making money hand over fist? The days are coming when the US will see an entire political party stand and order the country to bow and surrender everything to them, that’s the day I say I will not comply and they start working to kill me, what about you?

True Colors always shine through

For many years the political divide in the US, virtually the world over in fact, has widened drastically. During Reagan’s time in office, the US economy was booming, Americans enjoyed very low taxes, and even though a cold war was hanging over the world, security and peace was the general feeling for most people. I can remember the 1980’s as my time in Elementary and beginning Middle School, and unlike my parents’ time in those years of their lives, we didn’t have missile drills or anything of the sort, just fire or tornado drills as every school does, or at least all in the south where we don’t get hurricanes or earthquakes. Growing up in this time, naturally, meant I joined the workforce in the mid 1990’s, complained about taxes, but for the most part, just went about my life.

Looking at today however, through the lens of customer service and having been a teacher for a time, or looking back only 15 years at my time in college, the contrast is very distinct and honestly, worrying. You see, I know for a fact that many of my classmates in High School disagreed vehemently with me on politics, but we were and in many cases still are, very close friends. With most of them, we just don’t discuss politics, with others we’re very careful about that or religion, and still with a few, we jump into debates and go at it hammer and tongs, then go out for drinks. That’s not the case with the new generation though, as dissent and disagreement are all but treated as felony murder.

One need only look at Social Media, be that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or any other site, including the so called “conservative” sites like Parler or Gab, and you’ll see fighting that even just 20 years ago would never have been seen. Since 2017, I’ve personally been threatened with assault over 100 times, told I should be arrested for simply believing as I do, that people wish I get this disease or that and die, and a handful even said they were personally going to kill me. None of them even had their posts taken down, yet I got banned repeatedly for simply not kowtowing to their demands. I screenshotted all of the threats, called my local, county, and state law enforcement and all of them said they would treat it seriously, but I should also be very aware and cautious, meaning they acknowledge they can’t instantly appear so I must be ready to defend myself, but Twitter and Facebook shrugged at someone threatening murder.

Sadly, I see this getting far worse before even a chance it will get better, and that does mean I see assaults and worse, for mere disagreements. 2020 saw, and 2021 is still seeing, a very small percent of the population destroying businesses because they haven’t been given their way in all things, yet American politicians and media call them “mostly peaceful” in one breath, before demonizing all who disagree with them in the next. So the question is, when, if ever, will things calm down and return to a world where people can disagree without it escalating into physical conflict? Honestly, I can’t say I ever see that happening, and that is one of the saddest admissions I’ve ever had to make.

You are free to choose, to obey

Once again, the topic of choice is spreading like wildfire, and as happens every time it does, the left is ranting about their choice being the only way you may go. Over the last month or so, several states, all of them with a Republican governor and/or GOP majority in the state legislature, have lifted their mask mandates. Naturally, Democrats are furious, with Joe Biden even calling it “neanderthal thinking” when addressing it. My own state of Texas is also still recovering from Snovid21 as it’s being called, where all 254 counties declared a state of emergency, yet when pushed, Biden denied more than half aid, sending the bare minimum as he knew he couldn’t just say “nope, you just freeze and die.”

Why did this, and is this, happening? The answer is simple, the DNC has, for many years, balked at the idea of anyone not blindly obeying them. Nancy Pelosi stood in the House in January 2017 and objected to the Electoral College, and in fact Democrats have objected to all but 1 GOP win in the last 40 years, the exception being in 1985 when even they realized the objection would prove them to be tyrants. Yet, when Republicans objected, citing fraud, as Pelosi did in 2017, she all but had them arrested. Many Democrats are still calling for all who objected to be booted from Congress, while ignoring that in 1981, 1989, 2001, 2005, and 2017 they objected, citing any manner of insane theory, and they’ve cried every time as they failed.

In 1998 Jerry Nadler famously said that impeaching Bill Clinton for perjury, which he was guilty of was an attempt to undo an election, ignoring that Gore would have assumed the POTUS role, but in 2017, he demanded conviction without evidence, and again in 2021, trying to impeach Donald Trump after the inauguration of Joe Biden, proving that the DNC only cares for power and punishing all who defy them.

The latest example though, takes it to an entirely new level, and sadly, may show non Democrats now living this example. Video has been widely spread of two or three younger people getting into an Uber, where they were asked to wear masks. They proceeded to force themselves to cough, and even at one point appear to make a grab for his phone. The situation is not new either, at least not to me. You see, whenever I post that I’m grateful the governor, Gregg Abbott, has come to his senses and reversed his insane mandate, I’m told I must continue wearing it or not leave my home. I’m told loudly that this person or that will not let me into their business, and so on. I generally say “very well, you won’t see a single cent of my money” and I then ignore them, as I know a business saying “you will get your medical advice from us and no one else” is not good for business, they’ll soon reverse their decree or won’t be in business. I also then point out that if you can refuse service for not wearing a mask, then a Christian can refuse service that would force violation of their faith.

To date, 98% or more of the replies are the most hateful and vulgar comments I’ve received. I’ve had people tell me they will find me and find my Doctor to have us both jailed for not wearing masks, I’ve had someone say I should be charged with attempted murder, others say “you’ll wear it when I’m done with you,” and I generally block and ignore them. Those threatening violence, I screenshot, reply with “I’ve notified city, county, state, and federal law enforcement of your threats of violence, I’ve IP traced your account, I’m now blocking you” and then I block. All of this proves one thing, and it’s something I’ve said for many years, liberals present themselves as the party of tolerance, love, acceptance and choice, but you are only tolerated, loved, accepted, or free to choose what they order you to, if you defy them, they will actively seek your utter destruction.

To close, I have just one message for any of them that may find this rant, I will not be controlled, I will not be subjugated, and I will not fear anyone who believes they can physically force me to violate my beliefs. If you decide to try, you best come with an army and be ready to fight and hurt, because I will not go gentle. As Patrick Henry said, give me liberty or give me death, I will stand, fight, bleed and die before I live as a slave to a tyrant.

Bow or be punished?

Not even 2 months into the Biden administration, and with a Congress the Democrats can run roughshod over, Democrats are wasting no time in pushing their radical agenda. The Equality Act effectively outlaws Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faiths, as it requires everyone support and agree with all facets of the LGBT+ agenda. Disagreeing on marriage or any other point is to be treated as “racist bigotry,” but there’s a simple question that should shut this down completely. “What does the Constitution say about this?” The answer to that is simple.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….

Yes, the first amendment also covers free speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and the right to petition, but the first part literally prohibits any law that prohibits the free exercise of religion, which means that you cannot tell Christians they must agree with anything that violates their faith, but that’s never stopped Democrats and never will.

The Second Amendment says “shall not be infringed” but by installing their puppets onto federal court benches, they’ve been able to slowly restrict #2A rights more and more, until now, when they firmly believe they can essentially outlaw Christian beliefs, and trust me, they won’t stop there.

So, my question to you is simple, when you are told to bow and submit to their rule, will you, or will you stand, fight, and possibly die, for your beliefs?

Be silent or be silenced!

If one thing has become crystal clear in the last 4 years, it’s that the left is no longer covert in their push to dominate and rule as tyrants. The DNC could not accept that the peasantry elected Donald Trump in 2016, so they spent every moment not made to do their jobs trying to prove “collusion” which they failed to do at every turn. When it was proven Obama’s administration broke US law to spy on then Candidate Trump, it was ignored.

Today? Biden’s team wasted no time in setting up calls with other world leaders once he declared himself POTUS elect, but in 2016 that was “collusion” or “violating the Logan act” or some other rubbish when Trump, who was POTUS elect at the time, did the very same thing. If that doesn’t prove the DNC’s core belief is “we are always right, you are always wrong, even if you agree with an obey us, you’re a bigot we will rule or destroy” nothing will.

This mindset has moved slowly from the halls of liberal Congressional offices, into the mainstream, and further, and now has all but infected every aspect of life. Sites that were, only a year or so ago, very open to true free speech, now regularly reject comments or ban accounts for “violating community standards” while ignoring that there was no violation, or actual violations of the rules by liberals. Case in point, here are the “standards” from The Political Insider, followed by a comment I tried to post.

Nowhere in my comment did I attack anyone, lie, nowhere was I racist or in any other way in violation of their “standards,” yet my comment was rejected. Why? I can only guess, but notice I point out the DNC wants to flood the country will illegal immigrants, to cripple then destroy our economy and health care system, so they can rule the ashes. Only in 2016 did the term illegal immigrant become “racist” because the media decided that no matter the fact it’s a term describing “any person who enters the US illegally” they just knew “Trump hates Mexicans.” Four years of proof to the country has been ignored, and now saying illegal immigrant is “racist.”

Folks, this is something directly from Orwell, Bradbury, or Huxley. We’re being told we have no choice but to obey the government, it’s only what they’ll do when millions say “WE WILL NOT COMPLY” that determines if we end up in Fahrenheit 451, 1984, Animal Farm or Brave New World.

The 1984 adaptation of that book, starring John Hurt, was very well done and true to the novel. The new version on HBO of Fahrenheit 451, surprisingly, is also very true to the novel, and something I would highly recommend watching. Both of those show how tyrants use their power to strip anyone who doesn’t bow to their rule of their very ability to exist in society. Sadly, the revisionists are already working to turn these warnings into something praising tyranny, as proven by Peacock’s adaptation of Brave New World.

I won’t apologize for spoilers as honestly if you’ve not read the book, you’ll likely say Peacock got it right and still never open the book to see I’m right. In the book, Huxley describes a world, New London, where humans are all genetically engineered into castes, with anyone who gets pregnant forced by law to abort the child. Huxley describes an extremely racist caste system, one of two things I think Peacock’s version got right in their portayal, the other being the hedonistic way of life, where children are taught to be sexual beings at VERY young ages, as well as being taught they belong to everyone else, and must obey higher castes.

In the book, Bernard visits “the savage lands,” a reservation of sorts, where people aren’t drugged regularly, still get married, have religion and raise families. Of course he feels all of this is a backward way of life, but finds a young man and his mother, who turn out to be a woman left there by mistake 20 or 30 years ago by an Alpha+, so he brings these two back. The woman OD’s within a day, leaving John alone. Bernard tries to get him to reject all he knows and give in to New London’s “just take the Soma and have some sex, then you’ll be happy” way of life, but he never does and runs from the city, living alone and the story ends.

Peacock, run by NBC and obviously a very liberal organization, decided that this wasn’t right, so they portray the caste system as one where those in higher positions care for those beneath them, where children are happier not being in families, where the savages are really just actors who choose to suffer without the amazing life in New London, and where John does integrate for a while, then stupidly leaves, leaving Bernard, in the wake of New London’s destruction, with a plan to conquer the savages and start it all over again.

So, my question for you today is very simple, what kind of life do you want? One where you are free to make your own decisions, or one where you’re kept pliant and obedient, by force or by chemistry? I grew tired of being told “no, just obey my commands” months ago, I grew tired of “BELIEVE SCIENCE, BUT NOT THE SCIENCE OF A DOCTOR YOU’VE BEEN EXAMINED BY, ONLY MY SCIENCE” months ago, and I am still tired of it. We are on the cusp of falling into a world that will take so long to escape it may not happen before the world ends, will we step over the line and fall to living under tyrants or step back? I know my choice and I will smile as they gun me down for refusing to comply, what will you do?

Leaving YouTube

Ask any conservative on YouTube, or hell, anyone who isn’t a lock step “you must obey us or be forced to comply” liberal, and you’ll quickly learn that YouTube hates them! One of the biggest “gun-tubers,” who ensures everything is safe, and while entertaining, also educates, is never monetized on that channel, that’s Demolition Ranch, how much money does YouTube make from ads on his channel, but because he’s not anti-2A, they don’t share it?

I don’t support showing people harming others, being stupid with firearms, or advocating violence or worse, but none of that happens on his channel, nor have I shown or said anything on mine to warrant any punishment, yet I had a video where I discussed how someone turned in a sexual predator for assaulting them (not in the US) taken down for a BS reason, and just last week, one discussing Sol Pais and only after I appealed, clearly stating I did not show any graphic content, was it reinstated. Now, I know it’s most likely that I’ve pissed off a snowflake somewhere and they’re reporting everything they can, hoping to get me banned, so I’m robbing them of that pleasure, I’m moving to Rumble.

As I say in all of my videos, civil discussion is the key to debate and learning. We don’t learn from arguments, other than learning who to avoid speaking to. Yet, people still feel the need to insult and belittle, and they get blocked. I’ve personally had people threaten bodily harm on me, or worse, on Twitter, and was told it “did not violate community standards,” but my calling Joe Walsh a pansy (and he is) got me booted. YouTube allows liberals to spew their hate and worse, but a Conservative pointing out that a liberal is wrong is to be destroyed.

I will ultimately delete my videos, so I wanted to ensure that, before I leave, I ensured you have a way to find me over there. This link goes to my Class-time channel, while this link goes to what will become my SHED Talks channel, all things that aren’t Class Time videos or gaming videos, which will have their own channel if/when I begin playing something new.

Big Tech is working overtime to silence all dissent and they don’t care who they have to subjugate to accomplish their goal. I abandoned Facebook over a year ago, and haven’t looked back, Twitter now bans me within an hour of creating a new account, and I’m sure Instagram will find a reason before long. I am on Gab as Sheepdog Smokey, as well as Parler and I even joined TikTok where I am finding a LOT of patriots, and funny videos. I will always show my face and you can also know it’s me because the profile picture will be me as well, and I doubt anyone is trying to copy me, so there’s that too.

We are living in very tenuous times folks, keep your ears to the ground, eyes open, head on a swivel, and your powder dry. The day is coming when those who believe themselves above all others will demand obedience and worship, and anyone who dares defy them will be labeled an enemy of the state. That day is the day that liberty will fully be under attack, and only patriots will be able to save it.

Time for a refresher, again

In the last day or so, I’ve seen, and been told, that I’m completely wrong about the Second Amendment, that it doesn’t cover anything the liberal speaking wants banned, that it’s for hunting only, and that it’s only to allow the Militia to bear arms, then I’m told the Militia is the national guard, a concept not even considered at the time the Constitution was written.

Militia can be VERY LOOSELY used to describe a military force, as the words Militia and Military share a root in language, but that’s it. The Founders, who despite what the left wants to say, were incredibly intelligent, knew that any organized force, having sworn an oath, could be corrupted and used to subjugate the people. Even with as carefully created an oath as the US has, where the military and national guards all swear to the Constitution, they knew the day may come when those forces would be corrupt, so they specifically said Militia, which is specifically a civilian organization.

One need only go as far as a single quote from George Mason to see that. “I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” Mason, of course, is completely correct, as he witnessed the military of his day, sworn only to the King, ordered to subjugate the colonies, and willing to do so. Roughly 3% of those living in the colonies, however, formed a militia and fought back, which directly led to the writing of the Second Amendment.

As such, the Militia is and always will be a civilian organization, and in fact, specifically requires it’s members to resign any position or office under the Government. If you are in the Military, Guard, even as a reserve member, or hold any government job, all the way down to janitor, you are barred from serving in the militia. It is because of this the words “the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” were used. The full text, when you account for the language of the time, would mean “As it may be necessary for the citizenry to one day defend themselves from a tyrant government, to remain secure and free, they shall not be infringed in any way in their right to own, carry, and use firearms.”

Sadly, decades of purposeful bad teaching, re-writing of history, and more, have lead to a new generation of teachers who think they are properly teaching, and 2 or more generations of students graduating high school firmly believing that no one save the government may own firearms. They argue using terms such as “military grade weapon,” ignoring that the military issues more pistols than M-16’s, or very close, that shotguns are used very often, and in fact, the vast majority of rifles are not select fire, as that is only for “spray and pray,” or “assault weapon,” ignoring the fact that the term literally just means “a weapon used to assault someone.” I have personally shown a photo of an AR-15 and a Mini 14 to someone, then asked “which rifle is allowable” and they point to the Mini 14. When I then show them video proving that in all ways but appearance and customizability, they are the same weapon, in that they fire the same round, are both semi automatic, and in fact use the same magazines, I’m either told both should then be banned, or that I’m a liar who faked a video. The vehemence against firearms is so pervasive that it’s all but impossible to even come close to someone using logic to work out that the AR means Armalite Rifle, that it’s not “military grade,” and in fact, their arguments are all crap.

Perhaps the saddest of all is the hypocrisy in government. Hundreds of people guarded by men and women with the very rifle they hate, want to disarm those they are supposed to serve. Just this week, the DNC has said they wish to bar the public from the Capitol in DC completely, Pelosi called for automatic weapons, most of them vehicle mounted meaning larger calibers, to be in place for the inauguration, and the barriers around the public houses of Congress show that we are now being ruled by people who openly hate us, and the fact that for now, they can’t just roll up and force compliance. I know the day is coming, and while I pray I’ll be long dead, I know I may not be, and I will promise once again, I will not be disarmed save by my death. I will die on my feet, fighting as a free man, before I live as a servant to a tyrant on my knees.

God bless, keep your eyes and ears open, your head on a swivel and your powder dry.

The future?

The crackdown on conservatives across social media is only going to get worse. I know there are multiple theories about what’s going to happen on 20 Jan 2020, but it doesn’t matter which is right, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and every other platform, save the very new ones run by conservatives, will continue to ban conservatives, saying we “incited violence” or for “hate speech,” while ignoring violence and worse from liberals. Also, and as many predicted, Twitter and other social platforms are losing billions, and it won’t be until they are bankrupt that they realize why.

I can understand the desire and need to protect people from harm, but when you extend that to censorship, you begin doing harm. Laura Loomer is a perfect example of this. As she exposed liberals for the liars they are, social media began to crack down, banning her, blocking people from even mentioning her, and that wasn’t it. By now, she cannot use Paypal, Venmo, Uber, or even order from Uber Eats, and has found that she’s in the NICS database as a prohibited possessor despite having never committed any crime, leaving her unable to travel without a lot of work, unable to do business with many people, and quite literally at the mercy of any criminal who wishes her harm.

This, however, is not likely to continue unabated, as those doing this are beginning to see that they are losing money, fast. In just the last few weeks, Twitter and Facebook, after banning President Donald Trump’s personal account “indefinitely,” have lost over $50 billion and, despite pressure to block Parler, their biggest competitor, that trend is likely to continue, which will mean those tech giants will ultimately be forced out of business, or to sell to someone who will reverse course, although I doubt even that will save either of them. The only company not suffering, yet, is Amazon, as they are still able to play on the shutdown to be the only option for many people to get goods they need, but as more people get fed up, they will leave Amazon as well, returning to shopping locally, and then the fun begins.

You see, when these liberal run companies are hemorrhaging money faster than an amputee loses blood, they will blame the very people they told not to do business with them, or prevented from logging in, while crying about their “right to do business freely,” ignoring their own actions to deny others that very right. CNN, while crying about Fox, Newsmax, OANN, and other networks, openly talks about doing all they can to prevent those very networks from even operating, blatantly admitting to their plan to being the only network, an American Pravda if you will.

Americans, sadly, have been spoon fed a careful plan of socialism and submission for so long, that millions will cheer their subjugation and control, but millions of others will never comply, and then it gets bad. You see, when the government, run by liberals who refuse to allow fair elections, thus ensuring their own tenure, realizes they can’t control people, they will change and try to do so by force. The Military, including the National Guard, having sworn to support and defend the Constitution, will abandon their posts in droves, and what’s left will be rolled into a new force, beholden only to the DNC, and happy to follow the order of “they will comply with our wishes or you will shoot them.” When those thugs then invade small town America, ordering people to comply, the shooting starts, and at the end, the DNC will be left with a “military” afraid of those they subjugate but more afraid of defying the tyrants in charge, and a country that now must force the very liberals they’ve pandered to for decades to work.

I wonder, if/when it gets to the point of ordering antifa or blm to shut up, go to work, and pay taxes, will we hear “but you said I could be free, I don’t want to work, why are you doing this?” Then of course the crying about how the “evil right wing bigots didn’t warn anyone, and now they’re all dead so I have to work.” Or more likely, will the snowflakes be cowed by the only people with guns, and trudge off, accepting the meager rations given to the workers who pay 100% in taxes?