Yes, they think you’re stupid

From 20 Jan 2017 to 20 Jan 2021, the mass media in the US, and in fact, the majority of the mass media the world over, honed in on Donald Trump as if he was a new species of life to be studied 24/7. Every word was dissected and pronounced the most racist thing ever heard, every policy broken down in minute detail to prove how it would only benefit “the rich,” and far more. That is, of course, until late 2019, when COVID19 became a common word the world over.

In the case of Donald Trump, he was not quiet in his belief that the virus, possibly engineered using GOF (gain of function) research, was leaked from a lab in the Wuhan province of China. Naturally, the CCP didn’t like this being even suggested, so Trump was once again racist and a bigot and to be destroyed. His travel ban was pronounced xenophobic as Pelosi and DeBlasio proudly told their people to “come to Chinatown” or “go out ad see a movie” and that nothing was dangerous at all.

That is, until just after the SOTU 2020, when suddenly COVID19 was a pandemic, then the narrative changed. Trump didn’t act soon enough to stop all travel to the US from anywhere, never mind that the people crying this now said it was racist back then. Trump wasn’t doing enough to solve the problem. I’m personally surprised none of them said he had a duty to resign, go to Med School, become an expert, and develop a cure on his own.

The problem is and was then, hypocrisy. Trump mentioned, hydroxychloroquine, saying that MD’s had told him it was “showing promise” and almost overnight the drug was all but made illegal world wide. He mentioned a treatment MD’s were researching, using UV light as a disinfectant, which does work, you just need to look into any ER or at the phone cleaners on sale all over the internet to see it, and people suddenly screamed he was “telling people to inject bleach.” Never mind that video proved all of them wrong, never mind that medical research done by Anthony Fauci himself showed HCQ worked rather well for respiratory viruses/illnesses many years ago, if Trump even mentioned it, it was verboten, to the point memes began to circulate saying Trump should proclaim the benefits of air and water so people would stop breathing and drinking water, which sadly I believe someone would.

But, it doesn’t end there, in the last month or less, I’ve personally seen reports that a “new study” shows HCQ is effective in treating COVID19 patients, and that the Biden Administration is investigating whether the virus was leaked from a Wuhan lab. The very people who, prior to 3 Nov 2020, said they would “never take the Trump vaccine” but who now scream that everyone must take it and then offers bribes to get you to, claiming it as their own, won’t surprise me in the least if they begin praising medical research into UV light that can disinfect the body from the inside out.

The is just the latest verse in a horrific medley from long ago, liberals/globalists firmly believe they have a right to rule with an iron fist, living as royalty as those who provide the money, goods, and services, live in squalor. Biden himself crowed about how he was instrumental in ensuring 100 million people would be vaccinated in his first 100 days, while anyone pointing out that number was already on track prior to his taking the oath was either ignored or called a bigot. Imagine you apply for a job, lie and insult all who are also applying, and just after your lies work, you say “we need to increase production, so I will authorize overtime and bonuses,” then you silence anyone who says “that’s the other guy’s signature on those forms, already authorizing both of those.” That’s what Biden, and every Democrat for the last 100 years, does, they demonize and vilify, they loudly proclaim that everything the GOP incumbent is doing is racist and sexist and bigoted, then when they get into office, they quietly continue all of those policies, then crow when they prove to be beneficial to the country.

So the question before you today is simple, do you see the truth about swamp or do you truly support a man who not only gropes children and adults regularly, who literally shut down on TV in the last few days for 7 full seconds, who speaks about a very young child in a way most wouldn’t speak about a stripper, and who takes credit for everything he called racist, bigoted, and worse? I know which one I am.

Curiouser and Curiouser

To look around today, someone from even 50 years ago who passed before Obama’s first term began would think we were living in Underland. For those who don’t know, Alice Through The Looking Glass is more true to the books than it’s predecessor, and in that, we find out the true name of the land she visited, and just how twisted it is.

Well, as the government continues to push the Covid 19 “vaccine,” which cannot actually be classified as one as it does not use the virus to induce the recipient’s immune system to begin building up to fight it, rather it uses MRNA to directly say “here is all you can do” which is dangerous when combating a virus, as we all know they mutate, such as the flu does annually.

Well, two things crossed my path this morning, and I wanted to weigh in on them, as one is rather upsetting if true, and I can’t verify it yet, and the other is, of course, being twisted by those the video talks about. So, in reverse order, the first video discusses coercing people into medical procedures and the Nuremberg Code which came about just after WWII.

The primary issue here is that, officially, none of the shots being pushed are classified as “exerimental” any more, if they ever were. They are still not fully approved by the FDA, but are still EUA only, or Emergency Use Authorization Only, but that isn’t the same thing. Yes, it is still worrisome that the manufacturers all rushed to Congress to all but demand full indemnity and/or immunity from any repercussions of using their drug, some of the companies have never had a vaccine come to market at all, which may explain it, but I don’t believe this falls into the category that the Nuremberg Code seeks to limit.

What’s more worrisome is this next video, about how some life insurance policies are being canceled if you take the jab.

This one is a bit more grey, as I cannot find anyone to verify this with. Much as I can’t reach anyone at Carter Blood Centers to verify that they are marking blood as having come from a vaccine recipient, and so on. Personally, I would see anyone being told their life insurance is void due to a vaccine the government has been all but showing up to hold people down and give out, as morally wrong at best, and criminal at worst. This would also seem to be an admission that this current injection is meant to harm and kill, and somehow the insurance companies have found out or been told, and are doing all they can to not pay out billions in the next few years. Either way, I see the first person denied benefits because their elderly parent listened to a statement from the President’s office as going to court and the question “Why did you cancel the policy due to taking a vaccine the government insisted was safe and reliable” being asked. After that, I see the government mandating policies cannot be canceled or denied, or paying out instead, to keep the situation quiet, neither is truly desirable.

So, over to you, what do you think on these two topics?

Orwell is upon us

George Orwell’s 1984 is a cautionary tale of a world ruled by a small percentage of the population, and the methods they use to do so. Two of the most effective are newspeak and un-personing. The former is the changing or elimination of language, while the latter is to change history to remove references to a person, sometimes changing who did something, what someone did, or both.

Currently, it seems the US government is working to do both of those. We have recently seen attempts by some in the US Congress to all but strip all records of any reference to Donald Trump, using every possible method to do so. During the four years Donald Trump was in office, BLM and/or Antifa rioted, burning cities, and on at least one occasion, invading a state Capitol and occupying it for a few days. Yet, when on 6 January 2021, when people who were not armed, who did not break any doors, but in fact as video has shown, were let into the US Capitol, the media and Democrats in office insisted this was an “armed and violent insurrection caused by Donald Trump” and all but insisted on his arrest.

The facts of the case, however, do not agree with them. You see, the event in question, according to the DNC and MSM, was prompted by a speech Trump was delivering on that day. However, in order for anyone to have walked from the venue Trump spoke at to the Capitol, and get their in time to enter with the others, they would need to have left within the first one to three minutes of the speech, long before he mentioned peaceful protest. This however did not stop the Democrats from continuing this line of thought long after the event, as they not only tried to impeach again, holding the Senate Trial after 20 Jan, which meant it was useless, but has also tried to pass legislation that would ensure Trump will not receive any of the customary honors when he finally passes on, as I hope in 40 to 50 years as a very old man.

Add to this, other words are being redefined or shunned. You see, the current agenda, that being to normalize everything perverse, and pervert everything normal and good, requires that no one be allowed to say anything that counters the narrative. In the case of someone who “identifies as” the opposite gender to their biology, you are required to speak as if they were born as what they say they wish to be. In some places, “mis-gendering” someone may even land you in jail, and you read that right, in some places, referring to Caitlin Jenner as “he” might result in criminal prosecution. Most recently has been the media and Democrats demanding that no one say Mother any more, but instead us “birthing person” as if people not born biologically female can give birth.

While most people know that a biological male can not give birth, the mantra must be maintained, so as to allow them to continue the onslaught of hate directed at the traditional family, religion, and more. Pastors in Houston roughly 10 to 15 years ago, illegally, were ordered to submit copies of all, sermon notes to the city, to “prove there was no hate speech.” In that instance, scripture that stated marriage is between a man and woman only, or teaching about Sodom and Gommorah, and how the angels stated that homosexuality is an abomination, would land you in jail. This closely mirrors the plot of God’s Not Dead 2, where David AR White’s character was jailed for not submitting his sermon notes, although in this case, no one was as the State, correctly, ruled that a city could not demand pastors conform to their beliefs.

The question is, at this point, where does all of this stop, and I can see only two outcomes. The first, and darkest, is that the tyrants get their way and the world is changed to one where people are told where to live, who to spend time with, where to work, taxed into poverty, and told to be happy that they are all equal. The other, simply, is one where the people stand up and say “no, you will not rule us!” I could be wrong and it ends up some combination, say where Europe and Asia are subjugated, along with parts of the Americas, but there are “pockets of resistance” as the tyrants will call them, and in fact, those small areas where people refuse to bow to a tyrant will be constantly attacked, and that “war” will be the same as in 1984, where Oceania will be at war with Eurasia or East Asia or another “country” for years, no one knowing anyone who fought, but cheering the “brave men” who die daily.

So, the question now is rather simple, do you want to see the world change into what Orwell warned us about, where politicians decide you may not use this word or that, but in fact must use only the words they approve of, and only in ways that promote their hate and bigotry? Or will you stand and be counted among the free people of the world, shouting “we will not bow” when they tell the world they are in charge?

And the world gets darker

I thought I’d found a website where open discussion would be cherished and embraced, Quora, but in the last month, I’ve had 90% or more of those answering my questions or commenting on an answer I’ve given lash out the same as snowflakes on Twitter or Facebook used to when I was there. Quora seems to support this too, as the most recent “violation” proves. I commented about how Tim Scott, a black man, is a Republican, was told that my answer was “horseshit” and when I rebutted, my answer was pulled for “violating standards” because apparently I can’t point out that a Democrat in office called Scott an oreo, which did happen.

So, here’s my proposal, when you are facing this, send a simple message to those who run the site: “YOU WILL DELETE MY ACCOUNT IN FULL, YOU DO NOT HAVE MY PERMISSION TO HOUSE ANY OF MY DATA, IF I DO NOT RECEIVE PROOF OF THIS HAVING BEEN DONE IN 72 BUSINESS HOURS, I WILL CONTACT LAW ENFORCEMENT AND MY ATTORNEY.” I’m betting you’ll hear “your content has been restored, we apologize for our system being incorrect.” When they pull that, reiterate your demand, and the first few, who see it ignored, SUE THE HELL OUT OF THEM! Personally, I expect Quora to ignore me, then I send a certified letter to the person in charge. Then I contact an attorney, as once I tell them they are not allowed to hold my data in any form, I will sue.

ADD Sociology class?

Like much of the world, I do occasionally watch and post on social media, lately it’s been TikTok as I can voice my opinion and not lost people due to a long conversation or monologue. I’ve managed to gather a bit of a following, now over 11,000, and seem to have found a medium that works for me, at least for some topics.

The downside to TikTok is that, quite simply, it seems to cater to the shortest attention span possible, with videos almost all under 60 seconds, as they are currently allowing some members to create 180 second videos now. But due to this, many issues seem to get drilled down so far that they lose all similarity to the issue at hand.

A recent example, which I cannot find the actual video for now, is a popular meme format on TikTok, where someone will issue an ultimatum, then play the roles of those being told what to do, with all but one not complying. The latest was “Disney” telling all of their villains to be still or they’d “shoot the most hated villain,” then all but Jafar are dancing wildly. Ultimately,”Disney” gives up and “kills the guy who shot Bambi’s mom.” I agree, in part, that this character did in fact cause trauma to another character, but as with the others, it’s fiction.

Bambi was released in 1942, a time when a great many Americans did in fact hunt for venison to fee their families through the winter, then again to restock for the spring and summer. Deer also are not intelligent to the level of knowing more than “danger coming” or “this is food” or the like. Never mind that without that character, there would have been no movie. Sadly, today’s world seems to be so locked into the “I want my way” or “I need this to be so quick I’m not delayed in getting my way elsewhere” that these kind of things get sent viral, and people suddenly believe Disney really wrote a movie about a hunter who’s goal it was to orphan a child, rather than a movie about a fawn taken in by other animals, and growing up, just differently.

In this case, I can actually lay most of the blame squarely at PETA’s feet, as they have worked for many years to demonize everyone who eats meat, keeps pets, wears wool, etc. They also work toward a pit bull genocide, and have been proven to have stolen pets and then put them down, simply for being pitbulls or bulldogs. I’ve personally seen a billboard showing “sheep being sheered,” portraying them as being tortured and in pain, bloody and all but dead, then the tagline “is your sweater worth this?” When MANY people began to post rebuttals, proving sheep are not harmed by being sheered, and in fact need to be sheered regularly or they’ll get sick and die, PETA removed their post, then locked their social media so no one could comment. When people simply took to tagging them, they went on a blocking spree, blocking all who refuse to obey them, while still vilifying some who were high profile.

A prime example of the “I am right, just do it my way” line of thought is shown Mike Rowe’s Ted Talk where he explains he was working on a sheep farm, and during the segment where they would castrate the lambs, he stopped and said he wanted to do it the “right way,” as the Humane Society said it should be done. What followed was proof that the Humane Society was wrong, and in fact caused pain where the farmer’s method was far more humane. Yet, today we’re told that the “official groups” are right, and not to be questioned. Mike was hit in the face with proof that one “official group” was so very wrong, and at present (5 May 2021 at 1321 CST) over 6.5 million views of that video show a lot of people have heard that lesson.

That leaves me with one observation, social media and in fact much of the world around us is being engineered to dumb down society to the point where we will willingly walk into a 1984 totalitarian society, or a Brave New World society and take the drugs, or a Fahrenheit 451 society, and smile as books are burned and the news only comes from the government. There really can’t be any other explanation, the wannabe tyrants who have stolen a lot of power by this time want more, they want total control of the world, and to get it, they must first cow, then engineer the dumbing down of, the world’s population, which side of that are you on? Are you a tyrant, will you let them dumb you down, or will you stand and say no more?


Since 2020, the world seems to be hurtling toward insanity at a faster pace every day. States locked down to the point where you could barely buy food, others not at all, and every variant in between. Video has come out of New Zealand and Australia of people tackled as they’re arrested for not wearing a mask, from the UK of Police destroying a door then arresting a man for “violating COVID protocol,” and most recently, a man told he may not purchase cooking untensils as they’re “non essential.”

The push to get people to take the supposed vaccine, which only last year, virtually every Democrat and other liberal celebrity swore they’d never take due to it being a “Trump Vaccine,” is now ramping up to all but the point of it being an order. One video shows someone bragging about how they’re (the current administration) partnering with athletes, clergy, and celebrities, to urge people to get the shot, while on another note, I just saw an ad for Budweiser beer saying they’d “buy the first round” if you prove you’ve taken it. I don’t know the chain, but I’ve also heard of restaurant (Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts I believe) offering freebies too.

So, my question is this, why bribery or blackmail? Why not just trot out everyone’s doctor to say “it’s safe, you need it?” Could it be due to far too few MD’s being willing to tell patients they treat to take an as yet untested shot? I believe so. Bill Gates’ statement, which there is still video available to prove it’s real, saying he wants to see 3,000,000,000, that’s THREE BILLION, or more people “removed from the planet” because we have too many people, then his insane involvement in the vaccination push, and the fact that the FDA has not fully approved it amidst mounting adverse reactions, tells me that something isn’t right.

What are your thoughts though?

May Monday Musings

It’s now been over three months since the change in administrations in Washington DC, and to listen to the news, Donald Trump is still an evil bigot who is preventing the country from being amazing. Never mind that in November, they all cheerfully reported state after state going blue. Never mind that on 20 January 2021, all of them rejoiced as he left DC and the Biden/Harris administration was inaugurated, the news cycle hasn’t changed.

Last year it was George Floyd dominating the news, to the point that even rioters who openly said they would burn cities to the ground if the jury didn’t rule as the rioters wanted, up to the point a sitting Congresswoman did this very thing. But, now that they’ve gotten the verdict they wanted, a new event happened. A teenager was shot as she went to murder another teenager, but as both were black and the officer white, her attempt to murder someone is ignored and we’re just told, loudly and repeatedly, that the “racist bigot of an officer” should have done it differently.

I’ve personally asked some of the “horrified” people crying over this “should he have allowed her to stab and kill a child?” Every time I do, I’m either denounced as a bigot or blocked. To those who scream insults, I just keep asking. I’ve shown one a video where a fighter breaks it down, proving with the trajectory of her right hand, and the position of the knife, it was going to be a neck wound, with a 95% chance it would hit the jugular vein, meaning a painful death, and then I say “so he should have let Bryant murder a child?” I’m then blocked by those.

The issue, sadly, isn’t race or even violence, it’s all about control. The left has, for decades, wanted to rule completely over the entire planet. They can’t stand that people dare vote against their agenda, so they began to infiltrate education in the late 80’s and early 90’s, then infiltrate the administration and school boards, Boards of Directors for large companies, and now the government. Southlake Carrol ISD just had their school board replaced, after the SJW board voted illegally, in secret, to implement critical race theory, an openly racist (against white people) agenda, with some even arrested. Still, those now taking their place are attacked by talking heads on TV, decrying the “rampant racism” of not teaching students they’re racist because of their skin.

So, why this rant? Simply put, the world is speeding to hell in a handcart powered by nitrous oxide, and liberals are pouring on the speed. Revelation tells us the end days will be “as in the days of Noah” meaning that debauchery and perversion will be praised while purity and godliness will be vilified, and we are seeing that begin. Christians are being persecuted more every year. Just a short time ago, the mayor of Houston, TX demanded all Pastors, oddly not muslim imams, submit their sermons to be inspected for any homophobia or other hate crimes. While this attempt was smacked down, it was just the spark to the fuse. Today churches have barriers built to keep worshipers out, pastors are arrested for not closing down, one even harassed for being in the building, ALONE, and not wearing a mask. In New York City, Jewish leaders are harassed, and police have even been seen spying into homes to “ensure there are no large gatherings,” and it’s only going to get worse.

I’ve said for a while I do not believe the Covid “vaccine” is the mark of the beast, rather it’s just a shot, but it is a test to see how pliant the world’s population are. How many will “just take the shot” and how many will refuse? This is a test for when the mark is launched, to know how many will say no so the globalist tyrant governments can be ready to then say “your choice is to take it, or die.” Is your soul ready for that decision, because choosing wrongly will mean a guarantee of eternity in hell.

Why the rampant opposition to an audit?

When a child is told to clean their room, you know they didn’t, and you tell them you’re going to check it, what do they do? They bounce up and either say “no, you don’t need to” or “I’m not done, I’ll go now” as they know if you looked, you’d see they had not obeyed. It’s the same thing today with liberals demanding no audit be done of the 2020 Election. They know the DNC cheated, in many cases so blatantly, only the media being on their side kept it as hidden as it was, and they know an audit will show this, and put people in jail.

The issue for me isn’t so much the opposition, although I do take issue with it, rather it’s the vehemence that the “it doesn’t matter, it’s over, your audit is useless, nothing will change anything,” attitude. I’ve had people tell me, “you could prove Biden got zero votes, he’s still POTUS and you’re a traitor if you think he’ll be removed.” They honestly believe that even when it’s proven that the DNC cheated, they’ll be told “don’t do it again and don’t destroy the country before the next election.” Of course that is a fallacy.

While it’s true that there is no precedent for if the Presidential Election is stolen, there are some similar events, such as when lesser races have been proven to be fraudulent. In some cases the office is vacated and a new election held, in others, the person who truly won is sworn in. This one, though, is the highest political office in the country, and proving that one party cheated so much, well, it will send shock-waves through the entire country. California is already losing a House seat while Texas and other red states are gaining seats, meaning the DNC will already be in a frothing rage, adding to that “you’ve been proven to be guilty of fraud” will light the fuse to end all blowups by any toddler.

Personally, the only way to ensure peace that I see, would be for the military to declare the results, then announce that all 435 House seats, all 100 Senate seats (DC is not a state and should not become one,) POTUS/VP, and every other race from 2020 is declared null and void. Then, hold a new election within 14 days, during which the National Guard ensuring the states do not devolve into chaos, which for some would be almost no work at all, while for others would mean someone finally stopping the anarchy already happening.

This will, naturally, have people screaming about a dictatorship, nazis, brownshirts, and worse, but two weeks of that, versus watching the country fall to ashes, in my mind, is preferable. What say you?

I don’t want to live on this planet any more!

I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m a conservative and a Christian. It’s cost me friendships in the last 4 years, sadly, but I honestly think that’s more to do with my mocking the “mainstream media” than anything. Those people who have chosen to cut all ties with me have, almost to a person, been very angry in the end for my “attacks on freedom of the press” when I point out their blatant lies or other insanity. I can remember during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, I asked who I thought was a close friend from High School, “If I accused you of doing something bad to me, at some point in our Junior Year, somewhere in Arlington, and then demanded that no one ask me questions, but only that you prove you didn’t do it, what would you say?” They got very angry and said “that’s not what Ford said” so I played the tape, proving them wrong and they stormed out.

Well, after four years of the DNC demanding no one criticize blatant lies and bias from the “media,” as those are aimed at aiding the DNC in their quest to subjugate the planet, they’ve ramped up! Very late 2019 saw the world told that we would all be dead shortly because of a coronavirus that was released from a lab in Wuhan China, all because President Trump wouldn’t do what they said, or did what they said not to, or did what they said to but not when they said to, or some other conflagration of “he isn’t bowing to us as rulers.” In January of 2020, Trump enacted a travel ban against China, which Biden and others called “xenophobic” as they happily said “come to Chinatown” or told people to go out to see movies. Just months later, those people who said to go out and gather in crowds were screaming the need for lockdowns because gathering would just increase the danger, and it was all Trump’s fault because he was racist when they wanted us gathering, but now won’t rule as a tyrant when they want him to.

The media, for over a year, simply parroted this mantra, repeating the DNC’s latest chicken little moment, until everything causes your risk of catching a virus with a survival rate of over 98% for virtually all groups, well, “everything makes it worse.” In March of 2020, my company made the decision to send everyone home to work remotely, something we all loved as we had our kitchen, our fridge full of soda, our pets and family, and so on. Sadly, my ISP isn’t known for their customer service, and after several outages, all of which were “minor issues that are being worked on now” even if some lasted 24 hours, I was returned to my office, as naturally I need the ability to connect to the internet to do my job. Well, driving in to work today, listening to local talk radio as I do every day, I heard the single most amazing thing I’d ever heard!


Yes, men, you heard that right, you need to buy this supplement, which isn’t a medication or even vitamin, just there to raise testosterone levels, so you not only become more virile and can be more active, but you also won’t be as likely to catch the big scary virus that kills millions who actually died of something else!

In the immortal words used above, coined by Professor Hubert Farnsworth so long ago, I don’t want to live on this planet any more!

Snowflake melts down, again

Yet again, we have video of a special snowflake who just can’t handle the simple fact that they aren’t ruler of all creation. Over the last year, we’ve seen it from someone across a room, or even across the street, not wearing a mask, to the most recent meltdown, someone in another state doesn’t stay locked down when the state re-opens. This one, however, takes the cake.

Watch Here

What you just watched is a young woman, not a child by any definition of the word, literally breaking down because someone would not leave an elevator so they could “feel safe” doing so later. Had the woman with the box done so, you can be sure the other would have demanded the woman move very far from the elevator to “ensure proper distance” and the elevator would then have left and the woman with the box would have been ignored as her day was delayed because a young woman can’t accept the others do not have to obey her.

Personally, I’d have said “fine, we’re going to my floor first, because contrary to your belief that you’re ruler of all, I am not delaying my day by the elevator leaving me just so you feel superior for having controlled me. You have 5 seconds to exit, or your riding with me” and as they flip out, press my button. Some of them will then try to assault you for that, but you simply “place your assailant on the floor, make use of the bent arm bar hold and clavicle notch submission point, to ensure they are not a danger until authorities arrive.” As you’re holding them there, lean down and say “I guess distance wasn’t important, as you got very close before I put you here. Now you’re going to jail for assault and I will press charges!”

I’m not sorry for saying that either. These snowflakes need to be taught, so there is no confusion, that their inability to accept that they aren’t in control doesn’t put them in control. They must be forced to accept they cannot say “NO, JUST OBEY ME, I’M SPECIAL, I’M WEARING A MASK, I’M BETTER, NOW OBEY” and have it work. Sadly, for many, that will be right after they try to assault someone and their intended victim will not take it lightly, then we’ll see a sobbing snowflake online or on the news, bemoaning the “systemic racism/sexism/whatever” that “refuses to allow them to feel safe at all times” while demanding the person they assaulted be jailed for life, stripped of all wealth which of course they’ll demand be given to them, because that person refused to bow as a peasant.

Personally, I’ll see that day coming and when I do, this blog, my YouTube, Clapper, TikTok, and other social accounts will just go silent, as I’ll be living in the woods or a cave, far from any other person.

New URL!

OK folks, I’m not naive enough to think a lot of people read my blog, but I know at least a few do, and you may have noticed the new URL. I’m working on growing my accounts on various social media, which means I’m going to use the main domain as an “about me” site. I can post links to patronage options, as well as other things that either don’t warrant a blog post, or just aren’t that much to post. You should be able to use your existing username here, as I did “officially” migrate the WordPress site, so here’s hoping everything works out.

Coming Up

I’ve not been active on YouTube in a while, first because I thought Rumble would work out better, only to find it is just as political, and I’ve found that my account on TikTok blew up and I’m nearly at 10,000 followers in under two months.

I’ve also rededicated my life to my faith, having been convicted that I wasn’t doing what I was called to do years ago. I’ve already found that many are looking for Christ, and I am going to be the example I should be.

I have plans for several videos on YouTube as well, also in this avenue of topics. So, please be patient with me, and I will be back to posting videos as soon as I can.


Once more for those in the back

Somehow, after one post using the “where are all my Trump supporters” sound on TikTok, my account has blown up. I went from under 100 followers just about a month ago, to almost 8000 now, and it’s growing still. Somehow though, I seem to be stuck in a Groundhog’s Day loop of people just telling me I’m wrong that the military, active, reserve and veterans, will stand with the American people, and I’m not. I’ve asked many, 99.5% all say they will, of the rest, all but one said they’d just walk away, to protect their family, only 1 said he’d follow orders, I just shook my head.

I’ve also been told “the Constitution will be changed,” and then derided and mocked when I laugh and say no it won’t, not legally. You see, to amend the Constitution, be that to add a new amendment, repeal one already there, or change one, you must have one of two situations, a full two thirds of the House, and a full two thirds of the Senate, must pass the amendment, and it then goes to all 50 States, where a full three quarters must ratify it. As that is all but less likely than dividing by zero, there is Article V, where two thirds of the States may call an Article V Convention, a full two thirds of the delegates must pass any amendment, then a full three quarters of the states must ratify.

What is more likely is Biden’s handlers telling him to sign an EO banning all manner of firearms, or Congress ramming that through via HR 127, or they’ll just declare “we deem the Second Amendment is not valid, we have repealed it.” No matter which happens, those 99.5% of men and women serving in uniform today will never enforce it, 99% or more of law enforcement are the same. What will then happen is the DNC will recruit thugs who would dismember their own children on live TV for the right price, they’ll call in China or the UN or both, and the American People will learn, first hand, what 1776 was like, ending with the tyrants who expect us to bow either learning what King George did, or just deciding to drop nuclear weapons on a few choice cities, killing everyone, including their own thugs.

No matter how it goes, I make one guarantee, I will live, fight, bleed, and die on my feet, fighting for the liberty I have a right to, and for all innocents to be free! If I am taken down, I will drag as many of the tyrants’ thugs to meet The Creator to be judged by Him, and I will go to my eternal reward.

Has social media jumped the shark?

First of all, for anyone here not familiar with the term, it refers to Arthur Fonzarelli, the Fonz, jumping a shark on his motorcycle on Happy Days, which was also when the show began losing ratings, setting up it’s end. Today, when something “jumps the shark” they are said to have done something that will ultimately end with their business, show, book, whatever, ending. It’s not always the cause, but it is the point where that decline begins.

With that out of the way, when you look at Facebook or Twitter, to name only two platforms, both seem to be determined to become an echo chamber for liberal viewpoints only. I have personally had threats made against me, someone even saying they know where I live and would come kill me, until I IP traced them, found their address, name, place of business, and called the PD to report them, then telling them at which point they blocked me. To my knowledge, that person is still on Twitter, while I’m banned because I would use words like pansy to describe Joe Walsh, or imbecile or snowflake to describe the rank and file liberals, or I refused to bow to the woke agenda of putting pronouns in a bio or calling a man a woman because he feels like that today.

I actually deleted my own Facebook account over 3 years ago, but when I bought a Quest II, which I’ve returned, and tried to sign up so I could use it, I was banned and told I had to provide a photo to match the account, which was brand new and had no photos on it, or it wouldn’t be unlocked. Of course you can’t call Facebook, and the only support option is to contact them on Facebook messenger, meaning there was no way to contact them at all. Yes, I tagged them on Instagram, explaining the issue, but never heard back, proving they don’t care to run a business how any other should run to keep customers, they’re paid off by advertisers, not their users, so they see it as they can ban anyone they want.

What no one is talking about is how both of these platforms say that they fully support free speech, then in the next breath censor people, claiming both to be a public forum, and privately owned. If I had the time and money, I would sue them, using Marsh V Alabama, a 1946 case, as precedent. In that example, a company owned an entire town, with employees all living in company owned houses. The company demanded that no fliers be put up after religious materials were, but lost the case, with the precedent being that a public forum, such as a street or park, even if privately owned, cannot be censored. This would apply to Twitter or Facebook today, Twitter especially as Jack Dorsey has actually used the phrase public forum to describe Twitter, yet no one is willing to do more than shrug when it’s brought up.

None of this is the interesting bit though, that’s what’s coming next. You see, Facebook and Twitter are both fighting to keep Gab and Parler from being accessible, as both of them are virtually a perfect replacement for Facebook or Twitter, Gab is almost the perfect combination of the two platforms. Comically, when Amazon broke all ties with Parler, or whenever the topic of masks comes up, liberals suddenly demand that all businesses have the right to deny anyone service, well, all businesses except ones owned by Christians that the LGBTQ+ community wants to punish for being Christian, right? In all honesty, I agree that businesses have the right to turn business away. Hobby Lobby and Chick Fil A have both said “if you don’t like us, don’t come in” and a lot of people said they’d not be going to either, both businesses however, are flourishing, while liberal owned businesses that demand you be a carbon copy of their beliefs, are floundering.

Gab, Parler, and other conservative sites are seeing traffic they can’t handle, while liberal run sites are seeing their numbers crash. Mike Lindell and Donald Trump Junior have also said they’re looking into starting their own social media platforms, which will destroy Jack and Zuck, leading to tearful rants on CNN or MSLSD about “being punished for just stopping racists” as people leave by the millions to go where speech is not restricted. Personally, I have Instagram to watch my nephew’s videos about architecture as he continues his work in college, or my niece’s art on my sister’s page. But I joined TikTok just under a month ago (mid Feb 21,) after one post, my account started blowing up. I don’t do the dances or memes, I do some of the “don’t react” challenges or how many do you know, but mostly I discuss politics, history, or my faith, and I’m likely to hit 10K followers within another month, proving that what I’m saying isn’t offensive or anything like that, and that’s what these companies can’t stand. They can’t censor all of us, but they will keep trying.

So, my question for you this time is this. Imagine a true replacement for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok come out, funded and run by someone like Mike Lindell and/or Donald Trump Jr, would you join those and leave the other platforms? What will Dorsey or Zuckerberg or the CCP for TikTok say? How long will it be until we hear that Lindell or Trump Jr has bought a web hosting company to run their own web hosting due to liberals demanding no one sell hosting to them? How long will it be before the DNC begins working to deny them the right to run their business? How long until they try to seize it because it’s making money hand over fist? The days are coming when the US will see an entire political party stand and order the country to bow and surrender everything to them, that’s the day I say I will not comply and they start working to kill me, what about you?