More of the same

First, comes a story involving a Marine who requested his daughter not take lessons “promoting Islam” then was openly critical of such classes. I will say that he’s not correct when quoting the First Amendment with regards to these classes. That amendment states “CONGRESS shall not make any law….” not that no one is allowed, outside of their personal life, to promote one religion over another. It’s not a violation of the Constitution for a school to do that, it’s just morally wrong to push that agenda, regardless of the faith being pushed, in a school. He also maintains he did not threaten anyone at the school, but only “threatened” to take his concerns to the media, after which he was banned from the campus, and thus, commencement exercises, which I would only support if he was threatening physical harm on someone. Naturally, the school “cannot comment” and claims they haven’t even seen his appeal to lift the ban, and one must wonder if they’ll finally see it the day after his Daughter graduates. Will they not allow video recording? I’m sorry, but in cases like this, I’m more skeptical of the school than the parent, as I’ve seen far too many stories about children told they cannot pray, after school groups told they can’t have Bible study, and schools requiring kids to “be muslim for a week” while also removing all references to Christianity.

Next, from Canada, the government has overturned a man’s will for wanting to establish a scholarship for straight white men and non feminist straight females. From the story, it’s “against official policy” for a private citizen to ask that of his estate, but not for public colleges to have scholarships that straight white men cannot get! I understand the reasons quote, and I understand they’re invalid. When anyone tries to help straight white men or non-feminist straight women, it’s instantly “sexist” or “a throwback to the KKK” but it’s perfectly OK to have BILLIONS flow through the NAACP, most into the pockets of men like not-so-Sharpton or Jackson, but some going to college scholarships, for only black students. I’m sorry, when you either deliberately favor only one race, or deliberately ignore one race, THAT’S RACIST, but then again, according to the media and the apparent feelings of society, only whites can be racist today.

Finally, while it appears the two people who attacked a Marine after they yelled at him asking if he “thought black lives mattered,” it appears hate crime charges won’t be made. Personally, this seems the worst of the lot, as a Marine was struck in the back of the head with a firearm, then kicked until and after losing consciousness, then robbed. The others are bad enough on their own, but we also appear to live in a country where you can freely attack someone who isn’t black, and get nothing more than the minimum charges! I hope these two are glad they got that first shot in, since the Marine would not have gone down easy otherwise, and they’d be the ones screaming he “attacked them because they’re black” then screamed that the video had obviously been edited to make them look bad because they’re black, and the media would have run with it. But, when they can’t even act innocent, we don’t even get crickets chirping from them. I’d say I’ll watch this as it progresses, but it will be completely gone in record time.

So, your thoughts?

I’m in danger of sounding like a broken record

But to be honest, I can’t help it. I run this blog for two reasons, the primary reason being that I can rant and such here, somewhat privately, but also to comment on society and the issues we face today. Sadly, today’s issues all boil down to one thing, selfishness. In less than 30 years, we have changed from a country where people worked for their income, studied hard for good grades, and generally treated each other respectfully. Yes, as with any society of humans, there were problems, but overall, we had a solid society and were generally happy. Economically we were strong, taxes were low and life was good. Today, taxes are high, incomes aren’t enough to cover more than just living paycheck to paycheck, and people generally spend their time complaining that they can’t get a “good job” despite having no education, or that they “deserve” this or that.

To start off, a general look the situation. Racism/sexism is the biggest issue that people say causes all issues, but when you look at the issue they say is the problem, you can quickly get to the real root, and it’s selfishness. White men are told, often very loudly and vulgarly, that they are racist or sexist simply because they are white men. Black teens rob stores then claim they were arrested only because they’re black, while a city tore it’s self apart after a Police Officer wasn’t arrested for defending his life. Not long after that, two NYPD officers were shot, execution style, by a black man, and almost nothing was said or done, ultimately causing the NYPD to stand and turn their backs on the Mayor when he showed up at the funerals.

Students are being taught that this is normal, that “white men are racist and sexist” while the same university will admit a female or minority student who has horrible grades over a white male with a perfect 4.0 GPA, to avoid appearing racist or sexist. Some people joke about it, as I saw today on Imgur but I don’t think the person who asked the question in that first image as a joke. They fully believe that a store having no men on staff is “sexist” and if you point out that no men apply, they will just say the store either threw those away or ran the men off before they can apply. They are so sure of their own infallibility and perfection that if they told you it was raining, and you show them they’re wrong, they attack you. Now the big question, why is this so, and the answer is as simple as it is upsetting.

We’ve taught children this for more than 20 years. It started in the mid 1990’s, first with participation trophies rather than just a sticker or something, but a trophy. Next it was teachers being told to not hurt students’ feelings, rather than ensure students learn the material. Some schools removed red ink, others told teachers they couldn’t say a student failed an assignment, others told coaches that if someone tries out, they make the team and must be allowed to play. Children were taught that all they have to do is want something and they get it, or that if they complain, they’ll be passed. The ultimate result is what we see today, and is no more evident than with this story. It seems U of Oregon is contemplating removing MLK’s I Have a Dream quote, since it only mentions color, and is thus discriminatory against trans students, and thus, wrong. Yes, you read that right, MLK had a dream that all people would be judged by the content of their character, not by anything else. He was fighting for equal rights for non whites in the south, so he used that in his speech, but the crux of it is that the only factor in making a decision about someone is that person’s actions and character, but by not seeing 50 years into the future and including groups now demanding special treatment, he was discriminating, and is now accused of being what he fought against.

So, what’s next? Will we see people not allowed to buy a certain color car because it upsets someone? Twain’s quote is more applicable today than ever. Granted he said “Censorship is telling a man he can’t have a steak just because a baby can’t chew it.” but that applies to so much today. Restaurants are told they can’t serve bacon because Muslims don’t eat bacon, schools are told they must do this or that, often for a single student. Where will it end, sadly I don’t know but I see it ending badly. Hopefully it will “end badly” in that we’ll wake up and tell these groups that they already have equality, and to stop demanding special treatment, but I’m not holding my breath for that. No, the far more likely scenario is that it will get worse, ending with people being hired for jobs they can’t do, and never being fired because they “have a right” to the job they want, which will lead to businesses leaving the U.S. or going out of business. Wal-Mart is already closing hundreds of stores after giving wage increases. It’s of course the “evil Wal Mart” that would rather lay people off than pay a fair wage, but those of us with a brain know that if you increase pay, you can’t keep everything else the same. Sadly, those with a functioning brain are badly outnumbered by those who just demand everything be given to them.

Your thoughts?