MK Ultra and more

Most of us have heard the name or term MK Ultra at least a few times in our lives. Not too long ago, a movie was released called American Ultra, about a brainwashed agent who was “mistakenly activated” and hunted until he outperformed all who were sent after him, going rogue in the end. But what’s the truth about this program.

This Video shows much of what a few have seen before, and a lot of what many have not seen before about this program. For example, the MK has been explained away as many different meanings, but in truth, it is a reference to Mein Kampf, the book written by Adolf Hitler, about his “struggle” and “fight” to purify the human race. Operation Paperclip, which is well documented, and even featured in very recent pop culture (Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD) brought Nazi scientists, the same who experimented on and tortured Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and anyone else deemed by the Nazi regime to be unworthy of a place in society, were suddenly “unwilling accomplices who were not guilty of any crimes” as they came to the US and helped advance the American agenda.

That agenda has been, until the last few years, extremely well hidden, but it is starting to come out more every year, as people escape the clutches of those controlling them, as other suffer from being unable to continue their regime of this or that, and begin to age so rapidly it’s not humanly possible, or shouldn’t be, and more. This then begs the question, why are so many taken in by the lies, and unable or unwilling to accept the truth? The simple answer is that the lie has been made to look more appealing.

Who wouldn’t want a world where information is accessible at the speed of thought, where you’re healthier, and where you don’t need all the trappings of modern society today? Who wouldn’t want a world where you don’t have war, famine, plagues, and all of the bad we see today? The problem is that such a world cannot exist outside of Heaven. God created Earth to be such a world, but Humans decided that the lie told by the serpent was truth, sinned, and fell from grace. Christ then came and paid the price for all of us, but today Satan has so many convinced that it’s all just a story, and that if they just do as he says, just surrender this freedom, just give up that little bit of your humanity, the world will be utopian.

The answer of course is that Satan is a liar. Oh, much as they portray in the Netflix series, Lucifer, Satan doesn’t directly or outright lie, but think of that first one. Adam and Eve had been told if they ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge, they would die. Satan convinced them they wouldn’t, and when they didn’t keel over dead after taking a single bite, he crowed that he was believed. We know that they did in fact die, just years later. Satan does this so when you fall into his trap and then say “you lied to me,” he can say “did I now, or did you just want it to be true so bad you mistook what I told you” so he can blame his victims for his lies.

There is only one way to live eternally, without suffering or pain, and that is to surrender to Christ, the Creator God’s only son, who died on a cross on Calvary for all of our sins. He created us in His image, which is why Satan hates us so, he sees God’s image everywhere, and knows once it’s all over, he’ll be cast out. For the wages of sin are death, but the gift of God is eternal life.

Will you accept that gift?

I will not comply, I will not be silent!

This one is short. There are many reports of social media silencing those who disagree with the governments of the world. India’s reports that they are all but, and yes, I mean ALL BUT”covid free” due to Ivermectin are almost not seen in the US as the Democrat controlled Congress and Whitehouse demand that no one take this medication, which was central to a recent Nobel Prize, was developed for human use, but only now is only referred to as “horse dewormer” until someone is sued and forced to admit that history/evidence shows they lied.

Very simply, I will not be silenced, I will not comply. If I am fired, though I work from home and have stated I will take a loss of pay if my power is out and I cannot go into the office due to not taking the jab, so be it. If I am threatened and told “DO NOT SPEAK ON THIS OR YOU WILL BE JAILED” I will reply “take me to court, and you better be able to cast a magical spell to silence me as I will demand to testify.” If approached by thugs shouting “COMPLY OR DIE,” very simply, my response will be “I’m your Huckleberry.”

We are now living in a world where people honestly believe they may silence everyone, that they may threaten you with death if you don’t bow to their regime, and when faced with someone saying “NO” they react only with violence. Simply put, WHEN the thugs come for me, WHEN they say “YOU WILL BOW TO THE WHIM OF THIS TYRANT OR YOU WILL DIE” my response will echo the Klingons, “today is a good day to die, are you ready?” I WILL take as many with me as possible, then I will kneel before the Creator God, before watching as the thugs try to explain their lives.