And people wonder why society is going to hell, fast!

With the rioting in Ferguson, MO and so many other incidents given hype by the media, one would think that all police officers in the US were white rednecks, letting white citizens do anything, while gunning down innocent non-white children. This IS NOT TRUE! Brown was shot while trying to take a police officer’s weapon, not in the back while running, as evidence has shown. Another thug was shot when he pulled a weapon to attack an officer, yet people riot in the streets as if he were a 5 year old shot simply based on his skin. Then we have a black man who was a “disgruntled employee” shooting two people broadcasting live news, and the media is silent! Why? Because the reporter and camera-man were white, and this happens!

When did racism change from “preferring one race over all others” to BEING WHITE? This is unacceptable, yet if and when this idiot is blasted for her insensitivity to parents, two fiance’s, and many others for mocking their pain, she will play the victim and blame them for her rapid decline in “personal achievement because they made her feel bad” for MOCKING THE DEATH OF TWO PEOPLE!

We need to force the media to go back to what it was only a few decades ago. When they were not shills for the liberals and democrats, but reported news. “Anchor babies” are NOT all Mexican, but simply put, children of NON-CITIZENS who are then USED to get benefits from a country the parents do not pay taxes to. This means two Brits, Italians, French, or any other nationality parents could come here, have a child, and then use that child to get money from the US!

Add to this that while it’s been proven by statistics that more white citizens are killed by black thugs than white cops kill black citizens, and more black thugs kill other black citizens, the media hypes up a situation not-so-Sharpton tells them to and the country suddenly believes that “all cops are white rednecks ignoring crimes and hunting black children.” Will you let your country continue on a road where people actually suggest giving black votes more weight than non-black votes? Or will you stand up and say NO, I WANT LOGIC BACK IN MY COUNTRY? I guess we’ll see, won’t we?