A rather apt depiction of society today

With the elections only months away, and the primaries all but taking the form of cage matches, we’re seeing more and more of the PC and “tolerance” cultures. Bernie Sanders is praised as a diety, Trump is the anti-Christ, anyone who doesn’t blindly agree with those statements is an ignorant bigot, and if you don’t like Hillary as well, you’re a sexist just as you’re racist for being white. This one, however, shows an issue that has been around for a bit longer, that being the “rape culture” that the social justice warriors scream about. Men are now told that simply looking at a woman is rape, and are then told they must be taught not to rape, ignoring that rape is seen as abhorrent to a good number of criminals, only topped by child abuse.

What has changed from only 20 years ago? Mid 1990’s we punished criminals, but not those who were just living their lives. While I’ve not heard of any instances of a woman pepper spraying a man for merely speaking to her, but I won’t be surprised if and when we do see that. Yes, we hear the joke about a woman screaming “I will not have sex with you” after a man asks for a book in the library, only to have him then turn the tables on her, and we laugh, but girls are being taught that all men are constantly thinking about violently raping them, and the only time they stop screaming that this is true, is to vilify anyone who suggests that we teach women actual ways to defend themselves, rather than “teaching men to respect women and not to rape.”

So, the million dollar question, how do we change this? Yes, I firmly support the harshest punishment possible for a convicted rapist. No, I do not believe that simply looking at, or speaking to, a woman is in any way raping her. I have personally experienced the idiocy of modern society not only while I was attending University, but also when I was yelled at for holding a door for a woman. Never mind that I held the door for several people, she ranted for almost two minutes about how she didn’t need a man to hold a door. I’ll admit I didn’t handle it correctly, as I just went inside and let the door close, then lost a bit of my cool when she then accosted me for being rude. But this shows the same mentality, she is always right, even when being right is doing contradictory things.

The answer? We teach children as we did when I was a child. Teach them to say please and thank you, use sir and ma’am, hold the door for anyone you can, help others and not assume the worst. Maybe if we do that, we’ll see a better world, and even maybe start to address the other issues we face today. Your thoughts?