Something we should have expected

So, by now the world has seen what happened at the Pennsylvania rally for President Trump. There are reports that the building wasn’t properly cleared, that people in the crowd were all but screaming that someone was on the roof who were ignored, and ultimately that the person on said roof was “neutralized.” Well, the video below shows that now we have someone claiming he is actually Thomas Michael Crooks and that the one Secret Service took down was “the wrong guy.”

Now, “oddly” every time I see this video, be it on IG, X, Meta, Tiktok, or elsewhere, it’s quickly taken down for “violating community guidelines.” I posted it myself on TikTok, tagging a man who is law enforcement, asking if he’d seen it. It was quickly removed for “civil and election integrity” and “harassment and bullying,” but restored without the appeal being noted as resolved. Today, it’s down again, but only a warning, but taken down for “extremism.” I only say “oddly” because it’s very predictable.

Liberals are running with every single narrative they can, from “Trump just fell, it was nothing” to “it was a registered Republican” to “look, that shirt is from a youtube channel that’s not liberal” and in doing so, they’re contradicting themselves left, right, and center. They’ve also begun asking if Trump somehow set it all up, and thus, can they charge him for the bystanders being hurt or worse.

A DNC Representative has “fired a staffer” who posted that the person needed lessons, a school counselor has also posted something like that, while they ignore that Rep Massie (a democrat) tried to completely remove Secret Service protection just a few months ago, then very very recently, Biden said to “put a bullseye on” the Trump campaign, which is hypocritical at best as the DNC cried when a GOP campaign used that image to note campaigns where Democrats should be VOTED OUT, not attacked. Maxine Waters said to “get in their faces, push back, let them know they’re not welcome anywhere,” while Harris helped bail out rioters, and others said they “don’t know why there aren’t uprisings in the streets.”

Now, I doubt many, if any, Democrats, read this blog, but I would love to know how you defend Waters, Harris, and others, with actual violent rhetoric, but then jump to “we aren’t violent, that was a saying, Trump set this up, it was a Republican, it’s not our fault we hate you and radicalized people act on it, it’s your fault.” I know you actually believe the “but if you just became our slaves, surrender all rights we don’t support you having, criminals would vanish from Earth” but honestly, that’s just more proof we need asylums everywhere to treat your mental disorder.

Pray for our country, for President Trump and his family, and that the world will turn to Christ, rejecting the evil that permeates our world. I know, as a Christian, that the world will descend further and further into darkness, but at the end of all of that, Christ is going to return and end this chapter of human history. Then, after he reigns for a millennium on Earth, after all humans are judged by God, eternity will begin. The only question left is very simple, where will you spend eternity.

Make no mistake, hell is very real, but it’s not what you’ve seen on TV or in movies, or what you’ve read in books. Hell, simply put, is total and complete separation from God, your creator. Whether you believe in God or not, whether you believe in Christianity or not, you feel that spark of connection to God. Hell is the removal of that spark, and that will be utter torment. The Lake Of Fire is reserved for the devil, his puppet tyrant, and the false prophet, and Satan does not rule hell, he’s an inmate too. Turn to Christ now, before it’s too late.

I never thought it would happen to me…..

Just over two months ago, I lost my job, ostensibly for attendance, but as that all happened in a timeframe that, where I in management, would have been a first then second level warning (verbal then written) I could not help but think, why so fast. Beginning in 2016 in earnest, although when really considering this, it began in 2009, conservatives, Christians, and white men, have been the target of so many segments of society, it’s hard to ignore. An image went viral more than once in the early part of the 2010’s, showing a Priest, alone at a table eating, while topless women screamed at him, appearing also to have thrown food on him, as he simply sits there. Since then, attacks have only worsened, to the point where, in the last several months, a pastor in Washington I believe, was brutally attacked, his Bible destroyed, and parts of it thrown into the fecal pool of a portable toilet.

The mainstream media, since 2016, has worked overtime to categorize riots as “mostly peaceful protest,” with one very well known personality on CNN (Chris Cuomo) openly saying “show me where it says protests should be peaceful” then crying and acting as if he was brutally attacked when people simply sent him screenshots and other images of the text of the First Amendment, which clearly says “peacefully protest” when addressing that right. Being a conservative, white, Christian male, I have known for some time that my beliefs and politics are such that many, if not most, around me on a daily basis would openly hate me if I let them be known. Until the last year, I was rarely, if ever, on Facebook, and my other social media did not use my name or image, so as to allow me to watch and read stories without fear of being targeted.

Even recently, when I returned to Facebook, I did not openly scream my politics. It isn’t difficult to know where I stand on issues, but I never spoke ill of anyone I worked with, never said that anyone should hide their beliefs or politics, yet, just over two months ago, I lost my job. Within a matter of hours, the person who had been my immediate supervisor was commenting on a post I’d made on Facebook, all but saying in direct words, that I was completely wrong about a political issue, when I know for a fact I was not. SCOTUS nominees have, sadly, been asked for more than 20 years, to state how they will rule on a given issue. Having watched this since the early 90’s, when Clarence Thomas was viciously attacked by liberals in Congress, none have done so, instead saying they would rule based on the Constitution. Some said that precedent should be taken into account, but even then, none have said they will “simply uphold precedent,” something that should not be done simply to uphold a former ruling.

I have watched over the last year as Conservative actors, musicians, athletes, and others, have been attacked, many losing their jobs. A coach who simply walked to the 50 yard line, alone, after games, to silently pray on his own, was fired for his faith. He never even mentioned what he was going to do, never even said “if you want to, you can join” to anyone. But as students who shared his faith, or simply respected him, joined him after games, people who think the First Amendment means Christians must remain silent worked to destroy him. A baker in Colorado who despite the media coverage, did not refuse service to an LGBTQ couple, but simply said he would not create a custom cake for them, was sued repeatedly, the couple demanding he violate his faith to create their cake, at one point even stating they “have a right” to the cake they want. When he won, they appealed time and time again, proving their goal was to force obedience. When others pointed out they drove far out of their way, this was when they would say it was “their right” to have what they wanted.

I never believed I would be a victim of this new movement in the US, even working where I was mocked for having a conversation about motorcycles with a man at a bar while waiting on co-workers, because this man wore a Reagan/Bush ’84 shirt. The person who mocked me also openly used the phrase “Orange Hitler,” and despite my holding a degree in history, with certification to teach history, having had relatives who fought in WWII, and knowing who Adolph Hitler was, I refrained from saying anything. Personally, I thought “remaining professional” and sticking to work related topics would ensure I did not have any negative things happen. Apparently though, my refusal to engage in that conversation, either giving that person ammunition to get me fired, or agreeing with them, was the ammunition needed. When “Orange Hitler” was said, I ignored it, when I was mocked for talking about bikes with a man because of his shirt, I ignored it, and left soon after, not wishing to sit around drinking anyway, but especially not with someone who would do that.

Today, I had a hearing about unemployment benefits, as I cannot find work even approaching the salary I lost, deciding to pursue further education to allow for my finding work which would keep me near that salary, or above it. Until today, all I would be told is that my claim was denied, that I was let go for cause. My former employer, however, did not attend the hearing, which to me says “we will not object.” I was honest, and yes, I spoke about the fact that I firmly believe I was targeted for my politics. I did, just after filing the appeal that led to today’s hearing, notify my former employer of my feelings. I am hopeful that this is what led to today, that being that they know what happened, and no, I did not name names, as I do not wish to get even the person who mocked me openly for the politics of another person, fired. Even someone who, apparently, believes “if they wear a shirt I don’t like, no one I’m connected to may speak to them.”

What is the point of all of this? We must return to the world of logic and reason. Humans have never and will never, as groups, be homogenous in their beliefs. Even an extremely small Church with a very close congregation will see disagreements. But we should be able to disagree and still remain at least civil. The very person who mocked me and openly called a former President “Orange Hitler” would come to me for help with many parts of the job we both did, and I would regularly go to them for help in areas where I knew them to be the subject matter expert. Sadly, it appears that, even in a company that claims to be “faith based” as my former employer does, politics still rules, and conservatives are to be grateful they may work for the time deemed allowed. I implore those reading this to be adults, to be civil, and accept the simple fact that you will never agree with someone on all things. Disagreements happen, but when they do, even “agreeing to disagree” is better than ruining a life. I know that what Man means for evil, God can use for good, and I believe that will happen here, but I also cannot be silent, and feel I must work to return the US to her glory days, when people could disagree and still be friendly, or at least, civil, to each other.

The not so slow march to tyranny

People have, for years, spoken for or against socialism, more for than against in recent years, as if the “no one in history has done it right, but we will” mantra will be true this time. George Orwell warned us almost one hundred years ago about socialism and today, it seems many have read his work and thought “great ideas.” Today, we have people in Congress, in both parties, that seem to think “we can just hold a hearing, demand criminal punishment for anyone, and get our way.”

Any court that saw a witness testify “I wasn’t there, but I’ve been told this exact thing happened this exact way,” who then heard “I was there, that person is dead wrong” would say “the person who was there is the more reliable witness.” But, for the 6 January committee, Hutchison is being praised, while the Secret Service agents who were in The Beast when she says Trump tried to “grab the wheel” are being called liars. Rep. Kinsinger has even stated that the agent Hutchison referred to “likes to lie.” We’ve heard from the Secret Service that Hillary treated them horribly, but that’s ignored, and this attitude is being added to today.

The question is why, and the answer is rather simple. In the last two years, those that are referred to as Swamp Things, RINO’s and virtually all of the DNC, have worked to weaken elections, open our borders to any and all who can walk across, and worse. Recently in Texas, many illegal immigrants died in the heat due to an 18 wheeler being abandoned, and the deceased were in the trailer, left to bake. The person who abandoned them, those who weakened security, and others who caused this to be possible, are of course, demanding only those who found the truck be blamed for “not getting there sooner to save the poor migrants and welcome them to the US.” We’re told that the proposed border barrier is “racist and bigoted,” and some countries are even making that an official policy as they are teaching it to children. Oddly, Canada, the first country reported to be officially teaching that the wall is racist enforce their immigration laws heavily. Those wishing to move to Canada must prove they already have work lined up or enough money to “not be a burden to society.”

Mexico, if you enter illegally, often imprisons those found, for many years, in some cases just forgetting about those prisoners, no trial ever given, and if you survive, you’re deported. Our own government often works to help other countries enforce their borders, while saying we may not do that here. The heart of the issue, much as with every issue that comes up today, is control. From forcing parents to not complain when their children are indoctrinated to love and praise what parents believe is wrong, to ordering citizens to give up Constitutional rights, and then to praise “rights” listed nowhere in the Constitution, is all about control.

The question, more important than any other, is how so many can’t see this, and the answer, no less important, is easy to find. Indoctrination. Beginning in the 1960’s and 1970’s, colleges began to teach a far more liberal and ultimately socialist, agenda. Students were guided toward education as a career, to aid this indoctrination, by ensuring students as young as 5 were taught only what the far left wants. It was a slow path, but ultimately they have slowly gained the power they wished. I graduated High School in north Texas in 1995, in a mostly red city in a very red county. My early education, until middle school, was in a far more red city, and looking back now, I can see the beginnings of the move to socialism. During High School, I only really had two or three teachers who leaned left, and even then, minimally.

Like many students in my class, I did not want to continue my education immediately after High School, but as my parents wanted this, I registered and went for a few days before I just stopped and worked full time. Amazingly, I failed and was put on probation. 10 years later, only one semester of being able to use Academic Fresh Start, I returned to college with a true 0.00 GPA, and 6 years later, graduated with a 3.79, something one of my professors said she knew was not easy. In the mid 1990’s, had I gone to college and put in the effort, I’d have only faced a few liberal professors, and likely would have ended up in Army or Air Force JAG, today I hold a history degree and am working to enter education at the elementary or middle school level. In my last few years of college, though, all but one of my professors was liberal, and only one of the others would entertain an actual debate on political issues rather than just saying “no, you’re wrong and I’m right.”

So, the only question left is this, how do we stop the march to socialist tyranny?

Life didn’t give me lemons, it pelted me with them!

So, just under three weeks ago, I lost my job of over 10 years. While it’s very tight right now, I do have prospects, and a chance to make things happen on something I’ve been working toward for over a decade. But, here’s the question, why does every unemployment claim instantly get denied? I understand they don’t want to just pay anyone/everyone, but when someone honestly needs the support, why does the state make you fight them?

Anyway, for anyone who’s still looking for work, or just wants/needs a side hustle, check out delivery services like Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Door Dash, or Favor (only in Texas as HEB owns it) and you can generally keep gas in your tank and, while not high class, keep food in your pantry. Not the best option but it does at least keep you from having zero in your account.

I’m taking TikTok to court!

Conservatives know that social media is a 50/50 equation, you are either so blatantly attacked by liberal users or the platform, or those platforms where you are not are so small as to be very insular and all but useless for spreading a message. TikTok has, for a few years, been one of the biggest platforms, as people post crafting, musical talent, cooking, faith, and more. Sadly, and more and more each day, TikTok attacks Christians and other Conservatives.

I have had videos removed for “adult nudity and sexual situations” or “child safety” when the video has me, in a chair, a wall behind me, and I am fully clothed and the only person in the video. While 95% of the videos are restored, the “community guideline strikes” remain, and my account is put in “TikTok jail” rather regularly, as I have “too many strikes” and this persists until, as I do every time, I tell them I am gathering evidence to use with an attorney friend of mine to take them to criminal court for harassing and slandering me. Every time I do, all strikes are gone, all videos are restored, and for about a week, I’m not harassed.

Well, the most recent example of this is when, while waiting in my truck for a pizza, I made a stitch reply to a young lady who was upset about a relationship ending, and as is very common, a friendship not being possible after it ended. My video was completely apolitical, and I did not overtly spread the Gospel, other than saying at the end I would pray for her. Within minutes, it was removed for “use of copyrighted material.” I appealed, was denied, submitted a trouble report, and was again told that they were right. I have now blatantly said “play it, then tell me the exact name of the copyrighted material” and that I would be taking them to court. While it will be only small claims, and I can only get a max of $20,000 in judgement, which is pocket change to any large company, it will officially record in Texas Court Records, that they blatantly lied and harassed me.

The video, which I downloaded from the app, as the watermark shows, can be viewed here. Again, the watermark with my username shows I saved it using the inborn features of their app. The video also shows, concretely, that I did not include any sound other than her question, and my voice. As she did not disable stitches, she cannot claim I “illegally used her voice.” Also, as my video did not in any way violate their “community guidelines” they cannot remove it or mute it for any legitimate reason. My assertion is that they are now muting me as that does not allow an appeal, and thus, I cannot simply say “no, you’re wrong,” and win the appeal, thus they think they can continue to say “NO, WE DECLARE YOU ARE WRONG, WE DECLARE YOU VIOLATED THE RULES, WE DECLARE YOU GUILTY” and just be proclaimed right.

Well, unlike what liberals think, Section 230 does not just declare “no one may sue a social media company.” Nor does the fact TikTok is owned by a Chinese company acting on behalf of the CCP, as they are operating here as TikTok US, thus they are subject to US law. For those who don’t know, Section 230 says that you can’t hold a social media company responsible for what their users say. When Madonna said what she said about the White House, had that been a Tweet, Twitter would not be liable for her words. But they are liable for their words and/or actions. As TikTok, operating as TikTok US, is blatantly lying about me, blatantly calling me a criminal, as copyright violations are a crime, they are harassing and slandering me, as they’ve not officially posted, it’s not libel yet. So, I will be taking them to court, and I’ll then update you on how that goes.

Never let a tragedy go to waste…..

Rahm Emmanuel spoke these words, then explained that using a crisis or tragedy allows you to “do things you could not do before.” As with most quotes, or points of view, it is not in and of itself wrong or evil. A hurricane in southern Texas or Louisiana can show that you truly do need to change how you fortify coastal cities, how to ensure that drainage is up to the job of fighting floods, and more. An issue with a power grid during a long stretch of inclement weather can show that more backups are needed. Often those two things are seen as “worry warts just wanting to spend money” but if you face a hurricane or long period without electricity, you then see they weren’t just worrying about nothing.

Sadly, these are rarely what is done with this line of thought, rather, those who seek power only for power’s sake use a tragedy or crisis use them to further seize power, to further their already acquired power. Uvalde faced a horrible situation on 24th May 2022. A madman with a firearm invaded a school with no ability to stop him or fight him off, and committed the ultimate evil, taking innocent lives. Within hours, politicians and those who are seeking high office were demanding that those who have broken no law, who have committed no evil, be punished, and they refuse, as they live and work behind fortified walls/fences, guarded by men with advanced firearms, to see that disarming the law abiding will only create more victims.

Police refused to enter, and they now use this to say “see, the good guy with a gun theory is useless” as they ignore that a US Border Patrol agent heard from his wife, left a barber shop after the owner gave him a shotgun, drove the school, entered, and stopped the attack. White Settlement saw a church invaded by a gunman that was quickly stopped by an armed attendee of the service. Sutherland Springs saw an armed citizen outside that church engage the shooter, driving him off. Just after Uvalde, a gunman tried to attack a large gathering, only to be stopped by an armed woman. The politicians using the tragedy to demand subservience from Americans either ignore these events, or decry them as “vigilantism” and soon will demand the arrest and imprisonment of those who, while legally armed, stop a criminal from killing all they can.

Not long ago, I coined a phrase, as I am not a pastor, I am the Sheepdog, HE is the Shepherd. That is truly how I see my relationship with Christ, HE is the Shepherd, and I am His Sheepdog, by his side, but ready to defend the flock as best I can. I once worked as a detention officer, but quickly found that job is not for me, then shortly after leaving that job, I joined my local Volunteer Fire Department, and the few years there before an injury and a move meant I could no longer serve actively. In both of those jobs, I stood between society and people or other things that could cause harm. I stood the line as best I could, only to watch as the media, citizens with another platform, and politicians began decrying Police and Firefighters as “toxicly masculine” and demanding they be seen as racist, or sexist, or some other “ist.”

The world is becoming darker every day, Satan is working overtime to corrupt all he can, ensuring he is as unalone in Hell as possible. He knows he cannot win, he knows he will end up in hell, and he is determined to deny the glory of Heaven, something he has first hand knowledge of from before he rebelled, to all he can. He has deceived millions into thinking there is no Heaven or Hell, that this life is all there is, that they will not be punished for sin. He has used religious leaders and politicians for centuries to spread his message, until today we have Christian leaders advocating for other faiths as being “just as valid” as Christianity. Christ himself said “I am the way, the truth, and the light. No one comes to the Father but through me.”

I will not hide my faith, I will not apologize for my faith, and I will not deny my faith. I am the Sheepdog, Christ is the Shepherd, I will spread His gospel, I will give my last breath spreading his message, and until that day, I will also stand between those who are targeted and those targeting them. If this means I stand alone, so be it, as I would rather be judged by the world, ostracized, called every name in the book, than to meet the Creator God at His throne and be told to depart as He never knew me.

Is Wall St. trying to harm BRCC?

Before I start, I understand the market can be volatile at times, and is always unpredictable to even the best traders. That said, Black Rifle Coffee has, virtually since their inception, struggled to keep stock ready to ship, or in stores where they are available. Sadly, I missed the day of their IPO, meaning I didn’t get in truly “on the ground floor,” but I was able to invest a bit very quickly, at a good price.

Since then, I watched as I was almost a full 33% up, until the last week or so, where I’m constantly losing value. Again, I know the market is unpredictable and can be volatile, but having watched their IPO video on YouTube, and having seen the number of people investing far more than I can afford to, I cannot help but think, why is this popular company just continually losing value.

Lockdown saw traders try to short trade (I think that’s the term) Gamestop, selling more shares than they held, driving the price extremely low, so they could buy at that price to make a fortune. Trading apps bowed to their pressure, stopping the riff raff from trading, and making money, with one in the UK even being told he owed over $600K, until he took his own life just before their “oh, we’re sorry we tried to rob you blind” email came in, and they were rightly sued by that family.

The Gamestop situation tells us that Wall St. definitely screws with companies, and just the simple fact that they can say “Oh, I only own 100 shares, but I can legally sell 10,000 and drive the price down, then buy those back very cheap and make a mint” tells me we need to clean up far more than our government.

So, is this happening to Black Rifle? They are an openly conservative company, run by Veterans, and those two things alone tell me the swamp and the left in general don’t like them. The fact that people love their products, in many cases leaving Starbucks for them, also tells me the left is freaking out that their poster company may be begging for saving, and the swamp’s answer was ‘we will destroy all who do not obey’ as usual.

A harbinger of things to come?

Just before I began the job I’m in now, The Hunger Games was released in theaters. I prefer books to movies, but having just been offered a good position, and having read the first book, I went and watched it late one night. As always, the book was better, but the movie did at least do it justice. As I left the theater, a man was off to the side, until he saw me and he was excited someone who wasn’t a teen-age girl was there. He was doing a video on this movie, and how people felt. Being a history major, certified to teach, and generally a lover of the subjects in the social sciences, I mentioned the Watts riots, Rodney King, what was going on at the time, which although small and quiet, was showing signs of what was to come.

In this book/movie, the former United States had seen an uprising of the citizenry, which they quelled, obviously by overwhelming military force. This would suggest that the military chose to just follow orders, as standing against a tyrannical government is not a crime in any way. In 2012 we’d already heard the “you didn’t build that” and how “fundamentally changing the country” was blocked by the founders, from President Obama. Others in government, on both sides of the political aisle, also bemoaned that they couldn’t force this bill through, or couldn’t “just do as they want,” proving they don’t care for their oath, let along their constituency.

After the rebellion, rather than simply decreeing that the leaders be punished and all others go back to their lives, the districts were punished by being told they must give up two children between 12 and 18 years old every year, to watch all but one brutally killed. The districts, save perhaps districts 1 through 4, live very simple lives, working to fish, produce lumber, mine coal, and so on, very little of what they produce being used for them. Those who are favored of course live lavish lives, some even growing up being groomed to compete and win.

Naturally, the victors are given a very nice home, money, good food, and more, as payment for supporting those who had only recently tried to kill them. If they don’t tow the party/government line, they are shown that the government is watching and can hurt them, badly. Their families are threatened, possibly even taken or just killed. Later in the books, we see one of the victors from 12 brainwashed through brutal methods, in an attempt to kill the other, who was leading a rebellion against the government, which of course, they react to by just going out to kill all they can, in a push to demoralize the country. Ultimately, the rebels win, only to find that who they thought was going to lead them into a new and morally right future was just as corrupt, and for the two who had set the whole thing off and led the people, had to flee and live in obscurity.

So, the question is simple, could this happen in the US today for real, and sadly, the answer is actually, yes, and it’s being pushed for. The government regularly tries to pass bills that would greatly restrict our second amendment rights, calling for “assault weapons” to be banned, but then writing the bill so pistols and other items they often tell people are just fine would also be banned. They bemoan that they can’t just rule. The election of 2000 gave them a gift, an election where the popular vote did not decide the winner, allowing them to once again call for the Electoral College to “just be done away with,” which didn’t happen, thankfully. They’d watched Reagan help the people by lowering taxes and more, George HW Bush rode Reagan’s coat tails to victory only to lose to Clinton, but Gore failed to ride to victory. 2008 and 2012 saw McCain then Romney run, both of them mediocre on their best days, so of course Obama won, but 2016 saw another Electoral win without the popular vote, and it was Hillary who wasn’t declared the winner.

Naturally, the cries of “sexism” were everywhere, with “this country just voted because she’s a woman,” even if today they can’t define what a woman is. They accused Donald Trump, a man that the DNC had loved for decades because of his donations, of everything under the sun, and when nothing worked, they once again demanded they just be obeyed. 2020 saw what many know to be rampant election fraud, yet SCOTUS refused to even listen, and on 6 Jan 21, when Republicans objected to certification of the vote, something Pelosi herself did in 2000 and 2004, she called in an “insurrection,” even if we all watched police open doors and move barricades, or kill unarmed veterans through a window.

All of these things, when looked at together, show a government who firmly believes they are rulers, not public servants. Some of them inciting violence, such as Maxine Waters, with her now infamous “get in their faces, push back, let them know they’re not welcome anywhere,” which did lead to people harassing regular citizens in restaurants. A man who was so high he couldn’t stand, who was killed during arrest although coroners now say it was an overdose that the police couldn’t have prevented, sparked riots that destroyed countless businesses. When shown that the riots harmed those the rioters claimed to support, none of them cared.

Later, a riot in Kenosha saw three men, all felons, all illegally armed, chasing a 17 year old boy, throwing things at him, doing all they could to harm him, until he acted in self defense, one who lost the use of an arm even admitting he wished he’d murdered said child. Kyle would stand trial where the prosecutor tried to say refusing to speak before the trial, then testifying was wrong, or flagging the jury with a rifle (finger on the trigger while aiming in their direction,) in an attempt to demand Kyle be jailed for refusing to die.

So, the question today is WHEN not IF the government will order the military to “just obey orders” and subjugate the country. The question is how many service men and women will walk off their post when ordered to violate their oath. Who will the government then call in to aid them in this goal? And finally, what will be left after they try it, claiming it’s treason to argue with them, or to oppose the bills they lie about, or some other insane claim? I know I will not bow to a tyrant, but will stand and fight with the spirit of Patrick Henry in my chest, screaming GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH! I will echo Leonidas’ demand, COME AND TAKE THEM, when ordered to surrender my firearms. And very likely, I will be killed, and that will be reported as a “right wing terror suspect attacking police in an effort to overthrow the government” even though video will show them barging into my home and me defending myself.

At the end of all of this, the only question left is what will you do? Will you knuckle under and serve as a peasant in the new fiefdom, or will you refuse to be subjugatged?

Discussion not allowed

I understand that for some companies, discussion is not something they normally worry about. Look to the media, where the traditional means of delivering the news has been Radio, Television, or in print, none of which allow for anyone to discuss or rebut anything published or said. The modern world, however, is moving away from those media types faster and faster, choosing online sources for their news, as you can gather multiple sources quickly, and even join in on discussing a story with a global audience. This is not to say that everyone allows this though, and those most likely to publish their stories and not allow any form of comment or discussion, legacy media companies. They present their spun version of a story, then walk away, patting themselves on the back as they congratulate themselves for “bringing the truth to the uninformed masses.” Anyone who then speaks out in any way, well, they’re ignored, or worse, attacked.

The first example of this today is CBS News, in a story about a school that supposedly forced all students to attend Christian worship services. The story on it’s own, speaks of a West Virginia High School where students are walking out in protest of a Christian revival gathering. Naturally, the assertion is made that this type of thing is un-Constitutional , which it actually is not. From there, the story spends the rest of it’s space demonizing all who would even consider holding such a gathering, and all but demanding they be punished. The fact that the students were able to walk out proves they were not forced, strike one against their claim of a Constitutional violation. The students being allowed to protest also shows that they are not being controlled. The fact that the Constitution stated Congress may not pass a law respecting a single faith, or prohibiting the free exercise of any faith not withstanding, this is a story about a gather than is legal, as it was voluntary, that someone decided they don’t approve of so they’re going to twist the story to demand they be allowed to control the world.

Bear in mind, I am a Christian and I do not support the idea of a school wide assembly that is just a worship service. There are pastors and others all over the world who speak on more than just the Christian faith. I remember one at my high school speaking about avoiding drugs and while he did mention faith, he did not say “come to my church and believe as I do.” I firmly believe this story at CBS is being twisted.

This is not an uncommon story today, someone doesn’t like that a grieving relative or friend places a cross along a public road in memory of a friend killed in a traffic fatality, so they sue the city for “violating the first amendment” and often just get given their way, but when they want to exercise their faith, or absences thereof, suddenly, no one may even sneeze in their directly as they have rights. I can remember my High School years, where our football team was told anyone praying, in any form, even in their car when not on school premises, would be kicked off the team. In response, most of the team met at our flag pole, and knelt in prayer, then told the principal, they would not be playing until the threats against their first amendment rights were stopped completely. The culprit, who never would reveal themselves, railed in the paper about the “separation of church and state” and how it’s “illegal to force religion on the world.” The ISD finally published an article saying “how does seeing something change you? If you cannot witness someone praying without being converted, the you should not be allowed into the general population of a city. Your rights do not trump anyone’s, and we will not curtail the rights of our students.” The person then sued, although the Judge rightly told them to kick rocks as their suit was baseless.

This, however, was 27 years ago or more, as I graduated in 1995, today, the ACLU has all but perfected their “send 25 lawyers to every city, sue for every minor violation possible, demand the highest possible judgement so that it will bankrupt the city, then “settle” for the city telling residents “you may not show your faith in any way.” Oddly, this is almost a violation of the first amendment, as it is almost a law stating atheism is the only religion allowed. But of course, liberals don’t care about legality do they? Pure Flix even has a movie showing this, called Finding Normal, where a small town is sued because a lump of dirt has a cross on it, but as the town owns that lump, the aclu decides that is the same as slapping everyone on the head and demanding conversion to Christianity. It’s not until that lump of dirt is bought and thus, becomes private property, that they’re forced to give up. God’s Not Dead also shows, in all of their movies, how the left treats Christians, they don’t care about our faith, only forcing their lack of faith on us.

Moving on, CNN is getting in on the “we’ll write whatever we want, you may not discuss it, and we will not tolerate dissent” bit more and more every day. It really began under George W Bush, but they were smart enough to realize in the wake of 9/11 that they couldn’t really scream for the government to be overthrown. Under Obama it was sunshine and rainbows no matter what law he ignored, and in 2016, the sky fell as Chicken Little screamed from every CNN studio about Russian collusion and mean tweets. Today it’s Joe Rogan, a man who is not conservative, but who also has a brain. Rogan brings people onto his podcast who have something to say. This story, rather, firmly points at the listener to say “you’re a horrible person if you even think about listening to Rogan’s show, how dare you even suggest people should be able to say what they want.” The gist of the title alone does this, although the article goes even further down the “if you don’t do as we say and hate Joe Rogan, you’re an evil bigot.”

Recently, he brought an MD on, one who was heavily involved in pioneering the use of MRNA vaccines to do more than just fight disease. This MD, who is listed on all of the patents for MRNA vaccines, openly says not to take the current jabs that are supposed to protect against the current plandemic. As this Doctor, who knows what MRNA vaccines can do, opposes the DNC and thus, DC stance on obeying the government, he’s been vilified and more for weeks. Neil Young and more have demanded that either Rogan be kicked or their own shows/music be pulled, although for now Spotify is holding to “Rogan has not broken the rules, so if you say so, we’ll pull your stuff.” I’m personally waiting on Young or another aged hippie to cry about their “right to be heard” and openly say “PULL ROGAN DOWN, I DEMAND IT” then cry when told no.

This story of course is demonizing anyone who listens to Rogan with their “don’t pretend you don’t know who Rogan is” opener. I do know who he is, he was a shock host on The Man Show in the early days, he then hosted Fear Factor, then moved into MMA then his podcast. He openly states he’s not an expert, but that he finds them to talk to. The problem is that the actual experts counter the government’s arguments at every turn. Ivermectin is not an equine medicine only, it just happens to be one that does one thing for equines and another for humans. HCQ works amazingly well for respiratory diseases, and has for decades, with even Fauci praising it in the 90’s, but now as it means you can recover without the jab, it’s labeled “experimental and dangerous” and anyone saying different is to be silenced.

So, wrapping things up, where do you stand? Do you support the idea of “here’s my heavily edited and biased/twisted narrative, do not discuss, just praise me and obey me” in the media, or do you want to be able to discuss, dissent and debate? If the latter, share this on any social media, taking CBS News and CNN, and anyone else you can think of who supports the “YOU WILL BOW AND OBEY” mantra, you may just find out who your true friends really are.

You don’t control me but you must control me

Until recently, the world seemed to understand that anything injected into your body, or ingested by you, affected you. Yes, this can move on to affect others if you ingest or inject a mind altering substance, but if you smoke pot, I don’t get high. If you drink a 12 pack of beer, or eat nothing but Jalapeno peppers, I don’t get drunk or heartburn. Why is this relevant today though, because people, at least a large percentage, have done a full 180 turn on this subject. Today, we are told it’s our fault that those who’ve taken the Covid 19 vaccine are getting sick. That somehow, the vaccine knows if you’ve taken it, and if not, allows you to infect those who have.

To put this in some perspective, imagine if you get in a car accident, a relatively low speed, and you’re wearing your seatbelt. The car next to you though, not involved in any way, the driver wasn’t, so your seatbelt vanishes, allow you to be injured to a greater level. Or imagine you wear glasses, but unless 100% of those around you do so as well, yours are simple glass. This indeed is the mindset of many on this subject. People in their 40’s or older remember their childhood, where they got the MMR shot, or Varicella shot, to protect themselves, but now demand you take a shot to ensure they don’t get sick.

In the past 2 months, I have personally been told I should be hanged for murder, should be in death row awaiting the chair, that I am required to give up my Doctor’s name so he may be jailed,and more. People who don’t know me from Adam actually believe they have the right to say “YOU WILL OBEY” and have it work. I’ve been contacted by the FBI informing me I’ve been reported as having planted a bomb in a city I’ve never visited, only to be told it would be “extremely difficult to get a conviction” when I demanded to press charges against those who accused me of crimes that would destroy my life for not bowing to them.

Welcome to the new America folks, where if you don’t comply with 100% of what is shouted at you, no matter how often those orders contradict orders given only moments before, you will be canceled and utterly destroyed by those who demand you praise their hatred of you.

MK Ultra and more

Most of us have heard the name or term MK Ultra at least a few times in our lives. Not too long ago, a movie was released called American Ultra, about a brainwashed agent who was “mistakenly activated” and hunted until he outperformed all who were sent after him, going rogue in the end. But what’s the truth about this program.

This Video shows much of what a few have seen before, and a lot of what many have not seen before about this program. For example, the MK has been explained away as many different meanings, but in truth, it is a reference to Mein Kampf, the book written by Adolf Hitler, about his “struggle” and “fight” to purify the human race. Operation Paperclip, which is well documented, and even featured in very recent pop culture (Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD) brought Nazi scientists, the same who experimented on and tortured Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and anyone else deemed by the Nazi regime to be unworthy of a place in society, were suddenly “unwilling accomplices who were not guilty of any crimes” as they came to the US and helped advance the American agenda.

That agenda has been, until the last few years, extremely well hidden, but it is starting to come out more every year, as people escape the clutches of those controlling them, as other suffer from being unable to continue their regime of this or that, and begin to age so rapidly it’s not humanly possible, or shouldn’t be, and more. This then begs the question, why are so many taken in by the lies, and unable or unwilling to accept the truth? The simple answer is that the lie has been made to look more appealing.

Who wouldn’t want a world where information is accessible at the speed of thought, where you’re healthier, and where you don’t need all the trappings of modern society today? Who wouldn’t want a world where you don’t have war, famine, plagues, and all of the bad we see today? The problem is that such a world cannot exist outside of Heaven. God created Earth to be such a world, but Humans decided that the lie told by the serpent was truth, sinned, and fell from grace. Christ then came and paid the price for all of us, but today Satan has so many convinced that it’s all just a story, and that if they just do as he says, just surrender this freedom, just give up that little bit of your humanity, the world will be utopian.

The answer of course is that Satan is a liar. Oh, much as they portray in the Netflix series, Lucifer, Satan doesn’t directly or outright lie, but think of that first one. Adam and Eve had been told if they ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge, they would die. Satan convinced them they wouldn’t, and when they didn’t keel over dead after taking a single bite, he crowed that he was believed. We know that they did in fact die, just years later. Satan does this so when you fall into his trap and then say “you lied to me,” he can say “did I now, or did you just want it to be true so bad you mistook what I told you” so he can blame his victims for his lies.

There is only one way to live eternally, without suffering or pain, and that is to surrender to Christ, the Creator God’s only son, who died on a cross on Calvary for all of our sins. He created us in His image, which is why Satan hates us so, he sees God’s image everywhere, and knows once it’s all over, he’ll be cast out. For the wages of sin are death, but the gift of God is eternal life.

Will you accept that gift?

I will not comply, I will not be silent!

This one is short. There are many reports of social media silencing those who disagree with the governments of the world. India’s reports that they are all but, and yes, I mean ALL BUT”covid free” due to Ivermectin are almost not seen in the US as the Democrat controlled Congress and Whitehouse demand that no one take this medication, which was central to a recent Nobel Prize, was developed for human use, but only now is only referred to as “horse dewormer” until someone is sued and forced to admit that history/evidence shows they lied.

Very simply, I will not be silenced, I will not comply. If I am fired, though I work from home and have stated I will take a loss of pay if my power is out and I cannot go into the office due to not taking the jab, so be it. If I am threatened and told “DO NOT SPEAK ON THIS OR YOU WILL BE JAILED” I will reply “take me to court, and you better be able to cast a magical spell to silence me as I will demand to testify.” If approached by thugs shouting “COMPLY OR DIE,” very simply, my response will be “I’m your Huckleberry.”

We are now living in a world where people honestly believe they may silence everyone, that they may threaten you with death if you don’t bow to their regime, and when faced with someone saying “NO” they react only with violence. Simply put, WHEN the thugs come for me, WHEN they say “YOU WILL BOW TO THE WHIM OF THIS TYRANT OR YOU WILL DIE” my response will echo the Klingons, “today is a good day to die, are you ready?” I WILL take as many with me as possible, then I will kneel before the Creator God, before watching as the thugs try to explain their lives.

EMP thoughts and questions

From all of the references to EMP in popular culture over the last decade or so, every example save one I can think of show the world sent back to pre-Edison days, where everything is done by candle or gas lamp. The single outlier is Agents of SHIELD, where The Watchdogs use an EMP device to shut down cities, by keeping the EMP devices going, but Robbie Reyes’ car, a 1969 Dodge Charger, still runs. This raises some questions.

Everything I’ve heard prior to about a decade ago says that EMP disables “electronics” meaning appliances and such, but not wires or the ability to plug some things in. So, the question I have is this, for homes with a generator or solar panels, or another generation method (hydroelectric or wind), would they be able to power lights, refrigerators, etc. I know televisions, radios, cell phones, computers, etc, will not work after an EMP goes off, as the circuits are fried, but something like an electric range, refrigerator, washer/dryer, etc, are still in many regards, very basic. In my case, my refrigerator is an “apartment model,” meaning it is just the condenser and pump for coolant, nothing else as even the lights don’t work.

My truck, and my parents’ and nephew’s car, sadly, are all new enough that they would be useless, and that would be the case for many people, but for many in trucking and railroad, their vehicles are not updated to where they have computing or other “electronic” components. I know the locomotives my father operated in the 70’s and 80’s would still run as the only electronics were the governors and radios, the engine’s only “electrical” components were the bits that acted as spark plugs do in a car, so a small jolt to ignite fuel to keep things going. California’s move to say that trucks made after a certain date are all that can be used in the state, simply, shows that they know there are a lot of trucks on the road that are “a good bit older.”

So, the question is, simply, would an EMP, of any size, truly be a “total collapse of all modern things,” or would, within a few days or weeks, would some trucks/trains/etc be back up and running, would people with solar or generators be able to run their fridge and maybe even cook? More simply than that, is this being hyped into a massive scare tactic?

Welcome to Orwell’s nightmare

The world truly began it’s descent into hell in 1993 when Bill Clinton’s regime began working to weaken our military and poison the minds of our children. Hillary, as FLOTUS, made her “it takes a village to raise a child” mantra famous, beginning the work of demonizing and destroying the nuclear family, to the point where now, a mere 28 years later, single parent homes, divorce, and worse are rampant! This of course leads to rises in crimes like theft, murder, drugs, domestic abuse, and worse, and rather than say “if these criminals had been raised by two loving parents, not one who’s so busy working to just feed them all, they’d not have turned to crime,” we just hear “HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST THEY GO TO JAIL FOR THEIR CRIMES, YOU’RE A RACIST” and our courts now all but agree.

This, naturally, has knock on effects and so on, such as what is quickly becoming an epidemic of “Karens in the wild,” those videos you see on social media of someone blocking a car from leaving a public place becasue the moron decided they aren’t allowed to. One famously is on the phone with Police screaming “HE’S RUNNING ME OVER, HE’S KILLING ME” only to shout that the video is wrong when arrested after the cop gets there, tells her she cannot do that on public land, and the video shows she filed a false report. I’m honestly waiting to see a court case and hear that the plaintiff openly stated “yes Your Honor, he killed me, four times, I’m in fact dead right now, you can’t say I’m not, he killed me and I am always right” and expect it to work.

This has also become all but official policy, thanks mostly to Section 230, a law that states publishers cannot be held responsible for what others say via their platform. Such as if someone openly threatens to assault and kill someone else via social media, that social media platform isn’t at fault, the one who said it is. This is the same mindset that means you can’t sue Chevrolet for a drunk driver in a Chevy car, or sue Ruger for a shooter using a Ruger pistol, although if Congress has their way, those last two may soon change.

Look only to social media since 2017 and you can easily see this shift. Prior to 2017, social media companies crowed about how they were bastions of free expression. They would gladly tell you that they weren’t there to police speech, but to enable it. Today, however, while the Ayatollah is still on Twitter, Donald Trump is banned, because his tweets “offended” liberals, but muslims can call for open war and the deaths of those they disagree with and it’s “religious freedom.” My own experience is with TikTok, something I swore I’d never even look at and now am building a following, as I’m not even allowed to open reports about me to click appeal. Rather, I simply get a notification amounting to “someone reported you, we deemed you guilty without watching the video, bow to us and proclaim we are your gods, do not even consider appealing, we have blocked that” and when I email support to say “why am I not allowed to appeal” I’m ignored.

This is the beginning of the Orwellian shift people, hate speech is not a thing, but it’s becoming one, and it’s becoming “speech that anyone on the left hates hearing, without any cause being needed, nor can you even suggest they must define it further.” Newspeak is already a thing as we’re screamed at that this doesn’t mean that racist definition you found in an old book, it means what the left demands it mean. It won’t be long before they openly proclaim “WE ARE YOUR GODS, BOW TO US OR DIE” then they’ll actually try to kill everyone who won’t worship at their feet, I know I won’t get gentle.

Hypocrisy on full display

Anyone who has a brain, the ability to use logic, eyes and the willingness to use them, can easily see the blatant hypocrisy of the left from 2020 to 2021. Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and millions of their snowflake sycophants the country and world over screamed “WE DON’T WANT THE TRUMP VACCINE, YOU WANT TO KILL US” and other insanity. But after the DNC “won” on 3 November 2020, the entire tune changed to one of “WE ARE YOUR GODS, OBEY US AND TAKE THIS SHOT, YOU ARE A KILLER AND TO BE KILLED IF YOU DON’T” and more insanity.

As you can see, in 2020 it was “I DON’T WANT YOUR STINKING VACCINE, DONALD TRUMP” but now it’s “YOU MUST OBEY ME, GET THE JAB OR DON’T LEAVE YOUR HOME.” The only thing that’s changed is who is called President and Vice President. The vaccine hasn’t changed, but now with Democrats “in charge,” they believe that they can say whatever the hell they want.

How long is it until we hear “JOE PERSONALLY ORDERED ALL DOSES PRODUCED UNDER TRUMP AND ALL FORMULAE DESTROYED BY VOLCANO, THIS IS JOE’S VACCINE, HE PERSONALLY DEVELOPED IT WITHOUT HELP, HE SAYS IT’S SAFE SO YOU MUST OBEY” and then crying when they’re mocked for their insanity? After all, AOC openly touts socialism while attending gala dinners and living the life of a royal, then planning photo ops in her district with the plebs she now believes she rules. Others openly scream that they can do what they want, then cry when told no. It’s only a matter of time before we hear “THERE WILL BE NO MORE ELECTIONS, WE ARE YOUR RULERS, YOU WILL OBEY OR BE PUNISHED.” 241 years ago King George tried that, and if or when it’s tried again, and I’m still here, there will be a flash, a loud report, the smell of smoke, and then it’s on.