Sunday linkfest

I’ve done these in the past, mostly when so much hits my e-mail and other feeds that I just want to walk around slapping people, but as I don’t want to go to jail, I rant here. So, without further delay, let the linkfest rant begin.

Yes, someone actually said this in an e-mail.

Rather than commenting on how horrible it is that people lost their lives, or the left’s party line of “if only we had better gun control,” the subject of this is that the San Bernardino shooter didn’t have a more sterotypical white name. Of course, it’s more important that we be able to scream racism than find out people planning this. It’s more important to hamstring law abiding citizens than to find people who are using illegally obtained weaponry (or making it themselves, as the Boston bomber did,) right? Had this happened in the 1980’s, the SBPD, and likely the CHP, would have been on a manhunt within hours. A bulletin about the shooters would have included their suspected height, weight, sex and definitely their nationality. But today, we can’t “profile” as it’s bad, never mind that when the criminal is middle eastern, looking at white or black people is the dumbest thing you can do, we can’t hurt anyone’s feelings now, can we? This is exactly what this election is going to come down to, whether you want a country where someone who is middle eastern to be able to do this, and you, being white, are the first suspect. Make no mistake, the “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” that our Strawberry Generation is demanding are going to lead to a world where you can’t mention anything about the suspect, and then, because you “said something mean” no matter when, you’re now in jail for a crime you didn’t commit, so the PD can be “seen doing something.”

PravdaTwitter seems to be going the way of the USSR. James O’Keefe had his twitter account locked for a tweet where he exposed a Clinton staffer saying he could destroy voter registration forms, and not get fired. I don’t support giving people carte’ blanc to say anything, as that allows threats, harassment, and worse, but this was exposing a corrupt person, and Twitter blocked the person exposing them. The video in this link shows O’Keefe deleting the tweet and his account instantly being unlocked. Yes, his followers pressured Twitter, but not enough, as they should have unlocked the account and left the tweet up. But, then again, we can’t have people exposing the Clinton campaign of cheating, can we now?

Moving on, we have a woman who is accusing Trump of harassment, but not until after he refuses an invite to her restaurant. We’ve seen a woman accusing Trump of “raising the armrest to grope her” on a flight that happened before plane armrests could be raised, and now this. I’m sorry folks, but we need to HOUND THE MEDIA to stop being just another part of the Clinton2016 machine. Until the media starts actually reporting the facts, we are left with very few sources of actual news. The debates were nothing more than an attack on Trump by the Moderators, and I fear it will only get worse, but never better.

Next an accusation by Kaine that it’s “unamerican” to be against immigration. This, like so many other stories in the last 8 years, is a blatant misquote attempting to stir up sympathy and hatred. Kaine said this, ignoring that Trump’s supporters and the #NeverHillary crowd, are against ILLEGAL immigration, not all immigration. My ancestors were immigrants, like most of the citizenry today. My mother’s family came to the U.S. from Scotland, Ireland and the UK in the 1600’s and 1700’s, before we were a nation, and my Father’s great Grandfather was the first to come to the US of his line. But, they did it LEGALLY, they didn’t sneak in. Next, the line will be “if you are against immigration, you hate all Mexicans.” No, I’m against anyone breaking US Immigration law, Mexican, Canadian, Russian, British, ANYONE. But, that doesn’t play well as a sound bite, not like “immigrant families torn apart by deportation,” right?

This one is just another one pointing out the blatant hypocrisy in the world today. Star Trek, Into Darkness had a scene with Alice Eve in bra and panties. Naturally, “feminists” went wild, screaming about exploitation and sexism. But Eve said the opposite, she didn’t feel exploited, and agreed to the scene. Add to this, no one said a word about a deleted scene shown on late night TV, where Cumberbatch was showering, and I assume, actually nude, and only camera angles kept some modesty possible. I brought this up when Age Of Ultron’s previews sparked outrage at Stark’s prima-nocte comment, but no one said a word at Black Widow calling Barton’s unborn child a traitor for being male, or when Sarah Silverman in a TV spot for wi-fi calling said “sorry it’s a boy,” as if apologizing for the baby being male. Now, never mind that today there would be screams of “let the child grow up and decide their own gender,” these are examples of the “women want equality, but also should be given special treatment, because men are evil” world. True equality would have meant that if a male did a nude scene, so should a woman. But, rather than that, “feminists” want women to be treated with kid gloves, and men to be hammered and beaten for the crime of being male.

This one is a bit simpler, as it shows a girl destroying her (now) ex-boyfriend’s property, and causing a scene meaning to get him fired, as if she has a right to. She “comes into money” so she can now treat him like dirt, and feels she has this right? Any bets how quick she cries sexism, or another crime, after finding out she can’t go back to the house, her friends know the truth, and so on? There is another, I just can’t find the image, where a girl destroys her (now ex) boyfriend’s computer, as she found him talking to another girl. He tells her it’s his cousin (maybe sister?) and she then says something like “it doesn’t matter, you never buy me stuff,” and he tells her he’s going to file charges to get her to pay for what she destroyed. Her response? “I’ll say you raped me.” He has now got a screen shot of this on Facebook, and she’ll still say it was rape, and she should not be held responsible for acting like an infant and throwing a fit, which includes destruction of property, likely all the way to having money garnished from her to pay him. After that? She’ll hound him on Facebook, call him names, accuse him of beating her, and worse, and the world will eventually treat him like a pariah, because after all, she said he raped her, never mind that it was only after he proved she was now liable for what she destroyed. This is what is wrong, girls are now seeing that crying rape solves all troubles, and men’s lives are ruined, because the girl got upset about something, and decided to cry rape to “punish the evil man.” And people wonder why I stay single.

Finally, something I’ve wanted to see for a while, SNL called for bias. SNL, to me, hasn’t been funny since before 1990, but rather, has been vulgar, and biased toward the left. Hillary has been seen intimidating those accusing her husband of assault or rape for more than 20 years, but SNL portrayed Trump as saying her accusers need to be listened to, and his should shut up. Trump has been surrounded by beautiful women for 30+ years, but suddenly when he’s running for POTUS against Hillary, there are accusations? No, this is an attack by Clinton, and when falsehoods are pointed out in their story, you’re “attacking a victim,” but when it’s shown that she bribes or threatens someone who could hurt her, you’re “attacking a Presidential candidate without evidence and should be shot at dawn.”

I truly hope our country wakes up. For eight years, the White House has forced things on us that are killing the United States. “Affordable” health care, but you may not be able to find a doctor. My own mother had to use the ACA plan for a time before her Medicare benefits kicked in last year, and the closest Dr. that would take her was OVER 100 MILES AWAY! But, she couldn’t drop the plan, or she’d be fined. Phones are now a “right,” never mind the countless charities that have phones available for free, and the law stating a 911 call cannot be stopped, but no, it’s a “right” to have minutes and texting for non-emergency calls too. I know at least one charity near me that will let you list their number on applications (and house you, clothe you, and feed you) so not having a phone number or address won’t keep you from getting a job, but no, we now must give phones to anyone, even to those that abuse it and have more than one. Food Stamps is a joke, with people able to shop at convenience stores that sell NOTHING they “need” but crap they should avoid, and people bragging about selling their benefits, but we can’t dare require people to have a drug test before going on welfare, or prosecute a mother selling her Food Stamps to buy drugs, because then we’re “hurting children.” We should be taking children from parents who buy drugs before feeding the kids, but of course, that’s against the party line, that the DNC is “helping people” isn’t it?

That’s enough for me for today, as I’m now going to go play some games with my family, and try to relax before work tomorrow, since my tax dollars are needed so some lazy drug addict can avoid their “right” to stay home being taken away, right?