EMP thoughts and questions

From all of the references to EMP in popular culture over the last decade or so, every example save one I can think of show the world sent back to pre-Edison days, where everything is done by candle or gas lamp. The single outlier is Agents of SHIELD, where The Watchdogs use an EMP device to shut down cities, by keeping the EMP devices going, but Robbie Reyes’ car, a 1969 Dodge Charger, still runs. This raises some questions.

Everything I’ve heard prior to about a decade ago says that EMP disables “electronics” meaning appliances and such, but not wires or the ability to plug some things in. So, the question I have is this, for homes with a generator or solar panels, or another generation method (hydroelectric or wind), would they be able to power lights, refrigerators, etc. I know televisions, radios, cell phones, computers, etc, will not work after an EMP goes off, as the circuits are fried, but something like an electric range, refrigerator, washer/dryer, etc, are still in many regards, very basic. In my case, my refrigerator is an “apartment model,” meaning it is just the condenser and pump for coolant, nothing else as even the lights don’t work.

My truck, and my parents’ and nephew’s car, sadly, are all new enough that they would be useless, and that would be the case for many people, but for many in trucking and railroad, their vehicles are not updated to where they have computing or other “electronic” components. I know the locomotives my father operated in the 70’s and 80’s would still run as the only electronics were the governors and radios, the engine’s only “electrical” components were the bits that acted as spark plugs do in a car, so a small jolt to ignite fuel to keep things going. California’s move to say that trucks made after a certain date are all that can be used in the state, simply, shows that they know there are a lot of trucks on the road that are “a good bit older.”

So, the question is, simply, would an EMP, of any size, truly be a “total collapse of all modern things,” or would, within a few days or weeks, would some trucks/trains/etc be back up and running, would people with solar or generators be able to run their fridge and maybe even cook? More simply than that, is this being hyped into a massive scare tactic?

Welcome to Orwell’s nightmare

The world truly began it’s descent into hell in 1993 when Bill Clinton’s regime began working to weaken our military and poison the minds of our children. Hillary, as FLOTUS, made her “it takes a village to raise a child” mantra famous, beginning the work of demonizing and destroying the nuclear family, to the point where now, a mere 28 years later, single parent homes, divorce, and worse are rampant! This of course leads to rises in crimes like theft, murder, drugs, domestic abuse, and worse, and rather than say “if these criminals had been raised by two loving parents, not one who’s so busy working to just feed them all, they’d not have turned to crime,” we just hear “HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST THEY GO TO JAIL FOR THEIR CRIMES, YOU’RE A RACIST” and our courts now all but agree.

This, naturally, has knock on effects and so on, such as what is quickly becoming an epidemic of “Karens in the wild,” those videos you see on social media of someone blocking a car from leaving a public place becasue the moron decided they aren’t allowed to. One famously is on the phone with Police screaming “HE’S RUNNING ME OVER, HE’S KILLING ME” only to shout that the video is wrong when arrested after the cop gets there, tells her she cannot do that on public land, and the video shows she filed a false report. I’m honestly waiting to see a court case and hear that the plaintiff openly stated “yes Your Honor, he killed me, four times, I’m in fact dead right now, you can’t say I’m not, he killed me and I am always right” and expect it to work.

This has also become all but official policy, thanks mostly to Section 230, a law that states publishers cannot be held responsible for what others say via their platform. Such as if someone openly threatens to assault and kill someone else via social media, that social media platform isn’t at fault, the one who said it is. This is the same mindset that means you can’t sue Chevrolet for a drunk driver in a Chevy car, or sue Ruger for a shooter using a Ruger pistol, although if Congress has their way, those last two may soon change.

Look only to social media since 2017 and you can easily see this shift. Prior to 2017, social media companies crowed about how they were bastions of free expression. They would gladly tell you that they weren’t there to police speech, but to enable it. Today, however, while the Ayatollah is still on Twitter, Donald Trump is banned, because his tweets “offended” liberals, but muslims can call for open war and the deaths of those they disagree with and it’s “religious freedom.” My own experience is with TikTok, something I swore I’d never even look at and now am building a following, as I’m not even allowed to open reports about me to click appeal. Rather, I simply get a notification amounting to “someone reported you, we deemed you guilty without watching the video, bow to us and proclaim we are your gods, do not even consider appealing, we have blocked that” and when I email support to say “why am I not allowed to appeal” I’m ignored.

This is the beginning of the Orwellian shift people, hate speech is not a thing, but it’s becoming one, and it’s becoming “speech that anyone on the left hates hearing, without any cause being needed, nor can you even suggest they must define it further.” Newspeak is already a thing as we’re screamed at that this doesn’t mean that racist definition you found in an old book, it means what the left demands it mean. It won’t be long before they openly proclaim “WE ARE YOUR GODS, BOW TO US OR DIE” then they’ll actually try to kill everyone who won’t worship at their feet, I know I won’t get gentle.

Hypocrisy on full display

Anyone who has a brain, the ability to use logic, eyes and the willingness to use them, can easily see the blatant hypocrisy of the left from 2020 to 2021. Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and millions of their snowflake sycophants the country and world over screamed “WE DON’T WANT THE TRUMP VACCINE, YOU WANT TO KILL US” and other insanity. But after the DNC “won” on 3 November 2020, the entire tune changed to one of “WE ARE YOUR GODS, OBEY US AND TAKE THIS SHOT, YOU ARE A KILLER AND TO BE KILLED IF YOU DON’T” and more insanity.

As you can see, in 2020 it was “I DON’T WANT YOUR STINKING VACCINE, DONALD TRUMP” but now it’s “YOU MUST OBEY ME, GET THE JAB OR DON’T LEAVE YOUR HOME.” The only thing that’s changed is who is called President and Vice President. The vaccine hasn’t changed, but now with Democrats “in charge,” they believe that they can say whatever the hell they want.

How long is it until we hear “JOE PERSONALLY ORDERED ALL DOSES PRODUCED UNDER TRUMP AND ALL FORMULAE DESTROYED BY VOLCANO, THIS IS JOE’S VACCINE, HE PERSONALLY DEVELOPED IT WITHOUT HELP, HE SAYS IT’S SAFE SO YOU MUST OBEY” and then crying when they’re mocked for their insanity? After all, AOC openly touts socialism while attending gala dinners and living the life of a royal, then planning photo ops in her district with the plebs she now believes she rules. Others openly scream that they can do what they want, then cry when told no. It’s only a matter of time before we hear “THERE WILL BE NO MORE ELECTIONS, WE ARE YOUR RULERS, YOU WILL OBEY OR BE PUNISHED.” 241 years ago King George tried that, and if or when it’s tried again, and I’m still here, there will be a flash, a loud report, the smell of smoke, and then it’s on.