Give us your money, especially if you disagree, or you’re a bigot

We have seen for years that the liberal left preaches tolerance and practices intolerance and hate. While they repeatedly tell us that the recent SCOTUS ruling is a win for love, and a win for “equal rights,” they attack anyone who dares not praise their “victory” no matter who they are.

So, now we’re moving on to the main focus for most people, money. It seems that a donor recently sent $10,000 to Girl Scouts of America, asking that the money not be used for camp scholarships for transgender girls, or for it to be returns. Naturally, the GSA chose to return it, rather than honor such a hateful request, while also making sure to publicize that this person “denied 500 girls the ability to go to camp.” Never mind that they could have honored the wish and sent 500 girls who aren’t trans to camp, never mind that they could have then used money that didn’t have any stipulations for the trans-girls, and never mind that they could have just lied as most organizations do today. No, they chose to return the money then paint the person who simply made a request as a “heartless beast who is bigoted against transgender girls.” Not to mention the almost impossible to read quotes from GSA where “every girl can join, and we don’t worry about if they are girls.”

Make no mistake, we are moving toward a world where anyone at all could walk into the restroom you are using, and you cannot complain. Ladies, this means a “woman” who is biologically male and only “identifies as a woman” so he can then be alone with women he wants to harm, can legally enter the women’s restroom, and even when you are attacked, you can’t complain about that law, as it’s for “equal rights.” We have already seen an attempt in Houston to all but imprison Pastors because they preach from the Bible, and the gay mayor didn’t like that they wouldn’t do what she told them to. What will happen if someone demands single person, unisex restrooms? Will they be “intolerant” because they don’t want to share a restroom wish a transgender person? What happens the first time a transgender 5th or 6th grader who is biologically male uses the girls restroom and a 1st grader doesn’t like it? Will that 6 year old be expelled for intolerance?

We MUST stand up for sanity and logic. If we cannot use the term gender to indicate if the person is biologically male or female, then use sex or just blatantly ask which set of reproductive organs the person currently has, and go from there. We also must push back against the idiocy of “you can’t complain about anything I do or you’re a hateful intolerant bigot.” That’s not how tolerance works, they know it, and they don’t care. Tolerance is literally just putting up with something. You tolerate a splinter in your hand only until you find tweezers so you can remove it. You tolerate a crying child at the supermarket only long enough to get what you came in for and get away. By the current liberal definition, you must keep the splinter forever, and must praise the child for “expressing themselves” while showing whatever the brat throwing a fit wants down upon them.

It’s very simple, and sadly, even as simple as this is, people still reject it in favor of “do what I demand, give me what I demand, and don’t complain or I’ll call you names.” Yes, I personally believe that homosexuality is not genetic, and thus, a choice, even if an unconscious choice. I believe it is wrong, as the only purpose of sexual intercourse is reproduction, and only in the last 50 or so years have we been able to have a woman get pregnant without needing to physically have sex with a man, save 1 case 2000 or so years ago, which isn’t the same thing. So, I believe it’s wrong, but I DO NOT HATE OR FEAR THOSE WHO ARE GAY! I get very upset when I am called homophobic, mostly due to the “la la la, I’m not listening” response when I try to logically and civilly discuss. Basically, those using the term behave like 4 year olds who call you names then stick their fingers in their ears so they can’t hear you, and thus, they get the last word, they’re right and they win.

In terms of jobs, I don’t care if you’re gay or not, black, white, yellow or pink with green stripes, I can if you can do the job, and if you will do the job. I get upset when I get to work and things aren’t done, making my day harder, and I’m not allowed to complain as I would be “singling out the XXXXX person and discriminating.” It is NOT discrimination to expect someone to do the job they are paid to do! It’s not racist that a black person didn’t get a job on the Fire Department, it means they didn’t pass the test. I took it 5 times before I passed, and even then, so many people did better than I did that I didn’t get picked, and I’d been a volunteer firefighter for 4+ years at that point!

So, you have a choice, use your brain and work to remove the toddler tantrums from society, so perhaps we can get back to work and not worry about hurting someone’s feelings, or you can ignore this and remain part of the problem. I personally don’t care, but should you pick option 2, know I won’t mince words and I will likely ensure you are told very bluntly that I feel you’re an idiot.

Your thoughts.

White House VS Christians, you read that right

It seems that SCOTUS forcing all states to recognize gay marriages isn’t enough. Nor is having US Judges help gay activists shut down private businesses, while they practice discrimination and hate all the way. Now the Vice President of the United States has come out and said that simply believing the Bible says what it says is “violating the rights of the LGBT community.” Yes, you read that right, VP Joe Biden has said that interpreting the Bible literally is violating rights. I’m sorry, I thought I had to actively silence someone to violate their right to speech, or restrain them and prevent them going to a rally to violate their freedom of assembly, but no, I was wrong. I simply need to think to do so.

I’m sorry VP Biden, you are completely wrong here, and I have to wonder what you’ll say next.

I’ve said this before, the first amendment does NOT mean you can’t have a statue with the 10 Commandments on the lawn of a public building, nor does it mean that students cannot pray before a football game. It means, simply, that Congress cannot establish a state religion, and cannot restrict the free exercise thereof, PERIOD!

Sadly, we now live in a world where students were taught that seeing a Bible was tantamount to being dragged to church and forcibly baptized, not simply viewing a book. A world where my praying of my meal is “forcing my views on others,” and daring to wish someone a Merry Christmas is forcing them to abandon all they believe.

Even more upsetting is knowing it will get worse. We have seen what happens when regimes are out of control. We’ve seen them pander to one group to the detriment of others, until they must silence all dissent. I just wonder what will happen when that day comes. Will the LGBT community be shocked that the government that “bravely protected their rights turned on them?” Or will they tuck tail and go meekly?

Your thoughts?

Two for tonight

First up is some news on the gay marriage front. It seems that fashion icons Dolce and Gabbana didn’t get the memo about everyone towing the party line and praising the recent decision from the US Supreme Court. The two men, both gay, openly criticize not only gay marriage, but the idea of children being raised outside the traditional nuclear family.

Naturally, the homosexual community spoke favorably about two of their own embracing their own right to think for themselves, right? Wrong, these two were lambasted and vilified for “daring to criticize gay marriage” with Elton John even going so far as to say he will never again wear anything of theirs, and calling for a boycott.

I can’t help but wonder what would happen were Dolce and Gabbana to completely blacklist E.J. from their products? While he’s the one avoiding them, it’s “fighting against intolerance” but if they were to tell him he is not allowed to ever own anything of theirs again, I just know he would “demand they give him the same right as any other customer” maybe even going far as to sue for “discrimination.” I’m also reminded, in this line of thought, of a village in Austria which in 2005 was considering removing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name from a stadium due to an execution (capitol punishment being illegal in Europe) until he beat them to the punch, requesting his name be removed. Once he asked that it be done, the mayor quickly began asking that the then Governor of California reconsider. So, once again, if it’s their idea, it’s great. If it’s something the person they now hate wants done, that person must “show tolerance by doing exactly what they demand” right?

The second story is a bit simpler. It seems a father took his daughter to have a tooth pulled, but was not allowed in the room with her. When he heard her SCREAM he barged in to find her restrained with a “papoose board.” Yes, a father was removed from his child’s presence against his will, only to find that child restrained as if she was a criminal! Naturally, the AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) maintains that this is a last resort and should never be used without parental consent, so of course, the father is lying, his little girl was a monster and the “poor vilified dentist” was just doing his job, right? Of course, we’ve never had anything go wrong when parents are not allowed to even watch their child alone with another adult. Personally, I’d like to see this dentist lose his license to practice, be unable to get any job in any medical field ever again, and be investigated as to what else he used the papoose board for, but that would just be “going on a witch hunt” wouldn’t it? After all, there’s nothing to see here, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain……….

So, your thoughts?

This will either never be mentioned, or will still be used to “show that racism is rampant.”

Before I begin, let me make it perfectly clear that to me, ANYONE who murders someone deserves to be put to death. I don’t care about the race of the victim or murderer. I don’t care if you use a gun, knife, rock, your hands or a pink polka dotted sweater, you have murdered, you deserve to die.

Why is it, then, that when a murder victim is white, little more than a blurb on the news happens, but when they are black, we get endless coverage, commentary, and Al (not-so)Sharpton or Jesse Jackson get 12 hours a day of air time? Simple, it sells, it increases ratings. Despite a grand jury acquitting the officer in the Mike Brown case, and evidence proving he was not facing the officer and did not have his hands raised in surrender, we saw U.S. Congressmen/woman stopping to give the “hands up don’t shoot” gesture to “support equality” or some such. I also remember seeing a video where a man had the police called by a store manager, as the store suspected him of theft. The officer, obviously aware of what had happened in Missouri, went out of his way to ensure he was not seen “acting racist” on camera, while the suspect would not obey the LAWFUL order to stop leaving the store, and would not show the receipt in a manner that allowed the officer to read it! Now, I’m sorry if you feel you’re targeted due to your race, but when a police officer tells you that he was called by store management, for suspected shoplifting, DON’T ACT LIKE A JERK! If you are innocent, SHOW YOUR RECEIPT! How long until we see someone at Sam’s or Costco accusing the people at the door, who check EVERYONE’S RECEIPT as they leave, of being racist and “making sure the black man didn’t steal.” I don’t think it will be too long, and even then, you could show someone had checked mine first, and he’d then say it was to “prove they aren’t racist, but they just did it for show.”

Well, I’d like to say I’m surprised by the latest bit of idiocy, but I’m not. Yes, Dylan Roof is a vile and evil person and deserves a slow eternity in hell, but that’s just due to taking a life not in self defense. But, as he killed black worshipers, it’s suddenly on par with world war 3 breaking out, while we ignore violence where the victim is white. On top of that, every aspect of the case is now made public, including bail, which prompted this.

Completely ignoring context, if you post bail and skip out, you lose the money even after you’re dragged back to court. So, Suge Knight could easily post $25mil but would he be willing to lose it? He’d almost certainly give up $1mil though, if it meant he could get away. Bobby Shmurda, I’ll admit I don’t know that case, but it’s likely that there were multiple charges, or he also may have been deemed a flight risk. Roof’s bail is “only” $1mil, but that’s for the weapons charges, on the murders, bail was DENIED! Now, as much as I love a good debate, and watching a good verbal smackdown, I see only bad from this.
First, I can all but guarantee that the person who showed the original poster to be an idiot will be called racist, bigot, and worse. Next, they’ll be told “they just don’t get it” and that “this is racism” even though Roof was denied bail so he’d stay there until tried. Lastly, someone will call the rebuttal argument racist for even daring to insult the original person by questioning their ethics and intelligence.

Why are we not able to disagree any more? All three people in the first image are criminals, and bail was set in accordance with their cases. Bail is almost always used as a formal way to deny someone release. It’s set based on the risk of them running, and what they’re unwilling to lose. Suge Knight could have had someone bail him out and done the right thing, staying until tried, but it was judged that was not likely. Roof was deemed not only a flight risk, but also a danger to himself and others, so while there is a bail number, there are other charges where it was denied to keep him in jail.

I’ll say one more time, though, I wouldn’t care if Roof was black and his victims white, or if they were all the same race. Roof brutally murdered 9 people. He planned that out, then deprived a community of people they love. Why are only black lives worth anything any more? Why not actually try to not be racist and not let race play any part?

But of course, my simply posting this, showing the idiocy running wild today, is racist, isn’t it?