Give us your money, especially if you disagree, or you’re a bigot

We have seen for years that the liberal left preaches tolerance and practices intolerance and hate. While they repeatedly tell us that the recent SCOTUS ruling is a win for love, and a win for “equal rights,” they attack anyone who dares not praise their “victory” no matter who they are.

So, now we’re moving on to the main focus for most people, money. It seems that a donor recently sent $10,000 to Girl Scouts of America, asking that the money not be used for camp scholarships for transgender girls, or for it to be returns. Naturally, the GSA chose to return it, rather than honor such a hateful request, while also making sure to publicize that this person “denied 500 girls the ability to go to camp.” Never mind that they could have honored the wish and sent 500 girls who aren’t trans to camp, never mind that they could have then used money that didn’t have any stipulations for the trans-girls, and never mind that they could have just lied as most organizations do today. No, they chose to return the money then paint the person who simply made a request as a “heartless beast who is bigoted against transgender girls.” Not to mention the almost impossible to read quotes from GSA where “every girl can join, and we don’t worry about if they are girls.”

Make no mistake, we are moving toward a world where anyone at all could walk into the restroom you are using, and you cannot complain. Ladies, this means a “woman” who is biologically male and only “identifies as a woman” so he can then be alone with women he wants to harm, can legally enter the women’s restroom, and even when you are attacked, you can’t complain about that law, as it’s for “equal rights.” We have already seen an attempt in Houston to all but imprison Pastors because they preach from the Bible, and the gay mayor didn’t like that they wouldn’t do what she told them to. What will happen if someone demands single person, unisex restrooms? Will they be “intolerant” because they don’t want to share a restroom wish a transgender person? What happens the first time a transgender 5th or 6th grader who is biologically male uses the girls restroom and a 1st grader doesn’t like it? Will that 6 year old be expelled for intolerance?

We MUST stand up for sanity and logic. If we cannot use the term gender to indicate if the person is biologically male or female, then use sex or just blatantly ask which set of reproductive organs the person currently has, and go from there. We also must push back against the idiocy of “you can’t complain about anything I do or you’re a hateful intolerant bigot.” That’s not how tolerance works, they know it, and they don’t care. Tolerance is literally just putting up with something. You tolerate a splinter in your hand only until you find tweezers so you can remove it. You tolerate a crying child at the supermarket only long enough to get what you came in for and get away. By the current liberal definition, you must keep the splinter forever, and must praise the child for “expressing themselves” while showing whatever the brat throwing a fit wants down upon them.

It’s very simple, and sadly, even as simple as this is, people still reject it in favor of “do what I demand, give me what I demand, and don’t complain or I’ll call you names.” Yes, I personally believe that homosexuality is not genetic, and thus, a choice, even if an unconscious choice. I believe it is wrong, as the only purpose of sexual intercourse is reproduction, and only in the last 50 or so years have we been able to have a woman get pregnant without needing to physically have sex with a man, save 1 case 2000 or so years ago, which isn’t the same thing. So, I believe it’s wrong, but I DO NOT HATE OR FEAR THOSE WHO ARE GAY! I get very upset when I am called homophobic, mostly due to the “la la la, I’m not listening” response when I try to logically and civilly discuss. Basically, those using the term behave like 4 year olds who call you names then stick their fingers in their ears so they can’t hear you, and thus, they get the last word, they’re right and they win.

In terms of jobs, I don’t care if you’re gay or not, black, white, yellow or pink with green stripes, I can if you can do the job, and if you will do the job. I get upset when I get to work and things aren’t done, making my day harder, and I’m not allowed to complain as I would be “singling out the XXXXX person and discriminating.” It is NOT discrimination to expect someone to do the job they are paid to do! It’s not racist that a black person didn’t get a job on the Fire Department, it means they didn’t pass the test. I took it 5 times before I passed, and even then, so many people did better than I did that I didn’t get picked, and I’d been a volunteer firefighter for 4+ years at that point!

So, you have a choice, use your brain and work to remove the toddler tantrums from society, so perhaps we can get back to work and not worry about hurting someone’s feelings, or you can ignore this and remain part of the problem. I personally don’t care, but should you pick option 2, know I won’t mince words and I will likely ensure you are told very bluntly that I feel you’re an idiot.

Your thoughts.

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