You can’t make this up

It seems an New Zealand climate change group decided to disband after they decided they were “too white,” and thus, racist. You read that right, an activist group, presumably dominantly liberal, decided that since no one, or not enough people, who weren’t white, joined them, they would have to disband.

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Normally, I’d simply cheer on any liberal group that decides to disband, especially the “you have to give up all luxuries or we’ll all die in 2 years” naysayers, but this is going a bit far. How long until we hear that a company “must” fire X% of their employees and not hire anyone who isn’t a minority?

How long until “no one has come into apply” is translated to “YOU RACIST PIG, YOU OBVIOUSLY DID SOMETHING TO MAKE THEM NOT APPLY”?

What do you think?

Yes, they think you’re stupid

From 20 Jan 2017 to 20 Jan 2021, the mass media in the US, and in fact, the majority of the mass media the world over, honed in on Donald Trump as if he was a new species of life to be studied 24/7. Every word was dissected and pronounced the most racist thing ever heard, every policy broken down in minute detail to prove how it would only benefit “the rich,” and far more. That is, of course, until late 2019, when COVID19 became a common word the world over.

In the case of Donald Trump, he was not quiet in his belief that the virus, possibly engineered using GOF (gain of function) research, was leaked from a lab in the Wuhan province of China. Naturally, the CCP didn’t like this being even suggested, so Trump was once again racist and a bigot and to be destroyed. His travel ban was pronounced xenophobic as Pelosi and DeBlasio proudly told their people to “come to Chinatown” or “go out ad see a movie” and that nothing was dangerous at all.

That is, until just after the SOTU 2020, when suddenly COVID19 was a pandemic, then the narrative changed. Trump didn’t act soon enough to stop all travel to the US from anywhere, never mind that the people crying this now said it was racist back then. Trump wasn’t doing enough to solve the problem. I’m personally surprised none of them said he had a duty to resign, go to Med School, become an expert, and develop a cure on his own.

The problem is and was then, hypocrisy. Trump mentioned, hydroxychloroquine, saying that MD’s had told him it was “showing promise” and almost overnight the drug was all but made illegal world wide. He mentioned a treatment MD’s were researching, using UV light as a disinfectant, which does work, you just need to look into any ER or at the phone cleaners on sale all over the internet to see it, and people suddenly screamed he was “telling people to inject bleach.” Never mind that video proved all of them wrong, never mind that medical research done by Anthony Fauci himself showed HCQ worked rather well for respiratory viruses/illnesses many years ago, if Trump even mentioned it, it was verboten, to the point memes began to circulate saying Trump should proclaim the benefits of air and water so people would stop breathing and drinking water, which sadly I believe someone would.

But, it doesn’t end there, in the last month or less, I’ve personally seen reports that a “new study” shows HCQ is effective in treating COVID19 patients, and that the Biden Administration is investigating whether the virus was leaked from a Wuhan lab. The very people who, prior to 3 Nov 2020, said they would “never take the Trump vaccine” but who now scream that everyone must take it and then offers bribes to get you to, claiming it as their own, won’t surprise me in the least if they begin praising medical research into UV light that can disinfect the body from the inside out.

The is just the latest verse in a horrific medley from long ago, liberals/globalists firmly believe they have a right to rule with an iron fist, living as royalty as those who provide the money, goods, and services, live in squalor. Biden himself crowed about how he was instrumental in ensuring 100 million people would be vaccinated in his first 100 days, while anyone pointing out that number was already on track prior to his taking the oath was either ignored or called a bigot. Imagine you apply for a job, lie and insult all who are also applying, and just after your lies work, you say “we need to increase production, so I will authorize overtime and bonuses,” then you silence anyone who says “that’s the other guy’s signature on those forms, already authorizing both of those.” That’s what Biden, and every Democrat for the last 100 years, does, they demonize and vilify, they loudly proclaim that everything the GOP incumbent is doing is racist and sexist and bigoted, then when they get into office, they quietly continue all of those policies, then crow when they prove to be beneficial to the country.

So the question before you today is simple, do you see the truth about swamp or do you truly support a man who not only gropes children and adults regularly, who literally shut down on TV in the last few days for 7 full seconds, who speaks about a very young child in a way most wouldn’t speak about a stripper, and who takes credit for everything he called racist, bigoted, and worse? I know which one I am.