An update, and it’s a bit of good news

I posted on the 26th about a video which shows a girl being pulled by the hair off a bench, causing her to drop a toddler. In the video you can see bystanders doing nothing, and in some cases taunting her and celebrating as the attacker kept hitting her. It turns out this was in Rowlett, just outside of Dallas and the attacker has turned herself in. The attacker is 13 and the victim is 14, while the toddler is the victim’s 3 year old niece. While the update story goes into detail saying it’s believed this was not motivated by race, and to point out that the victim’s father is black, but I have to ask, why the rush to say it’s not based on race? I can guarantee that, were the victim black and the attacker white, there would have been calls for her death! You could point out the victim had pulled a gun on the attacker and she was defending herself and it would still be a “brutal attack motivated by race,” and this is a major issue in this case.

First, the bystanders who did nothing to aid the victim or the toddler need to be arrested as well. They may not have physically helped injure either the teen or toddler, they are still involved, and need to be taught that there are consequences to their action, or inaction.

Next, we MUST stop jumping to racism as the cause for all crimes. Yes, there are crimes motivated by race, and that is a big problem in society, but to instantly jump to racism as the cause when any crime is committed by a white person, or to jump instantly to loudly saying it’s not about race when the victim is black, is only exacerbating the situation.

As for this, sadly, this girl’s life is ruined, as she now has a third degree felony on her record, and that will never go away. She will likely never be allowed to work anywhere near kids, which rules out a LOT of jobs, although if she doesn’t get some good role models and counseling, she’ll simply claim they aren’t hiring her because she’s black, not because she brutally attacked one child, which caused a toddler to be injured.

Enough from me, what do you think?

Faith in humanity, down a good bit on this one

I’ll preface this with a few statements. I have delivered pizza several times in my life, for more than one pizza place. I’ve had misunderstandings, and I’ve learned from them. But I’m sorry, this customer is completely in the wrong, and were this my pizza place, they would be blacklisted, and I’d make sure other places knew what happened at the very least.

Now, long story short, driver delivered pizza and assumed they were not asked for change. The customer called and had the driver return to give them their change. While the driver was in the room, they weren’t nice, but weren’t horrible either. But, once the driver was gone, they turned into the kind of people you laugh at when they slip on ice.

First rule of delivering pizza, NEVER assume a tip, period. I actually carried coins for the first few months I drove, so I could give exact change, as did several drivers who I worked with. My boss (actually, the franchise owner) actually lowered prices where he could when he found out, so that the totals for as many options as he could think of, were round amounts, but also made sure every person who ordered from us knew that the drivers do not carry coins. With credit/debit cards as widely used today, I don’t think that’s a huge deal any more, but it was nice at the time.

Next, from what I could get from the video it sounds as if the customer gave the driver more than they needed to. I’ll admit, when I pay in person at a business with cash, I will sometimes give an amount that means I don’t get small bills. For example, when I’m at the grocery store, if my total is $14.83, I will pay with $25.00 so I get a ten dollar bill back. This is for two reasons, one for me one for the cashier. First, I don’t like having a lot of cash on me, but beyond that, putting a lot of small bills in a wallet makes it uncomfortable in a pocket. Second, I know from my time working a register, ones and fives are the bills you run out of most often. So, if this was the case, and were I the driver, I might think for a second it was a tip (say the order was $19 and change, and they gave me $25, I might think it was a tip). I presume this as the driver actually asks if the customer gave him a five dollar bill he would just get right back. Now before you say it could have been like my retail example, I’ll explain why I might think that.

We’ve all see the “driver carries less than $20 in change” signs and such. This is a typical bank for a driver, so much that when I was taking orders rather than driving, if an order was a large amount, I would stress this. I didn’t want a driver to get to the house with a $59 dollar order, only to be given a $100 bill and asked for change, even though it still happened. Thankfully, our drivers had a prepared script, and cards, so we could reinforce the “$20 or less” rule, and provide a way for our corporate office to send a check. It only happened once (not to me,) and the boss actually told the driver to keep the amount he’d just written a check for as change to the customer who didn’t listen. As I understand, he also had a policy put into place where any order over $40 required a credit card payment or check payment. I really liked him, but he retired and is likely in the Caribbean right now.

So, where am I going with all of this? Who was in the wrong, and it’s not that simple, as the driver and customer both made mistakes. As a driver, I would always say something like “let me get your change” or “your change is $xx.xx” so the customer would have to tell me to keep it. I wanted them to say “keep the change” or “keep it” or “I don’t need change” so I covered myself, as I’d heard horror stories. Beyond that though, the customers were far more in the wrong here. I won’t go so far as to say they set up the situation, but to say you’ll put your foot in his ass, or tell someone to call the owner or manager so you can demand a driver be fired over a misunderstanding? Well, you’ve just proven to me you deserve absolutely zero respect from me. I don’t live anywhere near this dealership, I don’t know exactly when this happened, or if they’re still in business. But I’d buy a bicycle and freeze as I rode everywhere, rather than buy a car from these clowns.

Smokey, out

Post Hoc fallacies and SCOTUS having to follow their own rules?

Well, here we are again, discussing the sheer lunacy of today’s world. First, the Supreme Court recently gave their decision in a controversial case, which many are interpreting as “legalizing gay marriage” for all 50 states. Sadly, this is not the case, it simply applied the 14th amendment to this issue, but leave so much unsaid that I fear we, the American taxpayers, will be funding so many lawyers’ grandkids’ college education, we may never know the outcome. While the immediate outcome was seeing hundreds of people flock to courthouses to get their license, ISIS brutally murdered 4 men in response to the decision.

I’ve actually been told that this is a “post hoc fallacy,” or in layman’s terms, we should not say that this happened as a direct result of the decision. For that to be true, we must ignore all the tweets and other messages sent by ISIS just before the killings, so that is not applicable here. When I pointed this out, I was immediately attacked and accused of wanting to force people to hide their rights, so I responded with my own example. The very people screaming from the rooftops about this monumental and wonderful day, are the same people who call me evil and compare me to Hitler or Genghis Khan for owning a firearm. Naturally, the first reaction was to ask why I changed my stance, once again, ignoring logic and speaking only to make it appear as if I was either agreeing with them or attacking them personally so they can claim the victory in this matter.

We’ve also recently seen a lot about the “Confederate flag” not allowed on government buildings. For now, we’ll ignore that the flag in question was not the flag of the Confederacy, but a battle flag of a few units. We’ll also ignore that from 1865 until the mid 1900’s, this flag wasn’t seen much at all. But, the liberals are crowing over their victory for civil rights and ending another racist chapter in our history. Naturally, companies are scrambling to show their support for a popular cause, with Wal Mart refusing to bake a cake with that design on it. But wait, the same customer then requested a cake with the I.S.I.S. flag on it, and that was done! Yes, you read that right. Wal-Mart, and in “the South” refused to bake a cake with the Stars’n’Bars on it, but then baked one with the official logo of a terrorist group on it. I don’t know if they’re that stupid, that eager to pander to those who still want them dead, or just don’t care. Any of those three are equally bad.

It’s not that simple though. We don’t need to “hide our rights” but do we need to literally flood all social media outlets with nothing but what we KNOW will enrage people we know have killed for much less? I’ve said for years, and will continue to say it for years to come, I believe homosexuality is a sin, but I cannot force people to change their minds. I also believe that marriage is an institution created by God as being a man and woman joining lives. To that end, I want the government out of it, COMPLETELY! I don’t want the federal, state or county government to have anything to do with any marriage, period. You want a marriage you go to a minister who will perform it, and that’s it. You want the tax breaks, implied medical power of attorney, insurance, etc? You get a civil union and that’s that. It’s actually very simple, I want the government out of as much of my personal life as possible, as it was intended. The IRS is technically unconstitutional, but as the money collected pays the salaries of those who must act, meaning they’d actually have to work to gain their salary from us, they won’t.

Another fine example of the government meddling in our lives is the “affordable care act” which, on paper and in theory, will ensure “all Americans have access to high quality medical care at affordable rates.” Why then, are so many exempted? Also, why are so many who have signed up, unable to find a doctor? I personally know someone who signed up and got a plan, and was told there were several doctors in her area that took it, but NONE do. The closest one that will, and is accepting new patients, is over two hours away by car, and that’s assuming there are no delays. Well, there’s a new bill in the words to force the Supreme Court Justices and their staffs to use the ACA marketplace to get their insurance, and while I’m glad it’s there, just as I’m glad there is a law requiring members of Congress and their staffs to do the same, I don’t see much changing. Do we really believe that Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi are getting an Obamacare plan, or are they just saying they are, while fudging records and keeping their amazing health care that they don’t pay for personally? The sad part is that we need a law to tell those who write our laws they must adhere to them. But, when those in Congress are able to drive drunk, with the result being a dead girl, and nothing happens, you should understand why they feel they are our rulers, not our employees.

If you want a country where we can once again be proud of ourselves, where our government works for us, not to keep us paying taxes and so busy we can’t keep up with what they’re doing that’s illegal, you’ll have to work for it. Send a message to those in the House and Senate, at the State and Federal level, that if you don’t work FOR US, we will replace you, and if you replace them, make very sure the new guy knows you’ll do it again. So, are you willing to work and fight for your country? Or are you going to sit back and fiddle while it burns to the ground, from the inside out?

On a much lighter note, I’ve heard several people say that on July 4, if you show your CHL at Chicken Express, you will receive a free #1 combo. I’m curious if this is true or not, and if so, wonder how many of my fellow CHL holders will be eating delicious fried chicken with some sweet tea on the 4th? Along those lines, if it’s true, and the Chicken Express restaurants are packed with CHL holders, I wonder if anyone will be stupid enough to either try to protest them (maybe try to block access to this vile and hateful gun loving place) or will someone be even more stupid and try to rob them that day? You know, in a world where we’ve seen someone run into a gun store and point a gun at people who are all carrying, I won’t be shocked to hear about some “poor misunderstood and misguided teenager” who was “brutally murdered” as he TRIED TO ROB A BUSINESS AT GUNPOINT. But then again, we now live in a world where you must praise gay marriage, hate guns, love high taxes and democrats, and if you don’t, you’re instantly a racist bigot who needs to be brutally murdered for the “peace and love” to thrive.

This is completely unacceptable!

We have seen, in just the last year, protests and riots over “racism” when a Police Officer is forced to use any form of force against a black citizen, as long as the officer is white. Note, that in the case in New York, where a man died due to being restrained, the fact that he was resisting, was much larger than the officers, and the fact that the on scene supervisor was black and didn’t stop it, were all ignored. Yet, something like this is completely ignored in the media, and by the infamous race baiters, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Warning, do not watch the video if you are disturbed by violence, or don’t want to see a small child fall on her head on concrete.

Yes, that’s correct. The white woman, presumably the child’s mother, was holding the child and sitting down, when brutally pulled by the hair off the bench, which resulted in her DROPPING THE CHILD TO THE CONCRETE, and the child landed on her head. You can bet had a white woman slapped a black man or woman, in response to an attack, she’d be labeled racist and in jail, but this black teen forced a white woman to drop a child, which could have KILLED THE CHILD, and nothing is said.

I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry if this offends you, but I am appalled at where my country is now. I grew up in a small town in Texas, and trust me, the history of this area pre-Civil War, during and after Reconstruction, even as little as 60 years ago is what is referred to when the media wants to show racism. It happened, and it can’t be changed. But, why does that mean we can’t go after thugs who almost killed a child with their actions? Why are we vilified when we tell people that “hands up don’t shoot” makes you look like an idiot? Why are we treated as demons for saying something as true as ALL Lives Matter? The answer, the media wants ratings, and that sells. The current crop of politicians know that to get votes, they must appeal to people, and telling a group of people who destroyed their city when the verdict wasn’t what they wanted that they are all now criminals would lose votes.

I’ve asked this before and I’ve answered it before. How do we fix the issue? And the answer is as simple now as ever, stop the lunacy. Enforce laws equally, and report equally. Show these thugs on national TV, and ensure they spend a lot of time in jail. Stop with the idiocy of “hate crimes,” because all crime is motivated by some form of hate. Had this been an issue of a black woman dropping her child when a white teen pulled her to the ground, the teen would already be in jail to keep them alive! I want to believe we are not headed to hell in a hand cart, but we are. I also firmly believe there will come a day when we are told, though I don’t know by who, that white people cannot ever cause the death of a black person, even in self defense, because that’s racist. We will reach a point where video will be shown in court of a white person, on the ground, surrounded by black thug attackers, and when that video shows the VICTIM defending their life, that will result in the VICTIM being sent to jail for “murder” or some such. We will see a day when we will be told that if a black person wants your car, you are required to give it to them, because it’s “racist” to not do so.

It’s getting closer when you have idiots who can go up to people and take their phone (which we all know most phones are $300 or more) then when the person gets upset, they scream “it was a prank” and suddenly the person who rightly believed their phone was just stolen is not allowed to be angry. We’ve seen idiots dressed as clowns akin to Pennywise in IT running at people with what I assume are fake knives, then they get upset when one of the people they want to “prank” punches them or draws a weapon. They ignore than the “racist” was defending children, or reacting to what they saw as masked people running at them with a knife. They firmly believe they can say “it’s a prank” and that excuses their actions.

Only when we get to a point where none of this idiocy is tolerated, where it doesn’t matter if you “pulled the racist white woman who disrespected you,” when thugs and idiots are forced to live the consequences of their actions we will once again have a nation to be proud of. It starts with us telling our elected leaders that WE elected them, and we can just as easily not re-elect them. That we want them to stand for everyone, not the group screaming that they’re being mistreated. Police and Fire entrance exams aren’t racist, they’re tough due to the job being tough. If you can’t pass the exam, STUDY HARDER AND TAKE IT AGAIN! But sadly, this isn’t the world we have any more. We have a world where people are given handouts because they say it’s racist not to, and where victims are told they can’t do anything to their attacker, because it’s “racist.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it

Virtually ALL crime is motivated by hate. Yes, there are those who steal to feed their family, and many of those only resort to stealing as a last resort, but those are in the vast minority of criminals. Sadly, we live in a world where certain people, if they are attacked, are seen as more of a victim than others. Just recently, Dylann Storm Roof shot and killed nine people in the basement of a Church, which is horrific on it’s own, but because Roof is white and the victims are black, this is a “hate crime” and carries heavier penalties than had the victims been white and the shooter black.

We saw in Ferguson and in so many other cases, countless excuses made from poor economic situations, to discrimination meaning they can’t find a good job, or just feeling that the world hated them because of their skin, when crimes are committed. We have also seen Police officials all but tarred and feathered when they respond against these suspects, including an officer who had one (Michael Brown) attempt to take his weapon from him, forced to leave the state after death threats were made, due only to his acting to defend his life. What would have happened had he not acted? What if Brown had gotten the pistol and shot the officer, then killed someone else? Would the family have sat idle while Brown was tried and convicted? No, they likely would have been screaming that the Officer should have done more to stop their baby before he hurt someone, and it’s the Officer’s fault that their poor relative has to live with what he’s done.

Well, I’m sorry, but this has to stop. Roof killed, that’s it, and the act of taking a human life when not in self defense or defense of others, should be enough to warrant the harshest punishment possible. I live in Texas and fully support that if you are convicted of murder, you can face being put to death! I don’t care if you’re white and kill someone who isn’t, if you’re black and kill someone who isn’t, or if you’re pink with orange stripes and kill someone who is the same! If you murder another human, that is, for me, enough for you to be put to death! Only when we begin demanding our leaders tell us why some lives are worth more than others, based only on their race, will we start the path back to a strong society. I fully agree that what Roof did has no place in civilized society, and that means people murdering others, I don’t care what race any of them are! We need to hold our elected leaders responsible for fomenting a society where one entire segment has been told their lives matter more, so anything they feel is done to wrong them becomes a hate crime or racism.

Finally, to answer the President’s comment that the ready availability of guns is a problem, that’s not what we need to address here. I can guarantee that making guns illegal will only make things worse! When you disarm those who do not break the law, you put them in danger. While I will agree that there are some who obtain their weapons legally, then use them illegally, these are the minority. Gangbangers and thugs buy theirs from the back of a car, the slug that shot up Sandy Hook stole his from a relative. I’d be willing to bet the weapon used by Roof wasn’t his, or at least wasn’t purchased by him. So, unless there’s a magic switch that will first make every single firearm on the planet vanish, and also remove all knowledge of how to build them and how to make ammunition, then making it harder for law abiding citizens to purchase them only disarms those who, honestly, need to be able to defend themselves more today than ever.

Two for today’s you have to be kidding file

First is this story from Mobile. It seems that Aldric White attempted to rob a Family Dollar and was shot by a customer as he had another man on the ground with a pistol to his head. Let me say this again, White had his weapon to a man’s head, but was shot instead of shooting that man. I realize this is almost two years old, but it still shows the state we’re in today. White’s family has actually said the other customer should have DONE NOTHING! They undoubtedly would be attacking the Police for racism had White MURDERED that employee and then been arrested, but now they have a private citizen who defended someone to attack.

Next is this story from South Carolina, where two people came in to rob a Waffle House, and when one of them pointed his weapon at someone, they drew and fired DEFENDING THEMSELF, but the family is planning legal action against this would be murder victim for shooting the person trying to kill him.

We’ve also seen the lunacy in Missouri where people DESTROYED THEIR OWN TOWN in reaction to Michael Brown and the officer who fired rather than let Brown get his weapon (the wounds show he was not fleeing, as they entered the chest first.) This is, sadly, the world we now live in. A world where, if you are attacked by a “minority” you either defend yourself and get sued or worse due to your “racist attack on a poor minority” or you die.

I’m saddened by any loss of life, but given the choice between someone who has clearly threatened my life or someone’s life in my presence or the person who was threatened, I will act, and I will act to stop them, period! Why is it, then, that this is evil, but Brown robbing a store and going for a cop’s gun is not? Why is it evil that Aldric White was shot while committing armed robbery but not evil for him to do so? Why is it evil for someone to defend a store clerk, but not evil to put a gun to said clerk’s head? If you listen to the media and those screaming, like Sharpton or Jackson, it’s because we’re all racist and those “poor misunderstood teens” were innocent and gunned down by hateful people, thus ignoring their criminal behavior.

Only when we wake up and start telling families of criminals they cannot sue their relative’s victims, they cannot sue someone for defending their own life or someone else’s life, that the actions of a thug have consequences they can’t change because they don’t like them, will we get back to a country that actually resembles the America of only 20 years ago. Do I think we’ll get there? Not in my lifetime, sadly, but I know I won’t be a victim, and when the day comes I have to defend myself or someone else, you can bet I’ll be tried for murder like Zimmerman, attacked for my “racism” when acquitted and sued civilly for “pain and suffering” due to my actions, but you can also bet I won’t back down.

This could’ve ended a lot worse

The image in this link shows a woman approaching a locked gate, when someone runs up to her, trying to grab her bags. She thinks a lot quicker than most, as she throws her belongings over the fence, so the would be robber runs off. Sadly, I can see that same situation ending in the woman being punched, stabbed, shot, or worse. We live in a world that no longer has respect for personal property, no longer has respect for hard work and providing for yourself. Tdoay, rather, children are taught that if they want something, that’s fine, and they have a “right” to whatever will make them happy. I’ve asked many people what the Declaration of Independence says, and they almost all quote “life, liberty and happiness,” and argue with me when I correct them that it’s PURSUIT of happiness. They firmly believe they have a right to be happy.

Consider this though, if we have a right to be happy, how does that work? What if what makes me happy, and thus is something you cannot deny me at all, is slapping people while wearing full iron armor. This is an action that will hurt people and injur them, but I have a right to be happy. But so do those I’m harming, so who’s right trumps the others? Clearly, in this scenario, almost all people would agree that you can’t have a right that is subjective, and if you somehow do, curb the right that harms others. But what about this same belief where people say that not working would make them happy, but they need money. The government is already taking from those who work, only to give it in the form of phones, food stamps, welfare and other programs, to those who WON’T work. I fully support the idea that those who CAN’T work should not be left out to dry, but almost everyone alive today could work in some way, so why are the lazy paid to be lazy?

Another example of this mentality is this. In this one, we see someone who sends texts (or calls), almost randomly, to attempt to get money from people so they can “get in on the next big thing.” I’ll clue you in, PEOPLE HATE THESE THINGS! We know they’re a scam, and it’s trolls like this one that have put over 200 numbers into my blocked list, and continue to build that list out. But, notice what happens when the troll has the tables turned. The person they scammed decided to troll them back, and the idiot quickly becomes angry and violent. I’ve gotten calls from these people, and with one had to threaten to sue. That one was actually very simple, I got at least 20 calls a day, some after 11PM, looking for another person who owed money. I was helpful at first, making sure it wasn’t me, and when I found out the person was supposedly near Los Angeles, I pointed out that my area code alone indicates a massive distance. I confirmed and proved I hadn’t been to LA in years, and that I’d never contacted the person owed the money. I had agents flat out tell me “This is the number we have, we’re owed money, we’ll keep calling.” I then asked, “You mean you’re saying I have to pay off someone else’s credit card to shut you up?” and got a yes!

I demanded a supervisor, and simply said that I’d already prove I wasn’t the person who owed the debt, I lived in another state, and now, if the calls didn’t stop, I was going to call the Attorney General for California, Texas and the US A.G., then my attorney to sue them for harassment. Only when I threatened to sue them for a lot of money and report them to the government, did they stop. Why did it take that? Why couldn’t their agents have been able to use their brains? Some of these cases are the company not allowing it, but that’s not always the case, and people often just decide that everyone owes them something, or they have a “right” to act how they wish, often leading to situations like this.

Simply put, we need to stand up for the society we want. We need to not just let robbers run off, but react so they know they’re in danger when they try to rob others. We need to teach the children of the world that it’s not OK to take stuff from others, and that it is good to work for what you want. Above all, we need to convince our governments that we are not going to sit idly by and let them continue down this path to oblivion.

Your thoughts?

Open carry coming to TX

Video Link

OK, before anyone starts screaming that we’re back in the old west, with everyone carrying whatever they want and gun fights in the streets, please watch the video. Yes, the attorney shown works for Texas Law Shield, a firm that specializes in defending their members in cases involving weapons, but they are still attorneys and point out several key points.

First, you must be licensed! I hold my CHL, and I am allowed to carry my weapon in many places, but not everywhere. My license, as of 1/1/16, will simply become a handgun license. I am researching if concealed carry will be affected, or if anyone with a license can carry openly or concealed. This does not remove the restrictions on CHL holders for locations either. The 30.06 law is still there, and 30.07 will address open carry.

Next, I can only carry a handgun and only in a belt or shoulder holster. I cannot walk the streets with an AR-15 on my shoulder or a shotgun slung on my back, period.

The implications for interacting with the Police are also addressed. There were amendments proposed that would make it so a Police Officer could not detain someone, or ask for their ID/License, solely on the fact that the person is openly carrying a weapon, both were defeated. I support that, as I don’t want just anyone able to carry and not be questioned. I am not a criminal, and have no record, so if I am asked for my ID, I will provide it, and I will obey all laws. If a Police Officer steps over the line, I will comply and call my lawyers, it’s that simple.

The crux of the matter is that there are 4 groups in this fight. The first simply doesn’t care, and won’t do more than watch. The second is my group, law abiding citizens who may or may not take advantage of this. I doubt I’ll openly carry much if at all, but will stay with my concealed option. Group three are the idiots trying to “make a point” by walking around with AR-15’s and the like, then getting upset when even questioned. I’d not be shocked to find out that group four, the liberals trying to ban all guns, had a hand in getting them to do this. Group three makes people like me look bad. To date, I have been openly visible with my handgun on my property (we have predators here, and they can’t all be scared away by noise), at the range, or when taking it for service or to the range.

Group four are the worst in my book. Not only do they actively shout that guns are the evil, not the people who use them, but they do not allow dissent. They actively work to undermine logic, as I can use a gun, rock, knife, baseball bat or my bare hands, to commit violence against another. They don’t want to hear it, because it shows that anything can be a weapon, and they’ve got a hard on for guns and anyone who disagrees with them is instantly a murderous psychopath who should be put away or put down. To achieve their goals, they not only lie and shout down anyone who doesn’t praise their intelligence, but they work to make people like me, who own firearms but use them responsibly and legally, look bad by encouraging the idiots among us to carry an AR-15 openly, and to then argue with police that “the second amendment is my license, you can’t stop me” or worse.

So, what do you think?

I’d say I’m surprised, but that would be a lie

It seems that, rather than simply being a bastion for liberal thought, colleges are now a bastion for students to get their way now, professors be damned. Yes, there are now professors who are SCARED to upset their students.

Students are getting professors fired, or just not brought back, for “offensive” texts on syllabi by authors such as Mark Twain. I’m sorry, but I read Tom Sawyer in JUNIOR HIGH, and it’s now gotten to where that author is not acceptable in college? Moving on, don’t forget that students actually had the nerve to suggest their finals be put off or cancelled due to their “emotional distress” over the Ferguson, MO situation. Yes, kids at IVY LEAGUE schools were so traumatized at watching a city tear it’s self apart over a criminal that they wrote a letter saying they believed they had a right to this, and were “shocked” when it didn’t happen.

The crux of the matter is simple, although I doubt many colleges will see it, or if they do, act on it. TREAT THESE STUDENTS LIKE THE ADULTS THEY ARE! When they scream about Twain being on the syllabus, tell them to grow up and read what is assigned. When they scream that being assigned something that doesn’t 100% mesh with their political leanings or other beliefs is “oppressing them,” and they ignore that only being assigned what they agree with is doing what they accuse to those who don’t agree with them, they need to be KICKED OUT! A college education is not a right, it’s a privilege! That’s why it’s not free!

We’ve moved from the era of students working their butts off to afford college, to the era of students studying “the social and political affects of renaissance French poetry” being shocked that their degree doesn’t automatically get them a six figure job, to the era of students getting professors fired for teaching the subject matter.

So, the question is simple and simple to answer, for me at least. The answer is to stop coddling these ADULTS who want to whine like toddlers denied a third cookie when they’re assigned something they don’t like, and to stand behind the professor. Sure, verify if an assignment is reported, and if it’s not relevant to the class, that’s different, but trust me, those will be rare items on this list. As for those who won’t give up the “fight to make sure they aren’t offended” OFFEND THEM BY KICKING THEM OUT OF COLLEGE, then when they sue, LAUGH THEM OUT OF COURT! Only when FORCED to work for what they want will any of them have any chance of actually growing a brain. Many won’t, and they’ll live on the dole and get high every day, but some will grow up and become useful adults, isn’t that worth it?