Post Hoc fallacies and SCOTUS having to follow their own rules?

Well, here we are again, discussing the sheer lunacy of today’s world. First, the Supreme Court recently gave their decision in a controversial case, which many are interpreting as “legalizing gay marriage” for all 50 states. Sadly, this is not the case, it simply applied the 14th amendment to this issue, but leave so much unsaid that I fear we, the American taxpayers, will be funding so many lawyers’ grandkids’ college education, we may never know the outcome. While the immediate outcome was seeing hundreds of people flock to courthouses to get their license, ISIS brutally murdered 4 men in response to the decision.

I’ve actually been told that this is a “post hoc fallacy,” or in layman’s terms, we should not say that this happened as a direct result of the decision. For that to be true, we must ignore all the tweets and other messages sent by ISIS just before the killings, so that is not applicable here. When I pointed this out, I was immediately attacked and accused of wanting to force people to hide their rights, so I responded with my own example. The very people screaming from the rooftops about this monumental and wonderful day, are the same people who call me evil and compare me to Hitler or Genghis Khan for owning a firearm. Naturally, the first reaction was to ask why I changed my stance, once again, ignoring logic and speaking only to make it appear as if I was either agreeing with them or attacking them personally so they can claim the victory in this matter.

We’ve also recently seen a lot about the “Confederate flag” not allowed on government buildings. For now, we’ll ignore that the flag in question was not the flag of the Confederacy, but a battle flag of a few units. We’ll also ignore that from 1865 until the mid 1900’s, this flag wasn’t seen much at all. But, the liberals are crowing over their victory for civil rights and ending another racist chapter in our history. Naturally, companies are scrambling to show their support for a popular cause, with Wal Mart refusing to bake a cake with that design on it. But wait, the same customer then requested a cake with the I.S.I.S. flag on it, and that was done! Yes, you read that right. Wal-Mart, and in “the South” refused to bake a cake with the Stars’n’Bars on it, but then baked one with the official logo of a terrorist group on it. I don’t know if they’re that stupid, that eager to pander to those who still want them dead, or just don’t care. Any of those three are equally bad.

It’s not that simple though. We don’t need to “hide our rights” but do we need to literally flood all social media outlets with nothing but what we KNOW will enrage people we know have killed for much less? I’ve said for years, and will continue to say it for years to come, I believe homosexuality is a sin, but I cannot force people to change their minds. I also believe that marriage is an institution created by God as being a man and woman joining lives. To that end, I want the government out of it, COMPLETELY! I don’t want the federal, state or county government to have anything to do with any marriage, period. You want a marriage you go to a minister who will perform it, and that’s it. You want the tax breaks, implied medical power of attorney, insurance, etc? You get a civil union and that’s that. It’s actually very simple, I want the government out of as much of my personal life as possible, as it was intended. The IRS is technically unconstitutional, but as the money collected pays the salaries of those who must act, meaning they’d actually have to work to gain their salary from us, they won’t.

Another fine example of the government meddling in our lives is the “affordable care act” which, on paper and in theory, will ensure “all Americans have access to high quality medical care at affordable rates.” Why then, are so many exempted? Also, why are so many who have signed up, unable to find a doctor? I personally know someone who signed up and got a plan, and was told there were several doctors in her area that took it, but NONE do. The closest one that will, and is accepting new patients, is over two hours away by car, and that’s assuming there are no delays. Well, there’s a new bill in the words to force the Supreme Court Justices and their staffs to use the ACA marketplace to get their insurance, and while I’m glad it’s there, just as I’m glad there is a law requiring members of Congress and their staffs to do the same, I don’t see much changing. Do we really believe that Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi are getting an Obamacare plan, or are they just saying they are, while fudging records and keeping their amazing health care that they don’t pay for personally? The sad part is that we need a law to tell those who write our laws they must adhere to them. But, when those in Congress are able to drive drunk, with the result being a dead girl, and nothing happens, you should understand why they feel they are our rulers, not our employees.

If you want a country where we can once again be proud of ourselves, where our government works for us, not to keep us paying taxes and so busy we can’t keep up with what they’re doing that’s illegal, you’ll have to work for it. Send a message to those in the House and Senate, at the State and Federal level, that if you don’t work FOR US, we will replace you, and if you replace them, make very sure the new guy knows you’ll do it again. So, are you willing to work and fight for your country? Or are you going to sit back and fiddle while it burns to the ground, from the inside out?

On a much lighter note, I’ve heard several people say that on July 4, if you show your CHL at Chicken Express, you will receive a free #1 combo. I’m curious if this is true or not, and if so, wonder how many of my fellow CHL holders will be eating delicious fried chicken with some sweet tea on the 4th? Along those lines, if it’s true, and the Chicken Express restaurants are packed with CHL holders, I wonder if anyone will be stupid enough to either try to protest them (maybe try to block access to this vile and hateful gun loving place) or will someone be even more stupid and try to rob them that day? You know, in a world where we’ve seen someone run into a gun store and point a gun at people who are all carrying, I won’t be shocked to hear about some “poor misunderstood and misguided teenager” who was “brutally murdered” as he TRIED TO ROB A BUSINESS AT GUNPOINT. But then again, we now live in a world where you must praise gay marriage, hate guns, love high taxes and democrats, and if you don’t, you’re instantly a racist bigot who needs to be brutally murdered for the “peace and love” to thrive.

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