Biden admits Harris is in charge.

For months, many people have wondered just when Kamala Harris would find a way to push Joe Biden aside to become President should the Democrats win the 2020 Presidential election. Biden’s recent foot injury reignited those questions, only for Biden himself to confirm all suspicions. In a recent video, he admits that should he and Harris disagree on something, he’ll “come down with a disease and have to resign.” He even said “as I told Barack,” indicating he would have resigned as VP to allow Obama to install a different yes-man to the office were there a point they couldn’t agree on.

When coupled with the multiple reports of fraud, video of ballots being pulled from under a table in a suitcase, dead Americans voting, and even tens of thousands of Georgians who were not 18 at the time of the election voting, this just rings another warning bell about the presumptive Democrat administration.

Americans vote every four years, not for the 2nd place candidate to oust the Presidential nominee, but for that nominee. The election of 2016 saw claims of fraud and “Russian collusion” from the Democrats, only for 2020 to see the Democrats all but foaming at the mouth as they demand no one even investigate the election, but to just declare Biden the winner.

Biden floated a cabinet pick, with the man named being on record as saying life after 75 isn’t worth living, yet he would have to work for a man now 3 years past that point. Is it any wonder that within a week of the election, one of the most common searches on Google was “how do I change my vote?”