The not so slow march to tyranny

People have, for years, spoken for or against socialism, more for than against in recent years, as if the “no one in history has done it right, but we will” mantra will be true this time. George Orwell warned us almost one hundred years ago about socialism and today, it seems many have read his work and thought “great ideas.” Today, we have people in Congress, in both parties, that seem to think “we can just hold a hearing, demand criminal punishment for anyone, and get our way.”

Any court that saw a witness testify “I wasn’t there, but I’ve been told this exact thing happened this exact way,” who then heard “I was there, that person is dead wrong” would say “the person who was there is the more reliable witness.” But, for the 6 January committee, Hutchison is being praised, while the Secret Service agents who were in The Beast when she says Trump tried to “grab the wheel” are being called liars. Rep. Kinsinger has even stated that the agent Hutchison referred to “likes to lie.” We’ve heard from the Secret Service that Hillary treated them horribly, but that’s ignored, and this attitude is being added to today.

The question is why, and the answer is rather simple. In the last two years, those that are referred to as Swamp Things, RINO’s and virtually all of the DNC, have worked to weaken elections, open our borders to any and all who can walk across, and worse. Recently in Texas, many illegal immigrants died in the heat due to an 18 wheeler being abandoned, and the deceased were in the trailer, left to bake. The person who abandoned them, those who weakened security, and others who caused this to be possible, are of course, demanding only those who found the truck be blamed for “not getting there sooner to save the poor migrants and welcome them to the US.” We’re told that the proposed border barrier is “racist and bigoted,” and some countries are even making that an official policy as they are teaching it to children. Oddly, Canada, the first country reported to be officially teaching that the wall is racist enforce their immigration laws heavily. Those wishing to move to Canada must prove they already have work lined up or enough money to “not be a burden to society.”

Mexico, if you enter illegally, often imprisons those found, for many years, in some cases just forgetting about those prisoners, no trial ever given, and if you survive, you’re deported. Our own government often works to help other countries enforce their borders, while saying we may not do that here. The heart of the issue, much as with every issue that comes up today, is control. From forcing parents to not complain when their children are indoctrinated to love and praise what parents believe is wrong, to ordering citizens to give up Constitutional rights, and then to praise “rights” listed nowhere in the Constitution, is all about control.

The question, more important than any other, is how so many can’t see this, and the answer, no less important, is easy to find. Indoctrination. Beginning in the 1960’s and 1970’s, colleges began to teach a far more liberal and ultimately socialist, agenda. Students were guided toward education as a career, to aid this indoctrination, by ensuring students as young as 5 were taught only what the far left wants. It was a slow path, but ultimately they have slowly gained the power they wished. I graduated High School in north Texas in 1995, in a mostly red city in a very red county. My early education, until middle school, was in a far more red city, and looking back now, I can see the beginnings of the move to socialism. During High School, I only really had two or three teachers who leaned left, and even then, minimally.

Like many students in my class, I did not want to continue my education immediately after High School, but as my parents wanted this, I registered and went for a few days before I just stopped and worked full time. Amazingly, I failed and was put on probation. 10 years later, only one semester of being able to use Academic Fresh Start, I returned to college with a true 0.00 GPA, and 6 years later, graduated with a 3.79, something one of my professors said she knew was not easy. In the mid 1990’s, had I gone to college and put in the effort, I’d have only faced a few liberal professors, and likely would have ended up in Army or Air Force JAG, today I hold a history degree and am working to enter education at the elementary or middle school level. In my last few years of college, though, all but one of my professors was liberal, and only one of the others would entertain an actual debate on political issues rather than just saying “no, you’re wrong and I’m right.”

So, the only question left is this, how do we stop the march to socialist tyranny?