Social media’s suicide attempt

As we continue to hear about forensic audits, January 6 being compared to the sacking of the White House during the war of 1812, with AOC being the new Dolly Madison saving portraits, social media continues their war on those who refuse to bow. More and more accounts are being banned or otherwise restricted, and one can only wonder, if, and when, this will begin affecting their bottom line.

We all know that advertising is where the money mostly comes from for Facebook and/or Twitter, as they can’t really charge for use of what they call “public forums,” nor do they want to as they know that will destroy them. But, if you ban more than half of your users, the other half aren’t going to say “yay, I’m not being offended by people disagreeing, I’ll spend double what I used to” and their income will go down accordingly. The questions, therefore, are simple.

One, when will we see this begin? Two, what will the response from Zuckerberg or Dorsey be when their income is impacted? Three, what will the response from those banned be when those who banned them begin to be negatively impacted?

Taking them individually, I believe number one will begin to happen in the next year. Parler already proved you can start a new company, even if the DNC decides you aren’t allowed to and pressured private companies to deny you access. This means others will continue to spring up, and when Facebook and Twitter face competition, expect to hear them whining about how unfair it is that these new companies “pander to bigots” or worse.

The response will be simple, and we’ve already seen it, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and the DNC, vocally or through talking heads, will demand that no one compete with Facebook or Twitter, that no one who was banned has a right to free speech, and when the money isn’t flowing in, they’ll try to just funnel tax dollars to them, and if/when they are caught, they’ll say “these are very needed public forums, they must be preserved.”

Finally, should they go the way I hope they do, that being losing millions or more every day, until they’re on the verge of closing up shop, I believe we will hear them crying about those they banned are “punishing them” but refusing to return when ordered. Personally, I’ll not be surprised to get an email from Facebook and Twitter saying my account is no longer blocked, just restricted so I can read articles, but not comment or post, and of course, I am not able to even contest them. If that day comes, they will receive a letter saying “nope, you banned me, you no longer may house my data, I demand proof within 72 business hours that you’ve deleted my data!” Why? Because that will be their “you are required to log in, watch the ads on our site, buy from those we allow to advertise here, but you may not speak, as you aren’t worthy of that.” moment, and I refuse to bend the knee.

Restoring faith, in liars

As if today couldn’t get any worse, I get this article sent to me 4 times in less than 20 minutes. It seems that a young lady has left the FBI, to join CNN, to “restore your faith in America.” Within a paragraph though, that proves to be “hate Trump, obey the DNC, vote as we tell you to” and you just know all who even question them are going to be denounced as “conspiracy theorists” or “Q wackos.” Remember that CNN led the charge for 4 years, defending every possible theory about Russian collusion, “very fine people,” or anything else to discredit President Trump, but now this young lady, who worked for the very people aiding the DNC in their witch hunt, is supposed to “restore faith in America?” I doubt it, have popcorn ready for when Acosta is on NBC crying about how the “conservative bigots are punishing CNN” when it tanks.

Welcome to the new world

For the last several years, we’ve listened as the left has screamed that Donald Trump is a racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobix, Russian agent, hell bent on destroying democracy. We’ve heard that white people cannot be discriminated against because all of them are racist. We’ve watched as rioters destroy business after business, and respond with “they got insurance” when asked why they just destroyed a black owned business, only to look blankly at anyone who says “we just talked to them, they weren’t insured.”

Fast forward to today, and we people still rioting, and worse, attacking Police when they are arrested for breaking the law. This video shows a woman being arrested, and having to be bodily carried from a store, who tries to BITE THE ARRESTING OFFICER, who punches her. Naturally, the left flipped their lids, screaming that he should never have done that, ignoring her biting him for the “crime” of arresting a black woman for breaking US law. Personally, I say he was very restrained, as I’d have said “put her down, she’s about to be hog tied!”

The world has, in the last 5 to 6 years, decided that Police and white people are to be hated and assaulted if they don’t bow to those that hate them. I’m personally waiting to hear “your honor, he tried to stop my son stabbing him so I had to shoot him, he’s white, he has to thank us for killing him, it’s our right” in a court case for murder. Admit it, you can see the world going to a place where white people are openly told “SMILE AND THANK ME FOR KILLING YOU, YOUR STUFF IS MINE YOU HAVE TO THANK ME FOR TAKING IT, I HAVE A RIGHT TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT HATING YOU AND ROBBING YOU AND KILLING YOU, THANK ME FOR DOING THIS DAMMIT OR I’LL MAKE IT SLOW” and when that then shows up in court, some liberal attorney will argue that “centuries of oppression must be balanced” or some other BS.

Any way, I’ve rambled and ranted long enough, I know where I stand and what I will do when presented with anyone trying to harm me and mine, but what do you think?

You will comply!

So, yesterday (6 July 21) I finally broke down and bought AirPods. I looked at Raycon and other options, but those less expensive than Airpods (not the pro models) were too small or odd shaped for comfort, and those shaped like Airpods were more expensive, so there we are. I used them last night while playing games, on TikTok, and watching YouTube, and I have to say, I like the pods.

That said, I got to work today, turned on my iPad, watched a few videos for work, then settled in. I generally catch up on the YouTube stuff that’s not too long in the mornings, as those tend to be things like cooking or trail cams, and things I can watch with “half an eye.” Once those were done, and the day picked up to normal pace, I set up the white noise I like (Thunderstorm sounds) and settled in. I keep the volume at about 50% so as to not distract, and I listen for power level beeps, and about 2 hours into this time period, I get the pop up below, which silenced my iPad.

Yep, that’s my iPad saying “you’ve been using AirPods too long for our liking, turn it down now!” Now, I’ve not used a headset in the 5 days prior to getting my AirPods, and if I had, it would have been a wired set on the iPad, not using lighting as the plug, but why in the babbling blue blazes is Apple setting up warnings that stop and prevent use of my tech, based on anything other than the power draining?

The answer, the government has allowed not only themselves, but others, to grow to feel they should control all facets of private life. White House Press Secretary Psaki said just the Biden Administration wants to go to go door to door across the country, pushing the vaccine as hard as they can. You know that won’t be “oh, you don’t want it, OK, bye then” but rather will be “why are you endangering your kids, we will have to notify CPS, and you may be confined to your home if you refuse to act for the good of society” at some point, because those occupying seats of power actually believe they get to choose what’s right and wrong.

Well, Big Tech has followed right along, Facebook and Twitter ban people for “misinformation” but then do nothing when those people are proven right, and now tech producers actively shut down your personal tech for being used too long. At this point, I’m very close to saying we should all go back to land lines, stick shift cars, and USPS only. Maybe if Google wasn’t getting our data from GMail or searches, if we could all fix our own cars and there wasn’t any satellite radio generating revenue, if no one was using cell phones or social media, you know, like the ’80’s were? Maybe then, they’d realize, they need us far more than we need them. And we may just find out we prefer them being gone, I know I’d not shed even a crocodile tear over it.