You will comply!

So, yesterday (6 July 21) I finally broke down and bought AirPods. I looked at Raycon and other options, but those less expensive than Airpods (not the pro models) were too small or odd shaped for comfort, and those shaped like Airpods were more expensive, so there we are. I used them last night while playing games, on TikTok, and watching YouTube, and I have to say, I like the pods.

That said, I got to work today, turned on my iPad, watched a few videos for work, then settled in. I generally catch up on the YouTube stuff that’s not too long in the mornings, as those tend to be things like cooking or trail cams, and things I can watch with “half an eye.” Once those were done, and the day picked up to normal pace, I set up the white noise I like (Thunderstorm sounds) and settled in. I keep the volume at about 50% so as to not distract, and I listen for power level beeps, and about 2 hours into this time period, I get the pop up below, which silenced my iPad.

Yep, that’s my iPad saying “you’ve been using AirPods too long for our liking, turn it down now!” Now, I’ve not used a headset in the 5 days prior to getting my AirPods, and if I had, it would have been a wired set on the iPad, not using lighting as the plug, but why in the babbling blue blazes is Apple setting up warnings that stop and prevent use of my tech, based on anything other than the power draining?

The answer, the government has allowed not only themselves, but others, to grow to feel they should control all facets of private life. White House Press Secretary Psaki said just the Biden Administration wants to go to go door to door across the country, pushing the vaccine as hard as they can. You know that won’t be “oh, you don’t want it, OK, bye then” but rather will be “why are you endangering your kids, we will have to notify CPS, and you may be confined to your home if you refuse to act for the good of society” at some point, because those occupying seats of power actually believe they get to choose what’s right and wrong.

Well, Big Tech has followed right along, Facebook and Twitter ban people for “misinformation” but then do nothing when those people are proven right, and now tech producers actively shut down your personal tech for being used too long. At this point, I’m very close to saying we should all go back to land lines, stick shift cars, and USPS only. Maybe if Google wasn’t getting our data from GMail or searches, if we could all fix our own cars and there wasn’t any satellite radio generating revenue, if no one was using cell phones or social media, you know, like the ’80’s were? Maybe then, they’d realize, they need us far more than we need them. And we may just find out we prefer them being gone, I know I’d not shed even a crocodile tear over it.

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