You can’t make this up

It seems an New Zealand climate change group decided to disband after they decided they were “too white,” and thus, racist. You read that right, an activist group, presumably dominantly liberal, decided that since no one, or not enough people, who weren’t white, joined them, they would have to disband.

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Normally, I’d simply cheer on any liberal group that decides to disband, especially the “you have to give up all luxuries or we’ll all die in 2 years” naysayers, but this is going a bit far. How long until we hear that a company “must” fire X% of their employees and not hire anyone who isn’t a minority?

How long until “no one has come into apply” is translated to “YOU RACIST PIG, YOU OBVIOUSLY DID SOMETHING TO MAKE THEM NOT APPLY”?

What do you think?

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