Once again, the left is violent

Beginning in late spring of 2020, the country, and in fact the world, has watched as liberal groups have rioted, robbed businesses blind, and burned anything they can to the ground, all over what many say are manipulated events designed to foment this hate in society. George Floyd, while he should not have been killed by those arresting him, was extremely high on several illegal drugs, had a history of violence, and resisted arrest. It’s very well known that when high on any of many drugs, people can exhibit enhanced strength, Floyd all but attacked the officers, so was put on the ground, and sadly, one of the officers chose to act in a way that, possibly, lead to the man’s death. Had they let him go, and he hurt someone else, the riots would still have happened as it would have been a case of “police won’t do their jobs and keep us safe, we must defund them,” followed by wanton destruction of everything possible.

Today however, the narrative is changing, slightly in some cases, not slightly at all in others. The elections of 2000 and 2016 both saw the DNC candidate sue and protest as long as they could, working to find a way to change the results so they would become President, Gore famously sued for 37 days, and the media and liberals the world over praised him for “working to ensure the election was not unfair.” Today however, as the media watched on 3 November and called states for Biden with more than 50% of votes uncounted, while refusing to call states for Trump when over 85% of votes were counted, then magically, votes show up after counting was supposedly stopped that tip a state to Biden, Trump is required to concede and all but say “I’ll leave now, we don’t have to wait until 20 January.”

Well, it’s now escalated, and while Twitter has suspended the miscreant, this is one person, and there are many others who think the same. It seems that Adam Rahuba decided to tell the President Of The United States that he had 4 days to concede or he and his comrades would begin ATTACKING PEOPLE and blocking the economy in full in “conservative areas.” He also said they were armed and would “retaliate to attempts at vehicular manslaughter.”

Now, I live in Texas, where thankfully, our state government has yet to demand we surrender our rights to keep and bear arms, or to defend ourselves from attack. If I am driving and see armed people blocking the street, you can bet my truck will be doing 70 or more as I do all I can to escape those attempting to stop me for God only knows what purpose. I’ve watched as people are stopped, dragged from their vehicle, then assaulted and left, all but dead, laying in the street. The question though, really is a simple one, why do liberals feel they have the right to assault, steal, and destroy, and that any attempt to stop them is a crime? The answer, sadly, is just as simple, they’ve been told that anyone trying to stop them “doing as they please” is “denying their right to happiness.”

It’s very simple, YOU DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO HAPPINESS! You have the right to PURSUE HAPPINESS, which also means you may fail in that pursuit. The very people screaming that you can’t drive where they say you can’t, that you can’t defend your life when they attack you, and worse, are the very people who would demand you be hanged at dawn if you even sidestepped to go around them when they block traffic. It’s going to get worse before it gets better, so keep your eyes and ears open, your head on a swivel, and your powder dry.

All thanks to Obamacare

In 2012, famously, Nancy Pelosi said of the ACA that we “had to pass it to find out what’s in it.” Obama had said “if you like your plan you can keep your plan” and “if you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor.” The first proved to show us “what’s in it” was astronomical premiums and deductibles, then we found we lost our plans and Doctors.

Just over a week ago, my foot was in BAD shape, so I chatted with the online service I subscribe to, where I was prescribed topical and oral medications, but they didn’t work. A few days later I went to the local ER, where the prescriptions were changed, only to see those make me break out in a rash that was worrying, so I went back to the ER two days later, where I was sent to hospital. After a night of little sleep, a specialist saw me and my prescriptions were changed once again, this time they worked and I’m almost back to 100%, but now I face medical bills after a week off where, due to having no vacation time, I am a week short on pay.

Thankfully, my debtors are working with me, so my burden is lower, but not low enough to ensure the loss of a week of pay is unnoticed, yet those in DC still prattle on about how we “must” just accept socialist healthcare, where the costs will see tax burdens increase exponentially, while ignoring the countless people telling them of the failures of the ACA.

I can’t help but wonder just what it will take to convince the vaunted members of Congress that they are, as always, wrong.

Listen but also think

The last few days have been filled with post after post all over the web about how this or that is going to happen, no question. Everyone has their theory, and everyone is vehement in their defense of their theory, which is to be expected, but with everyone saying something different, a lot of people are going to be wrong, at least in some way.

What I will say is that I believe the lessons of Sun Tzu are being followed by some in positions of power, to such a degree, that we will never see what happens, or understand it, until long after it’s done. You see, when you have an opponent who is hell bent on your defeat, you need to have patience and use certain strategies to ensure you follow some very simple steps.

One, never show your hand, or even hint at it. I’ve never hidden the fact that I support President Donald Trump. I have watched for nearly four decades as the political divide has widened to put the Grand Canyon to shame in it’s size. In the 1980’s, the country was flourishing, so those who have, forever I believe, wanted to subjugate the country under socialism, decided to simply bide their time. The DNC convinced Reagan to grant amnesty to countless illegal immigrants by promising a border barrier, which of course, they never delivered. In 1992, Bill Clinton began their slow march to success, but was hampered by a GOP Congress on many fronts, and in 2000, George W Bush was elected and they began to bide their time again. The left has tried to impeach every GOP President since Eisenhower, but has never been successful, but in 1998, the GOP did impeach, and convict then censure, Bill Clinton, surely angering them greatly. So, they’ve been showing their hand at every turn, never hiding their goal of raising taxes, opening the border, and ensuring the American People are ruled, not governed by public servants.

In 2016, the DNC was so sure their tactics, which had worked for decades and only achieved granting them more and more power, would ensure Hillary Clinton would become President, but when that failed, they threw all caution to the wind. Members of the DNC openly called for violence, others simply ignored it while they lied about it when forced, to the point that the current ticket has a VP Candidate that actually said the White House is “our rightful place,” admitting that they truly believe only they may ever be President and VP. 2020 has only served to further their descent into open tyranny, with their supporters preventing anyone from observing vote counting, boarding up windows, hundreds of thousands of votes are “found” in the wee hours of the morning, and 100% of those go to their candidate, judges throw out challenges, all leading to one thing, this ends up at the Supreme Court, which explains why they fought so hard to ensure Trump never managed to put anyone on that bench.

But what happens if you don’t show your hand? Simply, you let your opponent make all the mistakes, they fall into every pot hole, and when it’s all said and done, they are exposed and easily stopped. President Donald Trump attended a military high school as a teen, no matter if he served in the military after or not is irrelevant. Having studied History to the point of earning a degree, having been AFJROTC in high school, and specifically studying Military History as a subject, I know he would have learned the lessons of Sun Tzu. His adult life, turning a loan of $1,000,000 into a business empire worth over $4,000,000,000 in roughly 50 years, simply, shows a ruthless side that ensures he will not be beaten unless it’s a fair fight, which this certainly is not!

When this fully plays out, we will have concrete proof of all fraud, we will see powerful people held accountable for their crimes, and sadly, we will see a time of heightened unrest. The DNC, and even some foreign countries, are threatening military action if “Trump refuses to leave office,” but they forget two things. First, the US Military swears to uphold and defend the US Constitution, not a person, and second, the US Military is the strongest in the world! Trump has brought MANY Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines home from battlefields that, only 4 years ago, Democrats demanded they come home from, until Trump started doing it, and they demanded endless wars all over the planet. The National Guard is, at it’s core, a non-military force, or para-military force if you will. But, they swear on their State Constitution and on the US Constitution, and if called to Federal Service, are instantly in the Army or Air Force (or other service depending on their state, Texas has only Army and Air National Guard,) and beholden to their oath alone.

If either candidate, with the amount of evidence we have now, let alone more, declares victory and calls for the process to stop and their declaration be obeyed, commits, simply, treason! Should Joe Biden, despite challenges in courts in multiple states, SCOTUS orders to allow observers (so far) in PA, declare victory and call for the system to just obey him, that is an attempt to overthrow the government by claiming to control it, and that is treason. There is only one punishment for treason, I’ll let you look that up. How does that happen though? To publicly carry out said punishment would, quite simply, throw such a firework into a powder keg situation, that the country would be burning in minutes. But, to quietly address all of the issues, then release just enough information, with people “withdrawing from society” or something else happening, well, that’s easily accepted. I cannot firmly speak to the John McCain situation, other than there is evidence he personally handled the now proven false Steele dossier, meaning he was part of an attempt to remove a duly elected President, and his sudden health issues and death, well, it’s not beyond belief that something happened we’ll not know about, nor will even our great great great grandchildren, only decades or centuries after something like that could it be admitted, if even then.

Look at the JFK situation, where so many people question the event, but the official documents are still sealed, or what was released was so vague, no one knows still. My parents were in middle school on 22 November 1963, both believe, as I do, that “something was rotten in the State of Denmark” that day. Were someone to release undeniable proof that they’ve been right for 57 years ago, well, many would demand severe punishment for all those still alive who were involved. That alone would throw the government into chaos no matter if they do it or not, that is not something either side should want.

Summing up this rant, I will never tell you to not look at every angle of a situation, nor would I tell you this person or that person is wrong and I’m right, but I will tell you to think about all angles, research everything, and make up your own mind. Sadly, with the situations today, I’ll also say to be prepared to defend yourself, have the tools and skills needed already in place, keep your head on a swivel, and be aware of everything, that is often the difference in a situation going your way or not.

Eyes open, and remember, God is in control!