Once again, the left is violent

Beginning in late spring of 2020, the country, and in fact the world, has watched as liberal groups have rioted, robbed businesses blind, and burned anything they can to the ground, all over what many say are manipulated events designed to foment this hate in society. George Floyd, while he should not have been killed by those arresting him, was extremely high on several illegal drugs, had a history of violence, and resisted arrest. It’s very well known that when high on any of many drugs, people can exhibit enhanced strength, Floyd all but attacked the officers, so was put on the ground, and sadly, one of the officers chose to act in a way that, possibly, lead to the man’s death. Had they let him go, and he hurt someone else, the riots would still have happened as it would have been a case of “police won’t do their jobs and keep us safe, we must defund them,” followed by wanton destruction of everything possible.

Today however, the narrative is changing, slightly in some cases, not slightly at all in others. The elections of 2000 and 2016 both saw the DNC candidate sue and protest as long as they could, working to find a way to change the results so they would become President, Gore famously sued for 37 days, and the media and liberals the world over praised him for “working to ensure the election was not unfair.” Today however, as the media watched on 3 November and called states for Biden with more than 50% of votes uncounted, while refusing to call states for Trump when over 85% of votes were counted, then magically, votes show up after counting was supposedly stopped that tip a state to Biden, Trump is required to concede and all but say “I’ll leave now, we don’t have to wait until 20 January.”

Well, it’s now escalated, and while Twitter has suspended the miscreant, this is one person, and there are many others who think the same. It seems that Adam Rahuba decided to tell the President Of The United States that he had 4 days to concede or he and his comrades would begin ATTACKING PEOPLE and blocking the economy in full in “conservative areas.” He also said they were armed and would “retaliate to attempts at vehicular manslaughter.”

Now, I live in Texas, where thankfully, our state government has yet to demand we surrender our rights to keep and bear arms, or to defend ourselves from attack. If I am driving and see armed people blocking the street, you can bet my truck will be doing 70 or more as I do all I can to escape those attempting to stop me for God only knows what purpose. I’ve watched as people are stopped, dragged from their vehicle, then assaulted and left, all but dead, laying in the street. The question though, really is a simple one, why do liberals feel they have the right to assault, steal, and destroy, and that any attempt to stop them is a crime? The answer, sadly, is just as simple, they’ve been told that anyone trying to stop them “doing as they please” is “denying their right to happiness.”

It’s very simple, YOU DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO HAPPINESS! You have the right to PURSUE HAPPINESS, which also means you may fail in that pursuit. The very people screaming that you can’t drive where they say you can’t, that you can’t defend your life when they attack you, and worse, are the very people who would demand you be hanged at dawn if you even sidestepped to go around them when they block traffic. It’s going to get worse before it gets better, so keep your eyes and ears open, your head on a swivel, and your powder dry.