Why the rampant opposition to an audit?

When a child is told to clean their room, you know they didn’t, and you tell them you’re going to check it, what do they do? They bounce up and either say “no, you don’t need to” or “I’m not done, I’ll go now” as they know if you looked, you’d see they had not obeyed. It’s the same thing today with liberals demanding no audit be done of the 2020 Election. They know the DNC cheated, in many cases so blatantly, only the media being on their side kept it as hidden as it was, and they know an audit will show this, and put people in jail.

The issue for me isn’t so much the opposition, although I do take issue with it, rather it’s the vehemence that the “it doesn’t matter, it’s over, your audit is useless, nothing will change anything,” attitude. I’ve had people tell me, “you could prove Biden got zero votes, he’s still POTUS and you’re a traitor if you think he’ll be removed.” They honestly believe that even when it’s proven that the DNC cheated, they’ll be told “don’t do it again and don’t destroy the country before the next election.” Of course that is a fallacy.

While it’s true that there is no precedent for if the Presidential Election is stolen, there are some similar events, such as when lesser races have been proven to be fraudulent. In some cases the office is vacated and a new election held, in others, the person who truly won is sworn in. This one, though, is the highest political office in the country, and proving that one party cheated so much, well, it will send shock-waves through the entire country. California is already losing a House seat while Texas and other red states are gaining seats, meaning the DNC will already be in a frothing rage, adding to that “you’ve been proven to be guilty of fraud” will light the fuse to end all blowups by any toddler.

Personally, the only way to ensure peace that I see, would be for the military to declare the results, then announce that all 435 House seats, all 100 Senate seats (DC is not a state and should not become one,) POTUS/VP, and every other race from 2020 is declared null and void. Then, hold a new election within 14 days, during which the National Guard ensuring the states do not devolve into chaos, which for some would be almost no work at all, while for others would mean someone finally stopping the anarchy already happening.

This will, naturally, have people screaming about a dictatorship, nazis, brownshirts, and worse, but two weeks of that, versus watching the country fall to ashes, in my mind, is preferable. What say you?

I don’t want to live on this planet any more!

I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m a conservative and a Christian. It’s cost me friendships in the last 4 years, sadly, but I honestly think that’s more to do with my mocking the “mainstream media” than anything. Those people who have chosen to cut all ties with me have, almost to a person, been very angry in the end for my “attacks on freedom of the press” when I point out their blatant lies or other insanity. I can remember during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, I asked who I thought was a close friend from High School, “If I accused you of doing something bad to me, at some point in our Junior Year, somewhere in Arlington, and then demanded that no one ask me questions, but only that you prove you didn’t do it, what would you say?” They got very angry and said “that’s not what Ford said” so I played the tape, proving them wrong and they stormed out.

Well, after four years of the DNC demanding no one criticize blatant lies and bias from the “media,” as those are aimed at aiding the DNC in their quest to subjugate the planet, they’ve ramped up! Very late 2019 saw the world told that we would all be dead shortly because of a coronavirus that was released from a lab in Wuhan China, all because President Trump wouldn’t do what they said, or did what they said not to, or did what they said to but not when they said to, or some other conflagration of “he isn’t bowing to us as rulers.” In January of 2020, Trump enacted a travel ban against China, which Biden and others called “xenophobic” as they happily said “come to Chinatown” or told people to go out to see movies. Just months later, those people who said to go out and gather in crowds were screaming the need for lockdowns because gathering would just increase the danger, and it was all Trump’s fault because he was racist when they wanted us gathering, but now won’t rule as a tyrant when they want him to.

The media, for over a year, simply parroted this mantra, repeating the DNC’s latest chicken little moment, until everything causes your risk of catching a virus with a survival rate of over 98% for virtually all groups, well, “everything makes it worse.” In March of 2020, my company made the decision to send everyone home to work remotely, something we all loved as we had our kitchen, our fridge full of soda, our pets and family, and so on. Sadly, my ISP isn’t known for their customer service, and after several outages, all of which were “minor issues that are being worked on now” even if some lasted 24 hours, I was returned to my office, as naturally I need the ability to connect to the internet to do my job. Well, driving in to work today, listening to local talk radio as I do every day, I heard the single most amazing thing I’d ever heard!


Yes, men, you heard that right, you need to buy this supplement, which isn’t a medication or even vitamin, just there to raise testosterone levels, so you not only become more virile and can be more active, but you also won’t be as likely to catch the big scary virus that kills millions who actually died of something else!

In the immortal words used above, coined by Professor Hubert Farnsworth so long ago, I don’t want to live on this planet any more!

Snowflake melts down, again

Yet again, we have video of a special snowflake who just can’t handle the simple fact that they aren’t ruler of all creation. Over the last year, we’ve seen it from someone across a room, or even across the street, not wearing a mask, to the most recent meltdown, someone in another state doesn’t stay locked down when the state re-opens. This one, however, takes the cake.

Watch Here

What you just watched is a young woman, not a child by any definition of the word, literally breaking down because someone would not leave an elevator so they could “feel safe” doing so later. Had the woman with the box done so, you can be sure the other would have demanded the woman move very far from the elevator to “ensure proper distance” and the elevator would then have left and the woman with the box would have been ignored as her day was delayed because a young woman can’t accept the others do not have to obey her.

Personally, I’d have said “fine, we’re going to my floor first, because contrary to your belief that you’re ruler of all, I am not delaying my day by the elevator leaving me just so you feel superior for having controlled me. You have 5 seconds to exit, or your riding with me” and as they flip out, press my button. Some of them will then try to assault you for that, but you simply “place your assailant on the floor, make use of the bent arm bar hold and clavicle notch submission point, to ensure they are not a danger until authorities arrive.” As you’re holding them there, lean down and say “I guess distance wasn’t important, as you got very close before I put you here. Now you’re going to jail for assault and I will press charges!”

I’m not sorry for saying that either. These snowflakes need to be taught, so there is no confusion, that their inability to accept that they aren’t in control doesn’t put them in control. They must be forced to accept they cannot say “NO, JUST OBEY ME, I’M SPECIAL, I’M WEARING A MASK, I’M BETTER, NOW OBEY” and have it work. Sadly, for many, that will be right after they try to assault someone and their intended victim will not take it lightly, then we’ll see a sobbing snowflake online or on the news, bemoaning the “systemic racism/sexism/whatever” that “refuses to allow them to feel safe at all times” while demanding the person they assaulted be jailed for life, stripped of all wealth which of course they’ll demand be given to them, because that person refused to bow as a peasant.

Personally, I’ll see that day coming and when I do, this blog, my YouTube, Clapper, TikTok, and other social accounts will just go silent, as I’ll be living in the woods or a cave, far from any other person.

New URL!

OK folks, I’m not naive enough to think a lot of people read my blog, but I know at least a few do, and you may have noticed the new URL. I’m working on growing my accounts on various social media, which means I’m going to use the main sheepdogsmokey.com domain as an “about me” site. I can post links to patronage options, as well as other things that either don’t warrant a blog post, or just aren’t that much to post. You should be able to use your existing username here, as I did “officially” migrate the WordPress site, so here’s hoping everything works out.

Coming Up

I’ve not been active on YouTube in a while, first because I thought Rumble would work out better, only to find it is just as political, and I’ve found that my account on TikTok blew up and I’m nearly at 10,000 followers in under two months.

I’ve also rededicated my life to my faith, having been convicted that I wasn’t doing what I was called to do years ago. I’ve already found that many are looking for Christ, and I am going to be the example I should be.

I have plans for several videos on YouTube as well, also in this avenue of topics. So, please be patient with me, and I will be back to posting videos as soon as I can.