Life didn’t give me lemons, it pelted me with them!

So, just under three weeks ago, I lost my job of over 10 years. While it’s very tight right now, I do have prospects, and a chance to make things happen on something I’ve been working toward for over a decade. But, here’s the question, why does every unemployment claim instantly get denied? I understand they don’t want to just pay anyone/everyone, but when someone honestly needs the support, why does the state make you fight them?

Anyway, for anyone who’s still looking for work, or just wants/needs a side hustle, check out delivery services like Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Door Dash, or Favor (only in Texas as HEB owns it) and you can generally keep gas in your tank and, while not high class, keep food in your pantry. Not the best option but it does at least keep you from having zero in your account.

I’m taking TikTok to court!

Conservatives know that social media is a 50/50 equation, you are either so blatantly attacked by liberal users or the platform, or those platforms where you are not are so small as to be very insular and all but useless for spreading a message. TikTok has, for a few years, been one of the biggest platforms, as people post crafting, musical talent, cooking, faith, and more. Sadly, and more and more each day, TikTok attacks Christians and other Conservatives.

I have had videos removed for “adult nudity and sexual situations” or “child safety” when the video has me, in a chair, a wall behind me, and I am fully clothed and the only person in the video. While 95% of the videos are restored, the “community guideline strikes” remain, and my account is put in “TikTok jail” rather regularly, as I have “too many strikes” and this persists until, as I do every time, I tell them I am gathering evidence to use with an attorney friend of mine to take them to criminal court for harassing and slandering me. Every time I do, all strikes are gone, all videos are restored, and for about a week, I’m not harassed.

Well, the most recent example of this is when, while waiting in my truck for a pizza, I made a stitch reply to a young lady who was upset about a relationship ending, and as is very common, a friendship not being possible after it ended. My video was completely apolitical, and I did not overtly spread the Gospel, other than saying at the end I would pray for her. Within minutes, it was removed for “use of copyrighted material.” I appealed, was denied, submitted a trouble report, and was again told that they were right. I have now blatantly said “play it, then tell me the exact name of the copyrighted material” and that I would be taking them to court. While it will be only small claims, and I can only get a max of $20,000 in judgement, which is pocket change to any large company, it will officially record in Texas Court Records, that they blatantly lied and harassed me.

The video, which I downloaded from the app, as the watermark shows, can be viewed here. Again, the watermark with my username shows I saved it using the inborn features of their app. The video also shows, concretely, that I did not include any sound other than her question, and my voice. As she did not disable stitches, she cannot claim I “illegally used her voice.” Also, as my video did not in any way violate their “community guidelines” they cannot remove it or mute it for any legitimate reason. My assertion is that they are now muting me as that does not allow an appeal, and thus, I cannot simply say “no, you’re wrong,” and win the appeal, thus they think they can continue to say “NO, WE DECLARE YOU ARE WRONG, WE DECLARE YOU VIOLATED THE RULES, WE DECLARE YOU GUILTY” and just be proclaimed right.

Well, unlike what liberals think, Section 230 does not just declare “no one may sue a social media company.” Nor does the fact TikTok is owned by a Chinese company acting on behalf of the CCP, as they are operating here as TikTok US, thus they are subject to US law. For those who don’t know, Section 230 says that you can’t hold a social media company responsible for what their users say. When Madonna said what she said about the White House, had that been a Tweet, Twitter would not be liable for her words. But they are liable for their words and/or actions. As TikTok, operating as TikTok US, is blatantly lying about me, blatantly calling me a criminal, as copyright violations are a crime, they are harassing and slandering me, as they’ve not officially posted, it’s not libel yet. So, I will be taking them to court, and I’ll then update you on how that goes.