All thanks to Obamacare

In 2012, famously, Nancy Pelosi said of the ACA that we “had to pass it to find out what’s in it.” Obama had said “if you like your plan you can keep your plan” and “if you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor.” The first proved to show us “what’s in it” was astronomical premiums and deductibles, then we found we lost our plans and Doctors.

Just over a week ago, my foot was in BAD shape, so I chatted with the online service I subscribe to, where I was prescribed topical and oral medications, but they didn’t work. A few days later I went to the local ER, where the prescriptions were changed, only to see those make me break out in a rash that was worrying, so I went back to the ER two days later, where I was sent to hospital. After a night of little sleep, a specialist saw me and my prescriptions were changed once again, this time they worked and I’m almost back to 100%, but now I face medical bills after a week off where, due to having no vacation time, I am a week short on pay.

Thankfully, my debtors are working with me, so my burden is lower, but not low enough to ensure the loss of a week of pay is unnoticed, yet those in DC still prattle on about how we “must” just accept socialist healthcare, where the costs will see tax burdens increase exponentially, while ignoring the countless people telling them of the failures of the ACA.

I can’t help but wonder just what it will take to convince the vaunted members of Congress that they are, as always, wrong.

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