Restoring faith, in liars

As if today couldn’t get any worse, I get this article sent to me 4 times in less than 20 minutes. It seems that a young lady has left the FBI, to join CNN, to “restore your faith in America.” Within a paragraph though, that proves to be “hate Trump, obey the DNC, vote as we tell you to” and you just know all who even question them are going to be denounced as “conspiracy theorists” or “Q wackos.” Remember that CNN led the charge for 4 years, defending every possible theory about Russian collusion, “very fine people,” or anything else to discredit President Trump, but now this young lady, who worked for the very people aiding the DNC in their witch hunt, is supposed to “restore faith in America?” I doubt it, have popcorn ready for when Acosta is on NBC crying about how the “conservative bigots are punishing CNN” when it tanks.

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