This could’ve ended a lot worse

The image in this link shows a woman approaching a locked gate, when someone runs up to her, trying to grab her bags. She thinks a lot quicker than most, as she throws her belongings over the fence, so the would be robber runs off. Sadly, I can see that same situation ending in the woman being punched, stabbed, shot, or worse. We live in a world that no longer has respect for personal property, no longer has respect for hard work and providing for yourself. Tdoay, rather, children are taught that if they want something, that’s fine, and they have a “right” to whatever will make them happy. I’ve asked many people what the Declaration of Independence says, and they almost all quote “life, liberty and happiness,” and argue with me when I correct them that it’s PURSUIT of happiness. They firmly believe they have a right to be happy.

Consider this though, if we have a right to be happy, how does that work? What if what makes me happy, and thus is something you cannot deny me at all, is slapping people while wearing full iron armor. This is an action that will hurt people and injur them, but I have a right to be happy. But so do those I’m harming, so who’s right trumps the others? Clearly, in this scenario, almost all people would agree that you can’t have a right that is subjective, and if you somehow do, curb the right that harms others. But what about this same belief where people say that not working would make them happy, but they need money. The government is already taking from those who work, only to give it in the form of phones, food stamps, welfare and other programs, to those who WON’T work. I fully support the idea that those who CAN’T work should not be left out to dry, but almost everyone alive today could work in some way, so why are the lazy paid to be lazy?

Another example of this mentality is this. In this one, we see someone who sends texts (or calls), almost randomly, to attempt to get money from people so they can “get in on the next big thing.” I’ll clue you in, PEOPLE HATE THESE THINGS! We know they’re a scam, and it’s trolls like this one that have put over 200 numbers into my blocked list, and continue to build that list out. But, notice what happens when the troll has the tables turned. The person they scammed decided to troll them back, and the idiot quickly becomes angry and violent. I’ve gotten calls from these people, and with one had to threaten to sue. That one was actually very simple, I got at least 20 calls a day, some after 11PM, looking for another person who owed money. I was helpful at first, making sure it wasn’t me, and when I found out the person was supposedly near Los Angeles, I pointed out that my area code alone indicates a massive distance. I confirmed and proved I hadn’t been to LA in years, and that I’d never contacted the person owed the money. I had agents flat out tell me “This is the number we have, we’re owed money, we’ll keep calling.” I then asked, “You mean you’re saying I have to pay off someone else’s credit card to shut you up?” and got a yes!

I demanded a supervisor, and simply said that I’d already prove I wasn’t the person who owed the debt, I lived in another state, and now, if the calls didn’t stop, I was going to call the Attorney General for California, Texas and the US A.G., then my attorney to sue them for harassment. Only when I threatened to sue them for a lot of money and report them to the government, did they stop. Why did it take that? Why couldn’t their agents have been able to use their brains? Some of these cases are the company not allowing it, but that’s not always the case, and people often just decide that everyone owes them something, or they have a “right” to act how they wish, often leading to situations like this.

Simply put, we need to stand up for the society we want. We need to not just let robbers run off, but react so they know they’re in danger when they try to rob others. We need to teach the children of the world that it’s not OK to take stuff from others, and that it is good to work for what you want. Above all, we need to convince our governments that we are not going to sit idly by and let them continue down this path to oblivion.

Your thoughts?

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