You don’t control me but you must control me

Until recently, the world seemed to understand that anything injected into your body, or ingested by you, affected you. Yes, this can move on to affect others if you ingest or inject a mind altering substance, but if you smoke pot, I don’t get high. If you drink a 12 pack of beer, or eat nothing but Jalapeno peppers, I don’t get drunk or heartburn. Why is this relevant today though, because people, at least a large percentage, have done a full 180 turn on this subject. Today, we are told it’s our fault that those who’ve taken the Covid 19 vaccine are getting sick. That somehow, the vaccine knows if you’ve taken it, and if not, allows you to infect those who have.

To put this in some perspective, imagine if you get in a car accident, a relatively low speed, and you’re wearing your seatbelt. The car next to you though, not involved in any way, the driver wasn’t, so your seatbelt vanishes, allow you to be injured to a greater level. Or imagine you wear glasses, but unless 100% of those around you do so as well, yours are simple glass. This indeed is the mindset of many on this subject. People in their 40’s or older remember their childhood, where they got the MMR shot, or Varicella shot, to protect themselves, but now demand you take a shot to ensure they don’t get sick.

In the past 2 months, I have personally been told I should be hanged for murder, should be in death row awaiting the chair, that I am required to give up my Doctor’s name so he may be jailed,and more. People who don’t know me from Adam actually believe they have the right to say “YOU WILL OBEY” and have it work. I’ve been contacted by the FBI informing me I’ve been reported as having planted a bomb in a city I’ve never visited, only to be told it would be “extremely difficult to get a conviction” when I demanded to press charges against those who accused me of crimes that would destroy my life for not bowing to them.

Welcome to the new America folks, where if you don’t comply with 100% of what is shouted at you, no matter how often those orders contradict orders given only moments before, you will be canceled and utterly destroyed by those who demand you praise their hatred of you.

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