May Monday Musings

It’s now been over three months since the change in administrations in Washington DC, and to listen to the news, Donald Trump is still an evil bigot who is preventing the country from being amazing. Never mind that in November, they all cheerfully reported state after state going blue. Never mind that on 20 January 2021, all of them rejoiced as he left DC and the Biden/Harris administration was inaugurated, the news cycle hasn’t changed.

Last year it was George Floyd dominating the news, to the point that even rioters who openly said they would burn cities to the ground if the jury didn’t rule as the rioters wanted, up to the point a sitting Congresswoman did this very thing. But, now that they’ve gotten the verdict they wanted, a new event happened. A teenager was shot as she went to murder another teenager, but as both were black and the officer white, her attempt to murder someone is ignored and we’re just told, loudly and repeatedly, that the “racist bigot of an officer” should have done it differently.

I’ve personally asked some of the “horrified” people crying over this “should he have allowed her to stab and kill a child?” Every time I do, I’m either denounced as a bigot or blocked. To those who scream insults, I just keep asking. I’ve shown one a video where a fighter breaks it down, proving with the trajectory of her right hand, and the position of the knife, it was going to be a neck wound, with a 95% chance it would hit the jugular vein, meaning a painful death, and then I say “so he should have let Bryant murder a child?” I’m then blocked by those.

The issue, sadly, isn’t race or even violence, it’s all about control. The left has, for decades, wanted to rule completely over the entire planet. They can’t stand that people dare vote against their agenda, so they began to infiltrate education in the late 80’s and early 90’s, then infiltrate the administration and school boards, Boards of Directors for large companies, and now the government. Southlake Carrol ISD just had their school board replaced, after the SJW board voted illegally, in secret, to implement critical race theory, an openly racist (against white people) agenda, with some even arrested. Still, those now taking their place are attacked by talking heads on TV, decrying the “rampant racism” of not teaching students they’re racist because of their skin.

So, why this rant? Simply put, the world is speeding to hell in a handcart powered by nitrous oxide, and liberals are pouring on the speed. Revelation tells us the end days will be “as in the days of Noah” meaning that debauchery and perversion will be praised while purity and godliness will be vilified, and we are seeing that begin. Christians are being persecuted more every year. Just a short time ago, the mayor of Houston, TX demanded all Pastors, oddly not muslim imams, submit their sermons to be inspected for any homophobia or other hate crimes. While this attempt was smacked down, it was just the spark to the fuse. Today churches have barriers built to keep worshipers out, pastors are arrested for not closing down, one even harassed for being in the building, ALONE, and not wearing a mask. In New York City, Jewish leaders are harassed, and police have even been seen spying into homes to “ensure there are no large gatherings,” and it’s only going to get worse.

I’ve said for a while I do not believe the Covid “vaccine” is the mark of the beast, rather it’s just a shot, but it is a test to see how pliant the world’s population are. How many will “just take the shot” and how many will refuse? This is a test for when the mark is launched, to know how many will say no so the globalist tyrant governments can be ready to then say “your choice is to take it, or die.” Is your soul ready for that decision, because choosing wrongly will mean a guarantee of eternity in hell.

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