Since 2020, the world seems to be hurtling toward insanity at a faster pace every day. States locked down to the point where you could barely buy food, others not at all, and every variant in between. Video has come out of New Zealand and Australia of people tackled as they’re arrested for not wearing a mask, from the UK of Police destroying a door then arresting a man for “violating COVID protocol,” and most recently, a man told he may not purchase cooking untensils as they’re “non essential.”

The push to get people to take the supposed vaccine, which only last year, virtually every Democrat and other liberal celebrity swore they’d never take due to it being a “Trump Vaccine,” is now ramping up to all but the point of it being an order. One video shows someone bragging about how they’re (the current administration) partnering with athletes, clergy, and celebrities, to urge people to get the shot, while on another note, I just saw an ad for Budweiser beer saying they’d “buy the first round” if you prove you’ve taken it. I don’t know the chain, but I’ve also heard of restaurant (Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts I believe) offering freebies too.

So, my question is this, why bribery or blackmail? Why not just trot out everyone’s doctor to say “it’s safe, you need it?” Could it be due to far too few MD’s being willing to tell patients they treat to take an as yet untested shot? I believe so. Bill Gates’ statement, which there is still video available to prove it’s real, saying he wants to see 3,000,000,000, that’s THREE BILLION, or more people “removed from the planet” because we have too many people, then his insane involvement in the vaccination push, and the fact that the FDA has not fully approved it amidst mounting adverse reactions, tells me that something isn’t right.

What are your thoughts though?

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