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Like much of the world, I do occasionally watch and post on social media, lately it’s been TikTok as I can voice my opinion and not lost people due to a long conversation or monologue. I’ve managed to gather a bit of a following, now over 11,000, and seem to have found a medium that works for me, at least for some topics.

The downside to TikTok is that, quite simply, it seems to cater to the shortest attention span possible, with videos almost all under 60 seconds, as they are currently allowing some members to create 180 second videos now. But due to this, many issues seem to get drilled down so far that they lose all similarity to the issue at hand.

A recent example, which I cannot find the actual video for now, is a popular meme format on TikTok, where someone will issue an ultimatum, then play the roles of those being told what to do, with all but one not complying. The latest was “Disney” telling all of their villains to be still or they’d “shoot the most hated villain,” then all but Jafar are dancing wildly. Ultimately,”Disney” gives up and “kills the guy who shot Bambi’s mom.” I agree, in part, that this character did in fact cause trauma to another character, but as with the others, it’s fiction.

Bambi was released in 1942, a time when a great many Americans did in fact hunt for venison to fee their families through the winter, then again to restock for the spring and summer. Deer also are not intelligent to the level of knowing more than “danger coming” or “this is food” or the like. Never mind that without that character, there would have been no movie. Sadly, today’s world seems to be so locked into the “I want my way” or “I need this to be so quick I’m not delayed in getting my way elsewhere” that these kind of things get sent viral, and people suddenly believe Disney really wrote a movie about a hunter who’s goal it was to orphan a child, rather than a movie about a fawn taken in by other animals, and growing up, just differently.

In this case, I can actually lay most of the blame squarely at PETA’s feet, as they have worked for many years to demonize everyone who eats meat, keeps pets, wears wool, etc. They also work toward a pit bull genocide, and have been proven to have stolen pets and then put them down, simply for being pitbulls or bulldogs. I’ve personally seen a billboard showing “sheep being sheered,” portraying them as being tortured and in pain, bloody and all but dead, then the tagline “is your sweater worth this?” When MANY people began to post rebuttals, proving sheep are not harmed by being sheered, and in fact need to be sheered regularly or they’ll get sick and die, PETA removed their post, then locked their social media so no one could comment. When people simply took to tagging them, they went on a blocking spree, blocking all who refuse to obey them, while still vilifying some who were high profile.

A prime example of the “I am right, just do it my way” line of thought is shown Mike Rowe’s Ted Talk where he explains he was working on a sheep farm, and during the segment where they would castrate the lambs, he stopped and said he wanted to do it the “right way,” as the Humane Society said it should be done. What followed was proof that the Humane Society was wrong, and in fact caused pain where the farmer’s method was far more humane. Yet, today we’re told that the “official groups” are right, and not to be questioned. Mike was hit in the face with proof that one “official group” was so very wrong, and at present (5 May 2021 at 1321 CST) over 6.5 million views of that video show a lot of people have heard that lesson.

That leaves me with one observation, social media and in fact much of the world around us is being engineered to dumb down society to the point where we will willingly walk into a 1984 totalitarian society, or a Brave New World society and take the drugs, or a Fahrenheit 451 society, and smile as books are burned and the news only comes from the government. There really can’t be any other explanation, the wannabe tyrants who have stolen a lot of power by this time want more, they want total control of the world, and to get it, they must first cow, then engineer the dumbing down of, the world’s population, which side of that are you on? Are you a tyrant, will you let them dumb you down, or will you stand and say no more?

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