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In a series of recent replies to comments I have made here, I have been called a liar, insulted because I use a pen name, told my Doctor is wrong, and all but ordered to divulge my medical information. I know that HIPPA only says that no one may give out my medical information without my consent, not that I cannot be asked, but I am curious.

Why is it that when it comes to someone identifying as a gender that is not their biological sex, I am told I cannot even question them, but when I say that I’ve consulted my Doctor, a man with a medical degree, who has studied virology, who has commendations and more, who has never in over 50 years of practice had so much as a complaint, I’m told I must give his name, my medical history, then told I must also ignore his advice and take the orders of strangers and do nothing else?

No, my degree is not in any of the science fields, I am a historian and that’s it, but I did take biology in Middle School, High School, and College. Human males cannot get pregnant as they do not have a womb, uterus, produce eggs, etc. A human female cannot get someone pregnant as they do not produce sperm. Men produce testosterone and women produce estrogen. When you introduce testosterone into a woman she becomes much stronger, loses many female traits such as menstruation and breast size, while if you give a man estrogen, he begins to not be as physical in his daily life, and in many cases may begin to develop breasts.

Surgery can mimic the physical appearance, thus making someone outwardly male when they were born female, but inside they are still male. This is medical and biological fact, and in fact is why there are now doctors begging to change forms to “sex at birth” instead of gender, as a man cannot develop cervical cancer and a woman cannot develop prostate or testicular cancer, although removal of the testes does pretty much remove that worry. They have patients demanding that they “are female” and doctors then don’t check the prostate as they would for a male, or that they “are male” and they miss the cervix, and patients then have worse issues than if they had known.

So, after all of this, the question boils down to this, why is it that “following the science” is no longer listening to scientific experts like MD’s when it comes to medical issues, but rather is now “JUST OBEY AND AGREE” with whoever is screaming at you? It shouldn’t matter that I don’t use my birth name here, when I say “I went to my Doctor, and I will follow his advice” that should tell you that I consulted an expert, but instead, this results in people telling me “NO, YOU MUST OBEY THE GOVERNMENT” or demanding I surrender my medical information.

Simply put, why is it that the left is not to be questioned, but are to be allowed to demand full and total obedience?

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