Curiouser and Curiouser

To look around today, someone from even 50 years ago who passed before Obama’s first term began would think we were living in Underland. For those who don’t know, Alice Through The Looking Glass is more true to the books than it’s predecessor, and in that, we find out the true name of the land she visited, and just how twisted it is.

Well, as the government continues to push the Covid 19 “vaccine,” which cannot actually be classified as one as it does not use the virus to induce the recipient’s immune system to begin building up to fight it, rather it uses MRNA to directly say “here is all you can do” which is dangerous when combating a virus, as we all know they mutate, such as the flu does annually.

Well, two things crossed my path this morning, and I wanted to weigh in on them, as one is rather upsetting if true, and I can’t verify it yet, and the other is, of course, being twisted by those the video talks about. So, in reverse order, the first video discusses coercing people into medical procedures and the Nuremberg Code which came about just after WWII.

The primary issue here is that, officially, none of the shots being pushed are classified as “exerimental” any more, if they ever were. They are still not fully approved by the FDA, but are still EUA only, or Emergency Use Authorization Only, but that isn’t the same thing. Yes, it is still worrisome that the manufacturers all rushed to Congress to all but demand full indemnity and/or immunity from any repercussions of using their drug, some of the companies have never had a vaccine come to market at all, which may explain it, but I don’t believe this falls into the category that the Nuremberg Code seeks to limit.

What’s more worrisome is this next video, about how some life insurance policies are being canceled if you take the jab.

This one is a bit more grey, as I cannot find anyone to verify this with. Much as I can’t reach anyone at Carter Blood Centers to verify that they are marking blood as having come from a vaccine recipient, and so on. Personally, I would see anyone being told their life insurance is void due to a vaccine the government has been all but showing up to hold people down and give out, as morally wrong at best, and criminal at worst. This would also seem to be an admission that this current injection is meant to harm and kill, and somehow the insurance companies have found out or been told, and are doing all they can to not pay out billions in the next few years. Either way, I see the first person denied benefits because their elderly parent listened to a statement from the President’s office as going to court and the question “Why did you cancel the policy due to taking a vaccine the government insisted was safe and reliable” being asked. After that, I see the government mandating policies cannot be canceled or denied, or paying out instead, to keep the situation quiet, neither is truly desirable.

So, over to you, what do you think on these two topics?

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