Orwell is upon us

George Orwell’s 1984 is a cautionary tale of a world ruled by a small percentage of the population, and the methods they use to do so. Two of the most effective are newspeak and un-personing. The former is the changing or elimination of language, while the latter is to change history to remove references to a person, sometimes changing who did something, what someone did, or both.

Currently, it seems the US government is working to do both of those. We have recently seen attempts by some in the US Congress to all but strip all records of any reference to Donald Trump, using every possible method to do so. During the four years Donald Trump was in office, BLM and/or Antifa rioted, burning cities, and on at least one occasion, invading a state Capitol and occupying it for a few days. Yet, when on 6 January 2021, when people who were not armed, who did not break any doors, but in fact as video has shown, were let into the US Capitol, the media and Democrats in office insisted this was an “armed and violent insurrection caused by Donald Trump” and all but insisted on his arrest.

The facts of the case, however, do not agree with them. You see, the event in question, according to the DNC and MSM, was prompted by a speech Trump was delivering on that day. However, in order for anyone to have walked from the venue Trump spoke at to the Capitol, and get their in time to enter with the others, they would need to have left within the first one to three minutes of the speech, long before he mentioned peaceful protest. This however did not stop the Democrats from continuing this line of thought long after the event, as they not only tried to impeach again, holding the Senate Trial after 20 Jan, which meant it was useless, but has also tried to pass legislation that would ensure Trump will not receive any of the customary honors when he finally passes on, as I hope in 40 to 50 years as a very old man.

Add to this, other words are being redefined or shunned. You see, the current agenda, that being to normalize everything perverse, and pervert everything normal and good, requires that no one be allowed to say anything that counters the narrative. In the case of someone who “identifies as” the opposite gender to their biology, you are required to speak as if they were born as what they say they wish to be. In some places, “mis-gendering” someone may even land you in jail, and you read that right, in some places, referring to Caitlin Jenner as “he” might result in criminal prosecution. Most recently has been the media and Democrats demanding that no one say Mother any more, but instead us “birthing person” as if people not born biologically female can give birth.

While most people know that a biological male can not give birth, the mantra must be maintained, so as to allow them to continue the onslaught of hate directed at the traditional family, religion, and more. Pastors in Houston roughly 10 to 15 years ago, illegally, were ordered to submit copies of all, sermon notes to the city, to “prove there was no hate speech.” In that instance, scripture that stated marriage is between a man and woman only, or teaching about Sodom and Gommorah, and how the angels stated that homosexuality is an abomination, would land you in jail. This closely mirrors the plot of God’s Not Dead 2, where David AR White’s character was jailed for not submitting his sermon notes, although in this case, no one was as the State, correctly, ruled that a city could not demand pastors conform to their beliefs.

The question is, at this point, where does all of this stop, and I can see only two outcomes. The first, and darkest, is that the tyrants get their way and the world is changed to one where people are told where to live, who to spend time with, where to work, taxed into poverty, and told to be happy that they are all equal. The other, simply, is one where the people stand up and say “no, you will not rule us!” I could be wrong and it ends up some combination, say where Europe and Asia are subjugated, along with parts of the Americas, but there are “pockets of resistance” as the tyrants will call them, and in fact, those small areas where people refuse to bow to a tyrant will be constantly attacked, and that “war” will be the same as in 1984, where Oceania will be at war with Eurasia or East Asia or another “country” for years, no one knowing anyone who fought, but cheering the “brave men” who die daily.

So, the question now is rather simple, do you want to see the world change into what Orwell warned us about, where politicians decide you may not use this word or that, but in fact must use only the words they approve of, and only in ways that promote their hate and bigotry? Or will you stand and be counted among the free people of the world, shouting “we will not bow” when they tell the world they are in charge?

Author: Sheepdog Smokey

Just a former firefighter, form IT drone, former retail drone, passionate Christian, who simply wants our world to turn to Christ before it's too late.

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