More of the same from the “tolerant” left

Imagine just what the outcry would be had this happened in 2008. What if the Bush White House had said Obama seemed surprised at the scope of the job, or that he didn’t know all positions would need to be replaced, only to have proof his people had posted listings of all jobs before the meeting. Naturally, it would be the “evil, racist GOP, just trying to make Obama look bad.” But, when Obama does it, it’s “an oversight” or “he didn’t understand” what Trump was saying and mistook him. The only thing worse that this happening is that it’s being swept under the rug and ignored by the vast majority of the media. When it’s pointed out as blatantly false, they just shrug and talk about something else. Not a peep about how they were wrong, and if people keep talking about it, they’re “trying to harm Obama’s administration by spreading lies.” So sorry folks, but I am not going to stay quiet, and I’m not saying this because Obama is black, but because he is a horrible President, but then again, I’m white, so instantly, I’m racist and have been from birth, and will be no matter what I do. When will we start demanding the media stop pandering to the DNC?

Next, what if this had been said during the Katrina aftermath about the people in New Orleans? The person saying it would be lynched at dawn, but when Symone Sanders said “Oh my goodness, poor white people” in response to being asked about a man PULLED FROM HIS CAR AND BEATEN, it’s ignored. These are NOT protests, they’re violent riots, destroying property and hurting people. Why is it these are called “protests” and people who calmly and peacefully protest against planned parenthood are “bigots who are trying to kill women?” The simple answer, it doesn’t fit the narrative of “the people wanted Hillary and are just expressing their grief.” The DNC is going to hide this all and paint everything as the GOP’s fault, and of course the “racist, sexist, homophobic, Trump supporters,” in an effort to get people on board the “give it to Hillary” movement. What’s going to happen when people are arrested and charged with assault, or worse? How long before the ACLU shows up to “defend the distraught citizens?”

Finally, another celeb seems hell bent on destroying her career, and she’ll no doubt blame everyone but herself for it. It seems Wanda Sykes decided to go on a political rant during her show, and was booed by the crowd. Did she change gears and go on with something else? No, she began insulting the crowd, then gave the crowd the middle finger and left. I wonder what the response will be when someone demands a refund? Will they be “publicly outed as a racist” or will the refund for a comedy show that was not at all that, be given? I guess we’ll see, but until people finally wake up and start “voting with their wallet,” meaning DON’T SPEND MONEY TO SEE PEOPLE WHO DO THIS, we won’t see any change. Comedians will use shows where people pay to laugh as a political pulpit, and if people complain, well, they’re just stupid and should be treated as such.

But, enough from me, what do you say?

Author: Sheepdog Smokey

Just a former firefighter, form IT drone, former retail drone, passionate Christian, who simply wants our world to turn to Christ before it's too late.

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