Society today passed “stranger” than fiction long ago

I really wish this was a satirical piece, but it’s not as far as I can tell. It seems that the abortion industry is dead set to force into law that an unborn child is not human, that only the act of being born makes one human. As we all know, this is the basis for their argument that abortion should be completely unregulated and fully funded by tax dollars, as they apparently can’t get private donors to pony up. We’ve heard the screaming for years, portraying anyone who disagrees as a backward idiot, often trying to get this done publicly. I am not going to shy away or hide the fact that I am a Christian, and in fact, to force that is actually a violation of the First Amendment, unlike those where a student dared to pray at lunch, or a teacher wore a cross pendant. Now, they’re attacking parents who want to bury their miscarried child, screaming that it’s not a person, just a “product of conception” and thus, painting those who believe the child to have been a person as hysterical, idiots, over-emotional, etc.

This is precisely what we must fight, on all issues. I believe abortion is murder, and I will not change that belief. But, unlike many in my family and circle of friends, I believe in as small a government as possible, meaning this would be a decision between a Doctor and his/her patient. Do I wish it wasn’t done, absolutely, and that is why I vote for candidates who will hold Planned Parenthood responsible for all of their wrongs, and for those who will at least refuse to expand funding, just as those arguing against my beliefs are free to vote for whom they wish. The problem comes in when the people screaming about how conservatives want to “force religion on them” start forcing atheism on everyone else. I can already hear people screaming that “no one is forcing you to be an atheist” but in many ways that is precisely what’s happening. No, I’m not being forced to leave my church and officially announce I’m an atheist, but I am being forced, more and more, to hide my faith in public. I’ve so far only had one experience, but being shouted at in a restaurant for praying over my food is more than enough to get me angry. Short version, I went to Cracker Barrell for lunch, and when I got my food, I prayed over it as I do at meals. Another diner crossed through the center section to get to me, shouting about how I “can’t force religion on others” and other bull. I’m not a confrontational person, but I wasn’t going to sit and take that, so I pointed out that the man had to turn around and lean around a wall to see me, so he must have been purposely looking, to which he just sputtered. I then told him to leave me alone and I’d do the same, but I would not deny my faith. He yelled more, until the manager came over, and the idiot demanded I be thrown out for “forcing others to observe a religious activity,” although the manager did refuse and comped my meal. But this is the same as being told we cannot treat the remains of miscarried/aborted children as humans.

It’s very simple, if we don’t stand up and tell the world we will not be silenced, we will not be forced into hiding, and will not be ashamed of our faith, we will take a much faster path toward the world where Christians and others who don’t follow the “authorized religion” will be killed. Many will scoff at this, and will just repeat that “religion is just a crutch” and “no one will ever be killed for their faith” right up until that happens the first time. Then? They’ll happily accept that the person killed was a criminal and a danger to society as a whole, as are all others like him, ignoring their own history of denying it could ever happen, and instead turning in those they know. We have to start the fight for sanity in the world somewhere, and I’ve chosen to start here. Will you fight? What will you fight for? Or, will you just lay back and let the world burn around you?

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