The country reacts to the UCC Shooting

And once again, the loudest reaction is the BAN ALL GUNS NOW OR YOU’RE A MURDERING PSYCHO chant from the left. Sadly, they’re believed, and not by a small percentage of the population. They say that gun control works by saying the states with the strictest gun laws have the lowest violence, which is a bald faced lie. One need only look at Chicago or Detroit to see this, as MI and IL have some of the most restrictive laws in the US regarding owning a firearm, and are in the top (if not AT THE TOP) of the numbers for gun violence.

To put this in context, as UCC was a “gun free zone,” meaning signage to that effect was posted, likely everywhere, would you leave a sign on your door that said “I’m not home and it’s unlocked” and then not expect to be robbed? Of course not. You don’t advertise your weak points, you hide them.

Sadly, when someone who is legally carrying a weapon stops a crime, they are demonized and dragged through the mud in the press as a “gun nut who puts people in danger” or some such idiocy. THIS MUST STOP! We need to stop pandering to the lowest common denominator, to stop letting the idiots be the loudest, and start demanding that the truth be reported.

Yes, it is a tragedy that people died at UCC, and I honestly hope this idiot enjoys his time in hell. Unlike many, I want those who do this and survive their rampage to be put to death in a painful manner. Gilbert and Sullivan said it best, let the punishment fit the crime. You stab someone 87 times, you get stabbed 87 times. You shoot someone, you get shot! I realize that’s not popular, but why are we concerned with the rights of someone who murdered innocent people? Simply put, we’ve been told for decades that “it’s not civilized to sink to their level.” While true, it’s not civilized to sink to their level, it’s not sinking to their level to put to death someone who murdered others. I realize we won’t return to hangings or embrace Gilbert and Sullivan’s suggestion, but we need to remove people like this idiot not only from society, but from the planet’s breathing population.

Finally, what angers me outside of the fact that someone who should have been locked up long ago based on what leads people to do this, is that others are perfectly happy verbally attacking those who would “dare” suggest that, had their been someone who could fight back with force equal to this idiot, lives could have been saved. These are the people who firmly believe a “no guns allowed sign” is the equivalent of Dumbledore casting a spell to prevent any gun from crossing that line, and also the same group seen on the news, utterly confused about “how such a thing could happen here” after a criminal ignores their magical boundary marker. In a country where criminals sue those who they victimize, I wonder what would happen were the families of the victims at UCC to sue the college for ensuring they were as vulnerable as possible?

Well, I’ll tell you this, I won’t stand for it or take it any more. Yes, you’re free to speak your mind, and I’m free to do the same. You spout idiocy at me, I’ll tear down your “logical argument” in a civil manner and leave you crying. You throw insults at me, I’ll ensure those around you know that your parents were either horrible at raising kids, or not there. And above all, you actually dare to attack me physically, I’ll have you on the ground, your right hand scratching the back of your left ear, and my knee on your back in seconds, so make the only shot/punch/kick/whatever count, as I’ll make sure mine all count.

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