More of the same from the left

I’ve almost gotten to the point where if I don’t see some idiot complaining about America’s “gun culture” I begin to wonder if I’m dead and gone, though I don’t wonder that too often. The latest is an idiot who posted how she could “disarmed this dude and fired all his rounds without much effort” as if she has the right to (1) steal someone’s firearm and (2) discharge a firearm in public just to “prove he shouldn’t have one.” Next, this was in New York (unless there’s a Manhattan, TX idiots prefer to buy coffee in,) where it’s only Law Enforcement Officers who carry openly, everyone else must carry concealed if they’re licensed.

I can understand culture shock, and this woman, being from Europe, is naturally unused to a country where the population is armed. In the UK, it’s rare for even police to have more than melee weapons (asps, clubs, etc), tasers or the like. But this woman wants to present herself as “trained” even if minimally, and then claim she should be able to legally disarm someone when she is not a LEO, and two, doesn’t recognize that the holster is in fact one made to make disarming the person using it very difficult.

I didn’t spend much time as a corrections officer, and never was licensed to carry a weapon, but I do know a few things. First, the weapon is private property or city property, either way, it’s theft to take it, crime number 1. Second, that is a law enforcement officer, so it’s rather stupid to think you could get the weapon, and not get beaten to a pulp. We no longer live in a world where some criminals will shoot first when confronted while breaking the law, but one where people go hunting for officers. The police are very touchy, moreso now than ever, about people trying to take their weapons, and if someone tries, it’s likely the idiot will be shot!

My final complaint is the attitude that seems to be taking over the world, the “America is the problem” right up until the “save us America” cry. I guarantee if anyone went to the UK, Spain, France, Germany, or any other country, to work or just to live, and started publicly ranting about how “horrible” that country is, or how “backward their laws are,” that person would be deported very quickly, as long as their not muslim and screaming about discrimination and tolerance of course.

So, to wrap up another rant, what are your thoughts on this? Also, I can’t help but wonder if we found this woman’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc feeds and posted this picture with well thought out, well argued, civil and logical statements about the sheer idiocy of thinking she could disarm a cop, didn’t know the holster alone wouldn’t allow that before the cop had her in cuffs, and about how the laws here are not subject to the whims of foreigners who are here enjoying the country they’re berating, just what would her reaction be?

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