Why is this becoming a common thing?

OK, those who’ve read this blog or any other I’ve run in the past know I like to rant. Quite honestly, I rant here so I don’t go off in public and get arrested for slapping people while screaming at them for their idiocy, which I feel is a good thing, but I’ve seen instances of this more and more lately, and it’s getting on my nerves. Basically, this is when people tell you (or anyone) they “shouldn’t” do something because others would then be unable to. I’ve heard people tell kids the reason they “can’t have” whatever toy is hot at the moment because “that person bought the last one” as if it’s the other customer’s fault for being faster and also as if they purposely went to that store to “deny a child a toy they want.” I realize kids don’t understand like adults do, and you may need to tell your kid the truth (shocking concept) about how something is so popular, a lot of people want it, so it’s hard to get. God forbid you actually tell your kid you drove slowly, to the busiest store in town, hoping it would be out of stock, or that you just were unlucky to get there late. You can order online, as can anyone, but that does not make it OK to basically call someone out for “daring to take a toy from a child” because they got to the store first and bought it.

This is becoming, however, a more prevalent attitude in many other respects. People claim they “didn’t get the job because some jerk stole their chance.” No, they didn’t, they were the better candidate. I realize you “really want that job” but that does not mean you will get it no matter what. You must be the best choice, and if you’re not, it’s not anyone’s fault but yours for not making yourself the best choice. I had people apply to work for me at Eckerd and Blockbuster, most of them dressed professionally, polite and courteous. Those I hired over the ones in ratty jeans, those who couldn’t speak clearly or respectfully, and I never batted an eye. Even more than 10 years ago, I had people who got very mad when I didn’t hire them for the job they wanted. I was called a racist, sexist, bigot and worse, to the point of banning one from my store due to their standing at the register, harassing customers and screaming at me. Why, I wonder, was I glad I hadn’t hired that one.

The point is this, just because you want something, does not guarantee you’ll get it. You do not have a “right” to the job you want or any product you want to buy. You have the right to apply for any job you want, but no right to get it. Yes, there is a push toward socialism today, with people protesting banks demanding free money, and a declared socialist running for the DNC nomination. But we are not a socialist nation, and unless the DNC finally says they don’t care what the Constitution says and we are not subjects (which will result in the Military overthrowing the government), we will remain a Constitutional Republic, where Capitalism is the rule of the day. You want a toy? Be first to the store and spend your money. You want a certain job? Make sure you’re the stand out applicant, so the business can’t help but hire you. But, stop blaming others for “stealing” from you when they’re better or faster. Stop telling your kids that they “can’t have a toy today because that man bought the last one.” It’s not OK to shame others into doing what you want, and if you try this on me, I’ll be the one to say, clearly and loudly, “no, I did not steal this from you, I was here first and am buying it because I want to buy it. Your Mom/Dad is just trying to force me into doing something by using you, which is not right at all.” I’ll then get close to you and tell you to grow the hell up, be honest with your kid, and stop blaming others for your faults.

In a nutshell, I’m tired of everything being someone else’s fault. I’m tired of people saying they didn’t get a job or couldn’t have a thing because it was stolen from them. It wasn’t! You weren’t qualified or were last to the store, plain and simple. We have a nation of people who are barely qualified to sweep floors in a warehouse who are demanding jobs that normally require college, or demanding pay equal to those jobs in positions that, until the last 10 to 15 years, were almost completely filled by high school kids, who then left once they graduated, either for a better job or college. McDonald’s burger flipper is not a career, and running a fast food register is not a $15 an hour job. So, stop telling the world that “McDonald’s is evil and horrid because they won’t pay a living wage” for a job that a trained chimp could do. You want a better job, EARN IT! Rant inspiring post

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