You can’t make this up!

When BLM decided that police defending themselves from attack was “murder” the media ran with it, and suddenly, all cops were hiding in the shadows waiting for innocent black children to shoot. But, with Trump now our President Elect, we now see riots in the street being called free expression. In Austin of all places, protesters from the “Red Guard,” assaulted others, then claimed that their friend’s arrest was the assault. Naturally, they ignore that they were taking part in a riot (not a “protest” as so many scream they are,) and had assaulted others, and likely tried to assault police. We NEED to stop this. No one from the Trump side is attacking anyone, yet those upset at the system are attacking others, destroying property, and worse. Yes, there are idiots saying stupid things to others, and I want that to stop too, but saying something stupid that they have zero power to back up, and hurting others or destroying property ARE NOT THE SAME THING!

Honestly, the idiot should have seen this one coming. This is NOT A JOKE PEOPLE! Nor is saying you’re going to harm or kill ANYONE. I’m a fairly big guy, and I’ve had some training in fighting/self defense, as I’ve had a few rough jobs. In a fight, if someone says “I’m gonna kill you,” I change mental gears from restrain, to incapacitate. Normally, I go for a hold until they calm down or the Police arrive, in the second scenario, I go for the knock out blow! Why, that person just said, serious or not, that they intend to end my life! In the case of President Elect Trump, THAT IS A FEDERAL CRIME! This idiot not only said what he did, he did so online, where nothing goes away! Naturally, it was “said in jest” or “a product of his profound disappointment affecting his judgement,” and not him doing something stupid. I wonder what he’ll say when he’s arrested by the Secret Service, as merely saying what he did is a crime, and he should go to jail, for a long time.

This one is a bit different. Personally, I would not have tweeted what Scott did but I’m not him, nor do I work where I am inundated with stories about how “black people are hunted by racist cops,” or how “Hillary is struggling to leave her house” and other idiocy, but to respond, to someone who lives in a city hit by the anthrax scare several times, with an envelope containing something unknown, is just stupid! What the worst part of all of this is, and it’s not even sad any more, is that students today are being taught that “free speech” means they can say LITERALLY ANYTHING and face no consequences. When a COLLEGE PROFESSOR goes off about the “injustice” of being forced through a psychological evaluation (rather than arrest) after tweeting that he’s going to buy a firearm and kill random people, and he then rants that “free speech is under attack” they don’t see that saying you want to MURDER OTHER PEOPLE is wrong any more. What’s actually worse than this idiot ranting so horribly he’s taken for a psychological evaluation, is that he’s teaching students and they’re seeing his rant as “free speech” and his superiors’ perfectly expected reaction as “censorship.” All the while, they demand safe spaces where they aren’t “traumatized” by people not agreeing with them, demand the expulsion or termination of people who do so, and are “threatened” by someone writing Trump 2016 on the sidewalk in chalk. Is it any wonder that so few of them can find work outside of teaching what they just finished learning? They spend four years in college, ranting about the “evil white man” and when they graduate, all they know how to do is return and teach how evil white men are. We’re very close to a tipping point people, which way we go is anyone’s guess, but we will soon reach a time when a millennial will sue someone for “denying their right to this or that” or just outright demand someone support them because they “have a right” to this or that, and no expectation of work. I won’t be surprised at all when one of them screams that “Christians are supposed to help others, why won’t you buy me a house and a car, I need your help!” Then, they’ll be horribly confused by either the silence, or the wave of “I will feed and clothe you, I will help you find work, but I am not going to give you everything you demand and let you continue to be a drain on everyone around you.” If they even listen, I expect a lawsuit for something like defamation of character for calling them a drain, WHEN THEY ARE ONE, but hey, what do I know? I’m just an evil white male, part of the patriarchy, who “wants” to work, so that should be my reward, while I should be happy to give everything to someone who “doesn’t feel they should be forced to work, just to get money.”

Author: Sheepdog Smokey

Just a former firefighter, form IT drone, former retail drone, passionate Christian, who simply wants our world to turn to Christ before it's too late.

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