Three for today, well, one big one and two others

First and foremost is this story Queens, New York. A veteran teacher is suspended after a student threatened her, and she had the audacity to speak up. Yes, her words were “extreme,” but if someone much larger than you was threatening massive harm on your body, would you just sit back as if nothing was happening? To me, the real insult is the non-punishment this student received. The student has, apparently, a long history of being a disruptive influence, but no, let’s let him lie and get a veteran teacher kicked out. We see screams for body cams for cops to “curb the racist violence” so why not put cameras in classrooms? For the same reason cameras will be decried as “bad” or “faulty” when they begin showing the thugs who try to kill cops doing just that, rather than the “poor innocent teen just trying to buy a soda.”

On the tail of that story is a brilliant meme that utterly destroys the “all whites are racist and all non-whites are beaten down all the time” idiocy. Al (not so) Sharpton claims, daily, that racism is horrible, as if he’s not allowed into diners, or is forced to use a separate bathroom. Well, if he was such a target, why isn’t he in jail for his MASSIVE tax bill? Simple, he’s got friends in high places, lawyers to distract those he can’t pay off, and will likely end up pardoned by the apologizer in chief later this year.

Finally, Trump’s 2nd Amendment plan has people up in arms. Naturally, it’s because he’s (a) white, (b) Republican, (c) can’t be bought off, and (d) doesn’t tow the “all guns are evil and possess people to do evil things” party line. Oddly enough, he’s saying most of the things (save the “take away everyone’s guns” bit) that the left wants. He wants to get guns away from criminals (not legal owners,) fix the background checks, and fix the failed (not failing, failed) mental health system. If Hillary or Bernie was saying it, the media would be praising their vast intelligence, but when Trump does, well, we know how “fair and balanced” the “main stream” media is, don’t we?

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