Yet more evidence that the world is lost, well, almost

First, the good news. Recently, our illustrious emperor issued an executive decree that all schools must allow students to pick which restroom/locker-room they want to use. Well, several states are pushing back. The decree, like the others, does not carry the weight of law, and Obama knows that law will never pass. People who identify as the opposite sex are, from what I’ve found, less than half a percent of the population, and about the same in the LGBT population. So, the big question, why is a fraction of a percent of the population able to push their agenda? The simple answer, it goes against everything America was founded and built on, and it distracts people from the real problem, our elected leaders in DC. Hillary should be in prison for her data skills and her abandoning the Benghazi Embassy, and she’s by no means the only one in DC who should be. A great example of how this is just a distraction and media circus is a security guard having been arrested for removing a male from the women’s restroom. In this story, the guard apparently told the man that there wasn’t a law yet, but the guard was still arrested. Naturally, it’s being called a hate crime, when two questions should have cleared it up quickly. First, was there a law forcing this in place at the time? No, there wasn’t. Second, did the store have a policy to allow this regardless of a law? As a guard took action, the answer is no. This is exactly what is done over and over, people scream that “you can’t do this, it’s my right” and ignore that it is NOT A RIGHT! I honestly don’t care if I offend people any more, if you have the plumbing of a man, use the men’s room and vice versa, that’s it!

While that happens and our leaders ignore us as the country begins to burn, this happens and I’d lay a large bet that nothing will happen to the idiots at the first gym. Anyone who’s been online in the last 2 years will be able to attest that women in gyms generally wear some pretty revealing outfits. The woman in question is apparently vertically challenged, and was in a tank top, which made her breasts appear larger. She was asked to leave because her outfit was making “staff and other guests uncomfortable.” She, however, says no guest she asked said it did, so it was just the staff. So, it’s fine for a man to use the women’s locker room, but not for a woman to wear a tank top if she’s well endowed.

I’m sorry folks but this is precisely the problem in today’s world. People firmly believe they have this right or that right, and that they can act and no one can be upset or counter their actions. We’ve seen a woman who is very overweight tell an expert on fitness that there’s “too much focus put on health” even calling that “healthism” while telling him she’s happy with her body, then getting upset when he tells her that’s not OK. We’ve seen a student screaming vulgarities at a speaker and chanting “get your hate speech off our campus” as if she is the end all/be all in the decisions about what can and can’t be uttered on campus. Never mind free speech, which has already been curtailed on many campuses by “free speech zones” and even those aren’t correct since you must apply to use them and that depends on the person you must apply to.

We live in a world where you’re told not only what you can and can’t do, but also say, and soon, believe. Pastors have been ordered to turn over their sermons so they can be looked at for hate speech, ignoring that is a deliberate breech of the first amendment, since the State was seeking to silence the Church, but if you dare say Christmas on campus, or wear a cross to a school, you’re “violating the separation of Church and State.” Just a note, that last bit in quotation marks isn’t in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, or Bill of Rights. So, how do we fix it? I’ve got a great idea, stop pandering. Tell people to be adults and realize bathrooms/locker-rooms are sex based, not “whatever you want to be today” based. Tell students to sit down, shut up, study and learn, and the government, well, I say we tell every person in DC to get out and not come back.

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