There are and should be things you just can’t say!

It seems that, lately, we are seeing a rise in two things, one is vigorous defense of “free speech” while the other is the rise of groups all but calling for open war on whites and Police. I’m sorry, but despite having a right to free speech, advocating and/or otherwise supporting murder is NOT something that should be accepted or even tolerated by anyone. Well, it seems that a Texan student is getting a crash course in the fact that her actions and words have consequences. She tweeted that the Houston Police Officer who was brutally gunned down at a gas station “deserved it” because he had “creepy perv eyes.” I’m sorry, but there is just so much wrong with that I want to put this idiot in a padded room, so we don’t have to suffer from her verbal hate. First, how do you define “creepy perv eyes?” I know I’ve seen people who seem to be watching me or others with definite malice in their thoughts, or just “perving” on women they are mentally undressing, but that’s my opinion and others would disagree in many of those situations. Second, why does that warrant his death? I guarantee that were I to say that someone who is not white, but was a brutal murderer, rapist and worse “deserved death” because they killed others, I’d be branded a racist and have to run for my life. Never mind that I was satisfied the world was no longer subject to a psychopath, I’m racist, while because she advocated the death of a white Cop for “perv eyes” people are all but fire-bombing the school for “daring” to investigate her. Never mind she had an outstanding warrant. Never mind that she ADVOCATED MURDER. And never mind that white people are TOLD on an almost DAILY BASIS, that we aren’t allowed to say something, simply because we are white, but when it’s ADVOCATING THE DEATH OF A WHITE COP, it’s OK?

No, it’s not, and never will be. I know it’s not popular or politically correct, but we live in a world where it’s OK to all but kill someone because their white, to demand their money because they’re white, and suggesting someone stop being a criminal and get a job is “racist.” This MUST CHANGE, or we will see things worsen until we truly live in a world where only someone who is white can commit murder, while anyone else can video themselves screaming die whitey then admit they killed the defenseless person because they’re white, and nothing will be done. Which do you prefer, logic, or open warfare?

In parting, while I would never tell you what to do, I can tell you that until and unless the corporate office for Arby’s fires the idiot, and makes it very clear that they did fire them and why, I will not be eating there again. I realize that I’m fast approaching a time when I’m left with Chic Fil A and making my own food, but I will not care, as I will not support any company that accepts, tolerates, or condones idiocy and bigotry like this.

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