Once more for those in the back

Somehow, after one post using the “where are all my Trump supporters” sound on TikTok, my account has blown up. I went from under 100 followers just about a month ago, to almost 8000 now, and it’s growing still. Somehow though, I seem to be stuck in a Groundhog’s Day loop of people just telling me I’m wrong that the military, active, reserve and veterans, will stand with the American people, and I’m not. I’ve asked many, 99.5% all say they will, of the rest, all but one said they’d just walk away, to protect their family, only 1 said he’d follow orders, I just shook my head.

I’ve also been told “the Constitution will be changed,” and then derided and mocked when I laugh and say no it won’t, not legally. You see, to amend the Constitution, be that to add a new amendment, repeal one already there, or change one, you must have one of two situations, a full two thirds of the House, and a full two thirds of the Senate, must pass the amendment, and it then goes to all 50 States, where a full three quarters must ratify it. As that is all but less likely than dividing by zero, there is Article V, where two thirds of the States may call an Article V Convention, a full two thirds of the delegates must pass any amendment, then a full three quarters of the states must ratify.

What is more likely is Biden’s handlers telling him to sign an EO banning all manner of firearms, or Congress ramming that through via HR 127, or they’ll just declare “we deem the Second Amendment is not valid, we have repealed it.” No matter which happens, those 99.5% of men and women serving in uniform today will never enforce it, 99% or more of law enforcement are the same. What will then happen is the DNC will recruit thugs who would dismember their own children on live TV for the right price, they’ll call in China or the UN or both, and the American People will learn, first hand, what 1776 was like, ending with the tyrants who expect us to bow either learning what King George did, or just deciding to drop nuclear weapons on a few choice cities, killing everyone, including their own thugs.

No matter how it goes, I make one guarantee, I will live, fight, bleed, and die on my feet, fighting for the liberty I have a right to, and for all innocents to be free! If I am taken down, I will drag as many of the tyrants’ thugs to meet The Creator to be judged by Him, and I will go to my eternal reward.

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