Has social media jumped the shark?

First of all, for anyone here not familiar with the term, it refers to Arthur Fonzarelli, the Fonz, jumping a shark on his motorcycle on Happy Days, which was also when the show began losing ratings, setting up it’s end. Today, when something “jumps the shark” they are said to have done something that will ultimately end with their business, show, book, whatever, ending. It’s not always the cause, but it is the point where that decline begins.

With that out of the way, when you look at Facebook or Twitter, to name only two platforms, both seem to be determined to become an echo chamber for liberal viewpoints only. I have personally had threats made against me, someone even saying they know where I live and would come kill me, until I IP traced them, found their address, name, place of business, and called the PD to report them, then telling them at which point they blocked me. To my knowledge, that person is still on Twitter, while I’m banned because I would use words like pansy to describe Joe Walsh, or imbecile or snowflake to describe the rank and file liberals, or I refused to bow to the woke agenda of putting pronouns in a bio or calling a man a woman because he feels like that today.

I actually deleted my own Facebook account over 3 years ago, but when I bought a Quest II, which I’ve returned, and tried to sign up so I could use it, I was banned and told I had to provide a photo to match the account, which was brand new and had no photos on it, or it wouldn’t be unlocked. Of course you can’t call Facebook, and the only support option is to contact them on Facebook messenger, meaning there was no way to contact them at all. Yes, I tagged them on Instagram, explaining the issue, but never heard back, proving they don’t care to run a business how any other should run to keep customers, they’re paid off by advertisers, not their users, so they see it as they can ban anyone they want.

What no one is talking about is how both of these platforms say that they fully support free speech, then in the next breath censor people, claiming both to be a public forum, and privately owned. If I had the time and money, I would sue them, using Marsh V Alabama, a 1946 case, as precedent. In that example, a company owned an entire town, with employees all living in company owned houses. The company demanded that no fliers be put up after religious materials were, but lost the case, with the precedent being that a public forum, such as a street or park, even if privately owned, cannot be censored. This would apply to Twitter or Facebook today, Twitter especially as Jack Dorsey has actually used the phrase public forum to describe Twitter, yet no one is willing to do more than shrug when it’s brought up.

None of this is the interesting bit though, that’s what’s coming next. You see, Facebook and Twitter are both fighting to keep Gab and Parler from being accessible, as both of them are virtually a perfect replacement for Facebook or Twitter, Gab is almost the perfect combination of the two platforms. Comically, when Amazon broke all ties with Parler, or whenever the topic of masks comes up, liberals suddenly demand that all businesses have the right to deny anyone service, well, all businesses except ones owned by Christians that the LGBTQ+ community wants to punish for being Christian, right? In all honesty, I agree that businesses have the right to turn business away. Hobby Lobby and Chick Fil A have both said “if you don’t like us, don’t come in” and a lot of people said they’d not be going to either, both businesses however, are flourishing, while liberal owned businesses that demand you be a carbon copy of their beliefs, are floundering.

Gab, Parler, and other conservative sites are seeing traffic they can’t handle, while liberal run sites are seeing their numbers crash. Mike Lindell and Donald Trump Junior have also said they’re looking into starting their own social media platforms, which will destroy Jack and Zuck, leading to tearful rants on CNN or MSLSD about “being punished for just stopping racists” as people leave by the millions to go where speech is not restricted. Personally, I have Instagram to watch my nephew’s videos about architecture as he continues his work in college, or my niece’s art on my sister’s page. But I joined TikTok just under a month ago (mid Feb 21,) after one post, my account started blowing up. I don’t do the dances or memes, I do some of the “don’t react” challenges or how many do you know, but mostly I discuss politics, history, or my faith, and I’m likely to hit 10K followers within another month, proving that what I’m saying isn’t offensive or anything like that, and that’s what these companies can’t stand. They can’t censor all of us, but they will keep trying.

So, my question for you this time is this. Imagine a true replacement for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok come out, funded and run by someone like Mike Lindell and/or Donald Trump Jr, would you join those and leave the other platforms? What will Dorsey or Zuckerberg or the CCP for TikTok say? How long will it be until we hear that Lindell or Trump Jr has bought a web hosting company to run their own web hosting due to liberals demanding no one sell hosting to them? How long will it be before the DNC begins working to deny them the right to run their business? How long until they try to seize it because it’s making money hand over fist? The days are coming when the US will see an entire political party stand and order the country to bow and surrender everything to them, that’s the day I say I will not comply and they start working to kill me, what about you?

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