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In recent months/years, we’ve heard more and more that we must be “tolerant” of the LGBT community. We’ve been told quite harshly that it is not a lifestyle choice, and those who “dare” defy that are vilified or worse. There is NO EVIDENCE that homosexuality or “being the opposite gender to your body” is in any way biological, genetic, or anything more than a choice, even if buried so deep in your subconscious, but we’re told we cannot question that it’s not a choice. The most recent manifestation of this is the restroom question. We have people ORDERING the world to let them choose which restroom they wish to use, and anyone who doesn’t immediately bow to their demand is a bigot or worse.

The biggest opposition to this is from parents of children who will be faced with people that aren’t the same sex as them in the restroom/locker-room, but as is now obvious, a parent’s concern for their child is lesser than someone feeling uncomfortable. There have been instances of men “identifying” as a woman just to plant cameras or just ogle the women they now can. There WILL be rapes and assaults, but we can’t suggest that because to do so is “denying the rights” of those who truly feel trapped in the wrong body. This comes down to the same question that has been at the forefront since homosexuality became a “hot button issue.” Why can’t we even question it? The “right” to demonstrate and parade is only vehemently defended by those who parade or demonstrate almost nude. Men who are grossly overweight want to walk the streets in nightwear no one wants to see, but to suggest that no one wants to see that, nor should children ever see it is “denying rights.”

Personally, I believe that homosexuality is not “normal” as the purpose of a species is reproduction, and you cannot reproduce without someone of the opposite sex. As a Christian, I believe it is a sin, and as it was called in Soddom and Gomorah, an abomination. That said, I am simply one person, I am in no position to hire/fire, nor do I have any influence on public policy or law that my fellow citizens do not have. I am simply a voter, yet I’ve been told, loudly and profanely, that my simply believing this is tantamount to having them burned at the stake, only to be told “I just don’t understand” when I ask how a simple thought that is only in my head has that power. The answer is, IT DOESN’T! Our government is not a democracy, it is a representative republic, and as such, we elect our leaders, then they debate (endlessly in many cases) and pass laws. My one vote is my way of expressing my opinion as to who should represent my state/district, that’s it.

Getting back to the restroom question, we’ve seen many reactions to this. Some companies ignore the situation and just let people do what they wish, some go full negative, enforcing that the restrooms are based on biology. Others went a different way, offering a third option, a unisex restroom, that is single occupant. Naturally, that wasn’t enough, giving an option that isn’t complete capitulation is tantamount to the Scarlet Letter or an armband a la Nazi Germany. Let me tell you a secret, NO ONE CARES WHO USES THE UNISEX RESTROOM! There is no camera taking pictures to post and “out” the trans people who use it. There is no one standing guard and writing down names! In many cases, the unisex restroom, as it’s where parents take children to change diapers and such, is the only one truly clean and people will stand in line for it, ignoring the restrooms based on biology. Much like the parade issue, if you’re gay, but aren’t so flamingly gay that you even offend or worse, sicken, members of your own community, I cannot do anything other than believe as I do. If you feel you can’t use the men’s room because despite having male “plumbing” you’re really a woman, just use the single occupant restroom, without making a fuss. It’s only when you’re loud about “why can’t I go in the women’s room? I’m a woman in a man’s body, you’re oppressing me, you’re all evil.” that you get attention. If you just go in, do your business, and leave, NO ONE CARES!

But, then again, I’m using logic to point out the idiots screaming about rights, disenfranchisement, bigotry and such do more to their own cause by acting like rank idiots, so of course, I’m evil for not emptying my brain of all but autonomic functions and screaming “you’re so brave to stand there and order us around. You’re so wonderful for telling me how to live while demanding no one tell you how to live.” Sorry, not gonna happen. I have a brain, I’ve been well educated in history, sociology, psychology, political science, and more, and I’m NOT going to let anyone order me to do something against my belief, just because it’s against theirs.

Your rights don’t trump anyone else’s rights, and they end where the other person’s nose begins.

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