And here we see the response that we expect

It seems that, just as we expect, liberals won’t allow dissent. In this one a mother dressed up as a pirate, a Mexican and as Russell Wilson, asking “does this make me” then asked how clothing can make a man a woman. While many agreed and praised her dead on logic, others found it “horrible” or “offensive” that she would even consider posting it, so they reported her post for “offensive content” and LIED (I know, shocking) about the photos, saying they contained nudity. She responded that she would not remove them, as they contained no nudity at all, and of course Facebook removed them anyway. Now, I can’t say which it is, as Facebook has horrible service to begin with, but whether they just didn’t verify anything and remove anything reported, or whether they knew the post was well within guidelines and removed it anyway, well, they’re both very bad options, and reasons why Facebook won’t last much longer.

Here’s the crux of the matter. The left wants to scream about how the right is “forcing religion on them” and “forcing and outdated moral code” on them, while doing the very same. They scream that not letting a cross dressing man use the women’s room is “denying freedom” while then screaming WHEN that cross dressing man turns out to be a pervert. They scream that they want tolerance and freedom, then in the next breath are silencing anyone who disagrees with them.

It’s very simple, you either agree with and praise them, or you’re the enemy and they will do all they can to destroy you. Thankfully, they’re the ones who hate guns and find a chalk scribble of Trump’s name so frightening they need counseling, so it won’t be much of a destruction, but that won’t always be the case.

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