The votes are in, and of course, Houston is full of bigots

One of the big issues being decided in Texas yesterday was an ordinance which, supposedly, was about promoting equality for the LGBT community. What most didn’t want to point out, until it was discovered then it was all anyone talked about, was that this ordinance would allow anyone who identifies as a gender not their own, to use that gender’s public restrooms. Naturally, when someone pointed out that this could be abused by predators to be in a restroom with those they prey on, that person was accused of fear mongering to promote a bigoted agenda. I don’t know if anyone asked, but how was Houston going to guarantee that only those who were truly “born the wrong gender” took advantage of this new ordinance? I don’t remember anything in the wording about it, other than simply allowing anyone to use the public restroom they wished based on what they identified as. I can personally all but guarantee that, had this passed, we’d see someone raped or worse in the one room in public they should feel safe against the opposite gender in, after which it would be someone else’s fault, naturally.

The sad part is that this is only the latest salvo in a fight where one side is determined to force you to praise and obey them, while of course claiming it’s all about equality. This is a piece I wrote a while back, showing instances of students demanding this same “right” at public schools (as well as ranting on a few other things.) Houston was of course the next step. If a city declared that you can’t tell a male citizen he cannot use the women’s restroom, then you can’t tell students which one to use, and this would be used as proof that it’s a “right” while ignoring that the minor children were being put in danger.

While I am likely more conservative than many of those around me today, at least in my age group, I find it hard to see how people can not only ignore the security risk being posed by these laws, but honestly believe that “no one will abuse it, it’s just about equality.” We’ve now seen private businesses run out of town for refusing to bake a cake, seen businesses owned by those in the LGBT community refuse service and nothing happen, and now we’re seeing entire cities attacked for doing exactly what this crowd claims to believe in, let the people decide, but apparently they are to be allowed to decide to follow the screaming at them that they’re bigots.

I will be the first to argue for equal treatment, but marriage is not a “right,” choosing to go into the restroom for the opposite sex is not a “right,” and so many other “rights” fall in this same situation. Until we grow up, wake up and stand up, demanding that logic and reason be once again a core qualification for government, I fear we’ll see far worse, until we’re either forced to capitulate in public, or be jailed, or worse. But, enough of my ranting, what do you think?

Author: Sheepdog Smokey

Just a former firefighter, form IT drone, former retail drone, passionate Christian, who simply wants our world to turn to Christ before it's too late.

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