You are free to choose, to obey

Once again, the topic of choice is spreading like wildfire, and as happens every time it does, the left is ranting about their choice being the only way you may go. Over the last month or so, several states, all of them with a Republican governor and/or GOP majority in the state legislature, have lifted their mask mandates. Naturally, Democrats are furious, with Joe Biden even calling it “neanderthal thinking” when addressing it. My own state of Texas is also still recovering from Snovid21 as it’s being called, where all 254 counties declared a state of emergency, yet when pushed, Biden denied more than half aid, sending the bare minimum as he knew he couldn’t just say “nope, you just freeze and die.”

Why did this, and is this, happening? The answer is simple, the DNC has, for many years, balked at the idea of anyone not blindly obeying them. Nancy Pelosi stood in the House in January 2017 and objected to the Electoral College, and in fact Democrats have objected to all but 1 GOP win in the last 40 years, the exception being in 1985 when even they realized the objection would prove them to be tyrants. Yet, when Republicans objected, citing fraud, as Pelosi did in 2017, she all but had them arrested. Many Democrats are still calling for all who objected to be booted from Congress, while ignoring that in 1981, 1989, 2001, 2005, and 2017 they objected, citing any manner of insane theory, and they’ve cried every time as they failed.

In 1998 Jerry Nadler famously said that impeaching Bill Clinton for perjury, which he was guilty of was an attempt to undo an election, ignoring that Gore would have assumed the POTUS role, but in 2017, he demanded conviction without evidence, and again in 2021, trying to impeach Donald Trump after the inauguration of Joe Biden, proving that the DNC only cares for power and punishing all who defy them.

The latest example though, takes it to an entirely new level, and sadly, may show non Democrats now living this example. Video has been widely spread of two or three younger people getting into an Uber, where they were asked to wear masks. They proceeded to force themselves to cough, and even at one point appear to make a grab for his phone. The situation is not new either, at least not to me. You see, whenever I post that I’m grateful the governor, Gregg Abbott, has come to his senses and reversed his insane mandate, I’m told I must continue wearing it or not leave my home. I’m told loudly that this person or that will not let me into their business, and so on. I generally say “very well, you won’t see a single cent of my money” and I then ignore them, as I know a business saying “you will get your medical advice from us and no one else” is not good for business, they’ll soon reverse their decree or won’t be in business. I also then point out that if you can refuse service for not wearing a mask, then a Christian can refuse service that would force violation of their faith.

To date, 98% or more of the replies are the most hateful and vulgar comments I’ve received. I’ve had people tell me they will find me and find my Doctor to have us both jailed for not wearing masks, I’ve had someone say I should be charged with attempted murder, others say “you’ll wear it when I’m done with you,” and I generally block and ignore them. Those threatening violence, I screenshot, reply with “I’ve notified city, county, state, and federal law enforcement of your threats of violence, I’ve IP traced your account, I’m now blocking you” and then I block. All of this proves one thing, and it’s something I’ve said for many years, liberals present themselves as the party of tolerance, love, acceptance and choice, but you are only tolerated, loved, accepted, or free to choose what they order you to, if you defy them, they will actively seek your utter destruction.

To close, I have just one message for any of them that may find this rant, I will not be controlled, I will not be subjugated, and I will not fear anyone who believes they can physically force me to violate my beliefs. If you decide to try, you best come with an army and be ready to fight and hurt, because I will not go gentle. As Patrick Henry said, give me liberty or give me death, I will stand, fight, bleed and die before I live as a slave to a tyrant.

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