Would you rather be needed, or wanted?

This came to me a short time ago, and it’s been on my mind ever since. We often hear that “God needs us” to do this or that. But think about it. God, the creator of the entire universe, “needs” His creation to do something? The being that created the Earth could snap His fingers and cause anything to happen. HE doesn’t “need” me to donate, or help, or spread his word, HE WANTS me to! In helping others, I grow and learn as a person. In giving of my time/money/etc, I learn that I can be more than I am. In teaching, I learn that I can do more than just learn, I can spread knowledge.

So, my question to you this (very early) morning, is simple. Do you want God to “need” you, or to WANT you?

Praise Mob

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