Meet Sheepdog Smokey

I began blogging in 2004 when I noticed that there was very little from regular people other than Facebook comments, where I used to be able to find columns publishing letters and articles from other than the normal writer, then found several blogs. 2004 was, while not the beginning, a hot time for complaints about media bias, on both sides, and while blogs are also biased, you can find both sides to read, and thus, filter a bit more easily. Yes, my blog is biased as well, as is anything you read or hear from anyone alive today.

As for me, I’m not anyone integral to the political process outside of voting, but I feel that I have a responsibility to point out when I see something that isn’t right. Be it idiocy from DC, the news, or just something that needs to be discussed. I graduated from Texas Wesleyan in 2010 with my Bachelor of Science degree in History, and I plan to pursue my Masters and PhD as well, as education is our best tool against tyranny, so I blog about what I see and read, while learning all I can.

While I do have rules for discussion, they aren’t horrible. I want the comments to be such that anyone can read them and not be offended or upset, so I will not tolerate profanity or an attack on another commenter. Keep it civil and both parties often learn something, regardless who “wins” the argument, right?

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